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  • LiquidAg

    How can I get help for an Initialization Error? I bought the game over 5 months ago, and I haven't been able to play at all. I've submitted support tickets, searched/asked around online for possible solutions, and tried every troubleshooting tip in the book. Last I heard from support, they had a possible fix and they would reset my account to see if it works. They just asked for my confirmation (to see if I was still having the problem) and approval. I told them to try it, and then I haven't heard back from them in over 2 weeks. This isn't the first time they've left me hanging. What can I do?

    July 17
  • Yui_Yamaoka1224

    Hi not_queen!

    I don't know when the next q&a live stream is but, is it possible for console to someday have a keyboard and mouse option? And if so, would there be a system that makes it so keyboard and mouse players play each other to make things fair?

    July 11
  • Brunofb3

    Hi. I'm not sure about where I ask this but... Where I find how do BHVR treats racists injuries that occur in post-match game chat?

    July 4
  • MrTioBacca
  • ShinyCap


    I was just wondering, for the cosmetics contest I entered but my images show up as links (the link redirects you to the image) and not as shown images like many other posts. I was just wondering, does this affect my entry’s eligibility? I really want to make sure it doesn’t! If so, please let me know so I can check if I can re-submit. (You can still view the images, it’s just that they are in a link, I just really want to be sure!)

    Thank you!

    June 24
    • MandyTalk
      It's ok, they were still entered into the competition. @ShinyCap
  • BoneX

    Before 3.0.0 I just couldn't gain pips, now I get an error at the end of every game and get thrown to the title screen. I've previously tried to contact support to no avail.

    I'm on PC, I've reinstalled, I've deleted everything but It doesnt work ...

    June 20
  • Frontdoor6
  • Frontdoor6

    Hi NQ, i'm Matt sephton and i'm a huge fan of the game. Love how much creativity goes into it and can't wait for Ghostface. I heard about this cosmetic contest and have already designed and posted my entry for the Plague. I'm just wondering if you'd like to check out my design and see if it holds up with the rules. Here's a link and I'm gonna try and get a better pic of it.

    June 17
  • Ticoz

    My Cosmetic Contest post gave me a message saying “your post needs to be approved” or something along the lines of that, do you know what could’ve happened happened?

    June 6
    • FengTrash
      Hey, did yours appear now? I just got the same message and im scared, that it got deleted somehow...
  • Struck
  • Soulredix

    My Steam Doesn't have the PTB option when i right click Dbd and click on properties then the Betas tab.

    it just says Opt out of all beta programs. :( can i get a Beta code or can it be fixed for me?

    Please, and Thank You


    June 4
    • Watery
      Heya! The PTB isn’t open yet. Check DBD social media or the official discord for notifications!
      There’s also no exact time, but; it’s “SoonTM”.
      You can find the discord on the official website; or find DBD through social platforms such as Twitter, or Instagram!
  • MonsterMLG

    Is there a possible way to get the obj character model files for the character contest? I work in 3d modeling, I really dont want to have to remodel the characters and do the all of the retopology and texture work just to start my ideas

    June 4
  • Mr_Qwayzar

    Miss I believe that I have a great idea to give a new flavor into dead by daylight on my profile. I'm looking for an official's feedback on it to see if this has a chance to make the game.

    May 4
    • Watery
      Tag it in Fan Creations! One of the best ways to communicate your ideas to the devs :)
    • Mr_Qwayzar
      I have and gotten some great feedback, I'm doing as much as I can to get dev attention on it. It could actually be viable to the game
    • Claudettehunter
      Hey queen is there a place that shows details on the penaltys for disconnecting a potentially also known as rage quitting it's a big problem on Console at least every other game I have survivors disconnecting then I try to talk with them and why they do it and the reason they do it is just to discourage the killer they don't get punished for it and even sometimes the game will bug and let them keep their item I've never heard of someone getting a ban or temporary ban from disconnecting and at the end of the day it's just a game but it's very discouraging having people quit to deny me stacks on certain perks or deny me bloodpoints when I got them fair and square thank you
    • Watery
      All Disconnects are accounted for, all for different reasons. The devs have stated they know when your force quitting the game itself vs. network issues, vs. crashes. If you’d like to share your ideas with the dev team, you can make a forum post about it!
    • Watery
      But, I’m not a dev— so my information isn’t technically reliable. I’d advise making a forum post if you have further questions.
  • Michaelwks

    Are you allowed to change color of items like in the skypack?

    May 17
    • Watery
      First and foremost: modifying your game files is a “Do at your own risk” type ordeal. If you do it, and get banned it’s your fault.
      Secondly, if you mean the color of items (such as the color of the perk icon, making green perks other colors) it follows the same rules. You can change them to whatever you like, but it is modifying the gamefiles, which is a risky venture in itself. If you mean physical models in the game, the answer would be no.
    • Watery
      I wouldn’t imagine so, anyway. Obvious disclaimer of “I’m not a dev” and by no means affiliated with the company.