We will shortly be deploying a hotfix to the PTB to potentially address the Save Game Errors that some players were facing. Please update your PTB build when the update is available and let us know of any issues. Thank you.



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  • I play huntress mainly when I kill, and they are an ultra rare add on that drops the hatchets to 1. Usually combine it with infantry belt and get 3 but even then, there is enough wind up time to know to break line of sight. I personally only use them with an ebony mori to really go hard core crazy on survivors. I don't…
  • I love the cat and mouse of the game itself. I also find the lore fascinating.
  • I think the beads and the bumping are the two biggest things. Both of which are addressed with the update. The window animation is a non issue in my eyes because If she is at a window you should be moving and with the no bumping mechanic in the game then you don't have to be as sscared of her
  • I understand where you're coming from in maintaining consistency but I don't think the wraith running into people is all that big of an issue. I understand not wanting to play spirit though. My GF mains spirit and I've had to hear here complain about all the changes already. lol. Part of why I've been telling people just…
  • Fair to the wraith? No, you literally just said he's not as strong. Plus, he doesn't instantly appear if running into somebody and you can still see him moving. If we're talking about him not bumping survivors, does it really matter considering he has a reappear time and can see survivors anyway? Essentially exact opposite…
  • I don't see The Wraith destroying people with 4k's constantly like the spirit there buddy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Yeah the only thing I think is viable is disciplining people who DC. The key is the survivor's mori and it's dependent on number of gens done anyway to use it. I do think the time on gen should be altered somehow. Whether that's more time unless you're nailing the perfect skill checks? Idk. DC'ing is a big issue in my eyes…
  • I don't think there's a whole lot that needs to be looked at on the survivor's end. Only thing that comes to mind is Generator repair time but that doesn't seem all that out of line to me
  • Idk, I've come across enough ghostfaces and started using spine chill to counter them. Works for me most of the time. I know the balance is never perfect but with new killers and survivors coming in pretty regular the game's meta is going to be constantly shifting with people figuring out god builds and that like. I'm sure…
  • I know it's wishful thinking but still. Just crazy to me people are this upset about fairly minor changes That's part of her power in my eyes. If you're stood there in sight of her trying to decide if she's phasing you're definitely not playing against her correctly. She does have the audio cue though so I don't really see…
  • They simply reworked both characters. The Nurse got totally changed but The Spirit's changes are pretty small in comparison. Devs are only trying to make sure one killer is not more overpowered compared to others and they are pretty regular in updates to the game. I honestly doubt they change Billy of GF because those two…
  • That may be so but in my eyes if she is entering a different realm while phasing then she shouldn't be running into survivors. Lol
  • Even Spirit Mains are ok with the changes aside the amulet which seems like nit picking to me. I think her changes will do just enought to at least give survivors a fighting chance. All the changes are fairly minor anyway. Didn't even touch her base kit like they did with the nurse.
  • I can still see the mind game part being there with the new beads. There just won't be as much gen surprises. Even then, it's not like they nerfed her right in the ground. Most of the changes are pretty subtle and give survivors a better chance to live. Albeit, she can still pop up out of nowhere and make someone crap…
  • I don't think anything they did to the spirit wasn't warranted. The new prayer beads will be so much better.
  • I think that they're doing a pretty damn good job. Changing the code in the game isn't necessarily the easiest of tasks but tweaking The Spirit like they did is spot on. After all when she phases she is in another plane of existence yet she can bump into invisible survivors? Doesn't sound right to me. I play on console so…
  • It's in the Developer Update for November. The changes for The Spirit are perfect in my eyes. If she's supposedly in another plane of existence when phasing then she shouldn't be running into people!