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  • I'm on ps4 but thank you, I'll have to save that info for if I encounter the issue when I get a pc
    in No sound Comment by Alaina June 2020
  • I'm a killer main
  • Nerf addons but buff or rework base wraith. A killer shouldn't need addons to be viable. Base wraith is hardly good at all. He doesn't have any abilities that help him in a chase or give him map pressure. It's incredibly easy to track him because of the shimmer, growling, and who could forget BING BONG!! He has great…
  • "Stealthy killer" Growls, isn't fully invisible, BING BONG!!!!! It would be nice if he was actually stealthy
  • Free download on PlayStation. Got absolutely sucked in and ended up buying the game for myself (I wasn't a big gamer at the time and didn't have my own account or ps4). It's one of those games that I just find interesting. I love horror games but most of them are stories that end. This one I can play infinitely. The…
  • The visuals should definitely be toned down, especially the ash smh I'll be like oh I just saw a sneaky boi but no just ash
  • Frfr and then you get fed and it's the worst
  • Killers need to camp if a swf group won't leave the hook; don't dm me about face camping if you were all trying to get your buddy off the hook all at once. How is this biased? Stating common knowledge isn't bias.
  • I forgot about that good boi
  • Ah didn't know that smh. It should, that would solve all the problems. She'd still surprise people but if you pay attention you'll be able to have some counterplay. I always assumed she did because grass and corn moves on the killer screen
  • I love spirit to play as and against (unpopular opinion don't @ me) nurse is still the best. I haven't played oni but I'm a console scrub and hear he's kinda bad. I like doctor too and his whole ######### stealth play style which is weird since I usually prefer stealthy gameplay. His giggle is also fantastic
  • I'm a sweaty killer main and you have a survivor icon reee your opinion is wrong jaghajfjaoubka!!!!! Jkjkjk I agree and honestly everyone should
  • Nurse although I haven't seen much of her after the changes. I hate Billy so much its unreal. I've never played against a Freddy lmao but I don't play survivor often! Good spirits can be annoying but I enjoy being stealthy so her counter play works great for me 👌
  • You can pin point her location the same way she does. Grass and crows are your enemies but also your friends. You can tell her location by looking around at the environment. Spine chill and premonition are good to. I haven't heard many spirit complaints besides prayer beads but ever since she finally got addressed its like…
  • Gen rushing is the objective. The problem is gen repair speeds. I don't think any killers are op atm; most of them need buffs or reworks. Then again I'm not a survivor main. There's always sweaty survivors who lose their pea brains every time something doesn't go their way. #notallsurvivorspleasedontkillme
  • A boogy man, the babadook, jack skeleton, unique og killers like the spider idea, samara, legit everything! A voodooo character would smack so hard as well 👌👌👌
  • I live off of this lmao it's even funnier on PlayStation! They have to close out dbd, go to your profile, create a group, then message you. When people take that much time to say I'm bad or toxic it gives me happy feelings
  • Yeah now I understand the frustration. That's high key awful. Gives me legion vault speed flashbacks lmao! Sucks to see such a great killer get gutted like that
  • I'm need to add that this thread was mostly about spirit. I don't play nurse much so I think I've missed something. Did her fatigue get extended or her speed slowed even more?
  • I agree but when it comes to the power spirit has she needs to be a difficult killer. Killers with power like that shouldn't be able to stomp with ease. That being said some killers need to be easier to use effectively. Imma use wraith as an example because I play him; mechanically he's easy however it's difficult to use…
  • The only way nurse can be balanced is if they make stealth more valuable. As of now it's just looping, and stuns. They could make stealth more viable than looping which would solve a lot of problems. Other killers would be usable, survivors would have another option. Nurse is op but I don't see a way she could be fixed…
  • Getting into a game in under 20 minutes and getting messages from salty survivors
  • Killers: Generator repair speeds, wait time for a match, haddonfield Survivors: Hard camping, ping, idk any survivor specific issues Both: toxicity, stealth, hitboxes
  • Also being chased is fun
    in Generators Comment by Alaina June 2019
  • Same problem on ps4, survivors will join and after the obnoxious wait time they'll leave to try to find a different game. I don't blame them for not wanting to wait another 20 minutes for another survivor though. It just sucks bc I'll end up waiting for sometimes 30+ minutes for a game.
  • I'm mostly playing legion atm bc frenzy is really fun. I love the chaos he causes during chases. Also plague, she's so gross with the vomit and idk I'm just drawn to her. Spirit is fun too. I used to play nurse and huntress but I've never been the best at aiming and couldn't get a handle on fatigue.