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  • I remember when it came out. Alot of folks(myself included) thought it would be a Warewolf. Still holding out fir a werewolf killer btw BHVR
  • You guys are getting survivors at late hours?
  • Oh I agree red ranks means nothing in terms of skill, I'm also a red rank player with the same hours as you. However I can only argue from my perspective(like you're doing) and I never see a red rank player run urban evasion and just crawl around the map for the entire game. The only red rank survivors I do see run Bt,…
  • A friend of mine came up with a theory when playing the PTB yesterday. What if the new animations could somehow be tied to lore? Look at the current survivor models, standing still and moving around? Cautious, scared...now look at the new animations, they look focused, still scared but it's as if they know what the…
  • I like to Run Inner&Hunch to counter the ever popular Ruin&Undying Combo, as an added bonus it keeps me Healed so that's one less issue. For the 3rd perk I run Kindred, so much information it's too good to pass up, plus it helps your team plan saves when you're hooked. My last perk varies from how my games have been going…
  • Does it happen just as much as the lower ranks or even as much as in purple ranks? I'll admit "Alot" might have been a strech. But I just can't agree with it being common in Red ranks, the only survivors I see in Red ranks run the meta perks, again I'm not saying these survivors are non existent. But they're not common…
  • How would you know exactly? Forgive me if that sounded Snarky, not my intention but how can you know that its not less common if you don't even play with red ranks? I play at rank 1 survivor and literally never see Urban Evasion P3 players that don't benefit the team. I do agree withsome (not all) red ranks being new to…
  • Once you get to Red ranks its ALOT less common. I recommend you focus on getting there, whilst some red ranks have they're own issues and the games more sweaty you won't need to put up with P3 Clauds self caring In the corner.
  • You think you can loop me with rags like those? Pathetic...
  • Howdyy
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  • That's actually a pretty good idea, thank you I'll definitely start doing that.
  • No, it's not op, it's 100% counterable. Survivor main btw
  • Mine was also spine chill but for a different reason. I began relying on Spine Chill for everything. And I never properly learned to counter stealth killers by listening for the sound ques(myers breathing, Ghostface's obnoxious flapping noises) The result was supriseing. It didn't take long to adapt, and I feel like I've…
  • Reverse boosting(Going afk to purposefully derank) Is something a friend of mine does constantly. He's told me it's the most fun he's had in DBD. But he's the kind of guy that only cares about his own fun even if it means others don't have fun. There is a hug downside to reverse boosting apparently, even if you're a rank…
  • Not a fan honestly, it looked fine before...
  • I suck at the game so my opinion is redundant. I'll just stick to unfunny spirit jokes
  • This happened last week actually. Was just hoping for a non toxic DBD sesh, unlike the day before, different story. I join a lobby, shortly after another grouo joins, Its a SWF sweat squad. I prepare myself as these kinds of matches go one of two ways... I suddenly hear a "Ding" a message, turns out its the Killer player.…
  • It would be better to pity these players then scold them. Just because they play in a manner you seem "Boring" or "Toxic" dosent mean the character needs thd boot
  • Cheryl, Jake and anybody that's clearly a newer player.
  • Every one be complaining about Unbreakable M&DS, Ruin and Undying but we're forgetting Clowns godly belly which is the main issue we should care about! #JusticeForClown
  • You got this! Good luck friend:)
  • I'd like to see a small buff to this which let's the Killer know before hand which totem is which, if its Undying run like hell over there, if its Undying...meh As for the lazy gameplay, if you feel attacked at what OP said then bring Detective's Hunch, you're welcome
  • Happy to help any way I can:) Spine chill is a great perk for starting off, it helps you know when stealth killers are coming your way, trumping they're stealth completely. If I might make a suggestion? Spine Chill is a great perk, however I recommend you try afew games without it. When you feel ready of course. Every…
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  • Probably just me, but I don't find this unfun to vs at all. I just bring Detective's Hunch and in most cases the combo is out in afew minutes. Leaving the Killer with 2 perks. Bad aboom done free escape in some games. But If you'd like to talk about ubfun build we can talk about DS and Unbreakable:)
  • I think I have afew tips to help you rank up. I'm a solo player at red ranks. I'm not the best player but I think these tips will aid you Spilt up and do gens, I know this gives you less objective points however a large part of that is "refunded" by hitting great skill checks and escapeing. Besides the Killer can't be in 3…
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  • I'm totally for this, he's an anti loop killer so the extra mind game would be nice
  • Personally I don't have a problem with people running self care, people, can healthemselves whilst I work on a gen? One less problem. The reason self care gets a bad rap is because many will combine it with UrbanEvasion, Then proceed to crawl around the map only to get caught and self care in corners. Repeating untill…
  • Solo q Player here! And I play Red Ranks! Honestly when I see what you describe(teammates being useless and or [BAD WORD] to the Killer, Or if we get snowballed to death with no chance at escape) I'll go in to a plan B. I make it my goal to Atleast Safety pip instead of trying to escape. It's a last ditch effort if we…
  • Clown, never had a fun match against him even though I win most of the time vsing him. Spirit aswell, but it depends, Good player? Fun times, Not so good player..erm