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  • Raccoon earned the 2500 Comments badge.
    Another day, another comment, another badge.
    February 7
  • KillermainBTWm8

    You got jailed D: this is a sad day you are usually nice from my experience.

    December 2019
    • Raccoon
      Thanks :)

      I posted a video that had a player state they were going to contact my local authorities, going so far as to name drop where I live, and tell them I plan on killing myself.

      I reported the person and posted the video here without redacting anything - I'm not protecting or catering to people threatening to subject me to a form of SWATing.

      I've bookmarked their account - They're still playing away, surprise surprise.
    • Edys
      While I understand the frustration, there's no point in publishing their name on this forum - not simply because that's against the rules, but because you'll gain nothing from it. Take care.
    • Raccoon

      I literally received a message on Xmas eve that they were going to disregard my report ticket because it did not contain the required information, despite including video evidence.

      I've since resubmitted and am awaiting a response.
    • Edys
      don't let it ruin your Christmas man, people say a lot of crazy stuff but luckily they seldom have the audacity to actually do what they threaten to do. Still, you did the right thing reporting them, hopefully they'll do something ^^
    • Echorion
      Sounds about right, I literally talked with a mod on these fourms and was basically informed that you can be as passive aggressive and insulting as you want, as long as you avoid trigger words and direct name calling.
      So you could say "Well if you run X perk then you are a miserable human being who no one would miss, and obviously awful at the game with no life or game experience and should uninstall" and that is okay, but if the person responded "Why are you being a jerk?" to that, then that person would get punished for verbal abuse.
      It's really nonsensical the way their moderation and report staff process information.
  • justaSpirit_phase

    Oh [BAD WORD]! That’s awful I’m so sorry!

    December 2019