Dead by Daylight has turned 3 years old! We are proud of what we've accomplished and so excited about what’s to come. So why not start the celebrations with a Bloodhunt (2x) Event from June 14th to June 18th? Enjoy!



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  • What this person said. it isn't even that big a deal. Calm yourselves lol.
  • Run a dead rabbit with MA and Infectious Fright. You still remain stealthy in t2, t3 in a chase your tr is massive so when you down someone you will likely make someone near you scream. If not then hook em with bbq since none are close by to find wh…
  • You are way off buddy.
  • Had a game last night actually as pig. Found 3 survivors on the same gen, stood and scared them off while smacking one. Kicked the gen and followed the injured dude who immediately dropped shack pallet while his 2 buddies went back to the gen. I was…
  • As a survivor you could just hide by a door when you are the last alive. Unless the hatch is in the same area (then just jump in the hatch obviously) the killer likely wont make it to you after closing it unless its billy/nurse. And even then you mi…
  • What about making the exhaustion state caused by addons decrease regardless if the survivors run. (Except for doctor's and pig's as you are exhausted during madness or trapped respectively.) That way, people may be able to use their perks later in t…
  • Don't mean to nitpick, well actually yes I do, but playstation only accounts for roughly 60% of sony's profits, at least according to their 2018 Q4 report.
  • Since when did not getting a reward you didn't earn = punish?
  • Dead hard, adrenaline, borrowed time, hope. I go for a lot of end game saves, often resulting in either me getting hooked, or the killer dcing as me and other dude run out the door cuz bt.
  • You already get a notification though. Built in. No perk needed.
  • How about instead of just buffing perks, let's combine some of the weaker ones to reduce some of the clutter in bloodwebs. Hope and Noone left behind: New perk - Beacon of Hope Your altruistic nature fills you with energy when you are close to esca…
  • Yes, because the employees in charge of the forums are the same ones in charge of balancing and fixing game issues. Smh
  • What if it was something like: After a generator is completed, hope is activated for a duration of 10-15 seconds (keeping it at the 5/6/7% movement speed or perhaps lowering it overall since it has much more up time potentially) at the cost of redu…