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  • (Quote) That's a very good point. We can't just cater to the M1 killers, but we also can't ignore that they're in an awful spot right now. Without some help, we'll continue seeing the same four or five killers again and again because that's the way …
  • There's no other game out there quite like this. If I want to relax and farm some points, I can play survivor or killer and chill. If I want to win, I can actually try and be successful based on my skill verses the killer or survivors (sometimes, I'…
  • (Quote) Thank you! (Quote) I can agree that we need something that doesn't make hex ruin and noed required for m1 killers to be successful, and to give survivors some variety, but then the issue becomes what can MOST survivors and killers agree on i…
  • It's actually fairly balanced these days for me. 2.5 Killers are SUPPOSED to be the dominant force in this game. Survivors are meant to struggle a bit considering they have no way to "down" the killer. The pace of the game should always be…
  • (Quote) If they are indeed optional objectives, then there should be no complaints about NOED or Ruin when it's entirely up to survivors if the perk exists or not. But we see a huge number of complaints about these perks being "OP" anyway.…
  • (Quote) I'm not sure what you want then. Do totems. You get blood points, emblem, and get to dodge/mess with (hopefully) the killer. Not even trying to is on you, not the game. Though I want some sort of mandatory second objective to complete gens …
  • (Quote) I mean, legion was shown to pretend being a survivor in their trailer but nothing came from it. So I suppose this is a wait and see kind of thing.
  • (Quote) On that note, there's no point in complaining about NOED or Ruin when you flat out refuse to do totems. They're meant to be a secondary objective and ignoring them is on the survivors. (Not pointing you out specifically, just those that comp…
  • That being said, a mandatory second objective should be added to aid M1 killers and add more suspense/fun for survivors. It's no fun for either side to have two gens done when playing as the pig (or another M1) before you even get a glance at a surv…
  • (Quote) Just get rid of the totem, do the secondary objective. Ignoring it and powering through gens is the OPPOSITE of what you're supposed to do.
  • (Quote) Lightweight is useless to me strictly because you're wasting time on stealth these days. Unless you run iron will, no mither, lightweight, and distortion the killer will ALWAYS have a way to track you. At that point though, you're squanderin…
  • (Quote) Lightweight is currently the worst to me. At any rate, spirit fury isn't broken unless paired with enduring and at that point they're expecting to be looped to hell and are playing m1 killer. I can also agree MoM was nerfed a bit too much, e…
  • (Quote) It's not about being good or not, it's that he's annoying to deal with much like the Doctor (the doctor is a better killer, but only mid-tier). Survivors have killers they hate dealing with, but that doesn't mean they're good is the point. I…
  • Honestly I'm just happy with getting THREE new characters. Balancing comes with time, and we can finally get something new and refreshing going soon. I'm excited no matter the perks
  • (Quote) I actually like that idea a bit more. Maybe also remove the ability to complete mending even if the timer runs out (you start mending with 14 seconds left, takes 15 seconds to mend, you go down without a friend's help [takes 10 seconds with …
  • 2 arms, 2 legs, a head, can walk upright. Still humanoid I'd say. If it can or can't be on all 4's is irrelevant.
  • (Quote) It didn't need to be so broken that it gave you a free hit either.
  • (Quote) Ahh, yeah that's no bueno. Hadn't thought of that actually. Maybe a sudo M&A then? Make his terror radius about the same as the Huntress' outside of the chase, then standard 32m during? Something along those lines to prevent tunneling bu…
  • (Quote) Why not? Trying to facilitate discussion, not just "yes" or "no".
  • (Quote) I didn't say bring back low cd for missed attacks, lower the bar for repeated hits (tunneling), or any such thing. How is what I suggested old Legion?
  • It's a problem I have with all M1 killers. By the time you find a survivor, 40-60% of gens are done. Let alone the chase. The M1 killers need speed boosts outside the chase, like a perk, or something like Freddy got with his rework.
  • (Quote) That's not gen rushing. Gen rushing is just a term for survivors that ignore totems (or healing), focusing on nothing but gens, and complain about NOED. Also for M1 killers that have 2 gens done before they even see a survivor.
    in Gen rush Comment by Accorn August 2019
  • (Quote) It's confirmed 2 seperate survivors. The number of perks doesn't matter, but what they do.
  • I subscribe to the mantras of other killers. No rules, no code of honor, my job is to kill/sacrifice. As long as I don't use exploits, cheats, or anything like that it's fair game. If a survivor is always around to flashlight me when I down someone,…
  • Oh I just want a perk or general buff to legion. If he inflicts deep wounds, sprinting drains the timer.
  • (Quote) So you'd rather be 100% undetectable when the spirit uses her power? Maybe the moving grass is a bit much, but without the rest there'd be no point in using her power.
  • (Quote) Do the bones and you don't need to worry about NOED. It's a non-issue unless you decide to just run by the totems you see while doing gens, cause we know you see at least one or two just at the start of the game.
  • The balancing is fine honestly. Survivor perks get nerfed because they're sometimes OP (old DS, MoM, etc.) Killer perks don't get nerfed directly, but indirectly. SB on Wraith is useless because of the changes long ago, for example.
  • (Quote) Already announced that they're two separate characters
  • I would add a small, but mandatory second objective before gens could be completed. Such as finding a gas can to fill them up. As in you can work on gens, fully repair them, but they won't power the doors until they have fuel. Probably make one can …