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Nice to meet you too, :)


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  • Rizzo90 and I_am_Negan earned the 1000 Comments badge.
    You’re practically family.
    September 17
  • immortalls96

    I had a question..I wanted to make a discussion vid for my yt as well as the it allowable for me to make the video then make a thread with the link along with a description of what it is so I could do both at once? I wasnt sure if it was against the rules

    September 13
    • Rizzo90
      Sure, post it in Media Lounge.
  • Masantonio

    I made this thread with the intention of civil discussion. Can you help me with maintaining that intent?

    Thank you!

    September 14
  • Chaotic_Riddle

    Have a cat to make you happ :)

    September 11
    • Rizzo90
      Aww, what a cute cat! Thank you!
  • Boosted_Dwight

    Just wanted to drop by and say have a wonderful day! You're one of the best mods here. :)

    September 9
    • Rizzo90
      Thank you for the kind words 😊
  • Trarlex

    Fratelli d'Italia!

    September 7
  • KillermainBTWm8

    The legendary mover of threads :P.

    September 5
  • Spaceman94

    Hey man, my posts keep getting moved from general discussion, I know they could be categorised better, but no one really looks there and most of the activity happens in general discussion. Is there a way Mods can make people aware posts are going to start being categorised more efficiently so people should get into the habit of checking other threads?

    September 1
    • Rizzo90
      General Discussions is already clogged, that's why we move the threads in the right sections. Also you can just check recent discussions to see the latest threads, no matter the section.
  • βLAKE

    Hey man I did not appreciate you closing down one of my forum topics in the general discussion forum. We were all having a civilized discussion (well at least most of us), but it wasn't enough to warrant closing down the topic. I hope next time you can at least talk with the community before making rash decisions like that.

    August 31
    • Rizzo90
      Tones were getting too harsh, so no, it wasn't a rash decision.
    • βLAKE
      Then remove the harsh tones from the few who ruin the discussion. You literally closed a meaningful conversation between people without warning or discussion.
  • jackkn12

    Sorry about that @Rizzo90:( I'll try to keep it light next time I post so sorry:( so so sorry about that I'll edit now unless you did it for me? Or did you close my thread?

    August 31
    • Rizzo90
      I edited it for you and no i didn't remove your comment.
    • jackkn12
      Thank you:) have a great day:)
    • Rizzo90
      You too 😉
  • GrootDude

    Are we not supposed to post the ‘hate-mail’ we get? Just curious. :)

    August 30
    • Rizzo90
      Due to the content of some of them, it's better to keep them out of the forum.
      That thread was getting ugly, i understand some people wanted to share screenshots, but straight up copy pasting death threats and harsh insults as comments wasn't really nice to see.
    • GrootDude
      Thanks, I’ll remember to keep things light. :)
  • Frosty

    Why was my thread moved/closed?

    August 28
    • Rizzo90
      What thread?
    • Rizzo90
      If it was moved, it's because it was previously in the wrong section.
  • SureSpear

    Hey, is there any way to delete that character concept I posted? I reposted it before you moved it and now there's basically a duplicate. I don't want to seem like I'm intentionally spamming.

    August 27
  • Rokku_Rorru

    I don't think the post I created spread "negativity" when people countered my thoughts I openly accepted their perspective and helped my understanding, It feels like people just read the first post of the thread and not the discussions which happened after.

    August 22
  • Sasori_puppet

    @Rizzo90 thank you for moving my thread to the bug reports ❤️

    August 22
  • OpenYoureyes


    Thanks for the help with my post,people can be difficult here.

    Can u tell me why my comments are not appearning anymore?


    June 25
    • Yamaoka
      @Rizzo90 Excuse this random profile message but I think there's some kind of a bug on this forum. I can't click post comments in threads as it won't let me click into the message box. Is there something I can do? I tried logging out/in, closing the website etc. but nothing seems to fix the issue.
  • MegaWaffle

    Forgive me if I'm mistaken in my observation but I have been noticing a ton of posts that you have moved being marked "closed" yet when I read through them no one asked for them to be closed, the topic did not sway into anything akin to an argument or off topic and everything seemed to be completely proper. I was simply writing this out of curiosity if these were being closed accidentally?

    Just the observations of a curious and worried forum user.

    August 10
    • Rizzo90
      The closed posts you see are just a redirect link the forum leaves where the original thread was, nothing more than that.
  • Jallybwan

    Thanks for moving my killer idea, I'm not used to these forums and I don't want to offend people by having my stuff in the wrong place ^-^

    August 9
  • Masantonio

    I have a question that me and NMCKE thought up.

    If someone posts a name under a positive alias (as in not naming and shaming), and people still flame the image (as in people who didn't post the image portray the people in image negatively), would that be naming and shaming?

    August 5
    • Rizzo90
      I'd say people who flamed would get punished, if that was the case.
  • Masantonio

    Thanks for moving my post to Fan Creations. Didn't even notice I posted wrong until you moved it😁

    August 4
  • Eryteis

    wtf are you?

    July 26
  • AVA

    Could you please move my thread to general discussions? Thx in advance :)

    July 28
  • Auriella

    i never put my buff piggy discussion in bugs I put it in the pig so what was the problem?!

    July 25
    • Rizzo90
      You posted in pig section of the bug reports.
  • Rizzo90 and anarchy753 earned the 500 Comments badge.
    Settled in, saw the sights, learned the territory, and most importantly: gave back.
    July 20
  • chieflongbong

    Can i get an explanation why we dont talk about babs considering u sent me to a link that i have tried before and bhvr did absolutly nothing to help me get a simple explanation as to why i got banned on a console from their game

    I think its stupid we cant discuss bans considering it would help clear up alot of misconceptions

    July 20