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  • Not to mention that, on the trap killers, hag and trapper, it doesn't matter if the survivors just sit around doing nothing. You have already laid your minefield by the time it runs out.
  • The overwhelming majority of survivors are way too greedy to just stay put for 2 minutes. I don't ever find it to be a problem. If I did, I would run whispers, which, when used correctly, denies almost any ability for survivors to hide from you.
  • Corrupt intervention is probably the best killer perk in the game currently. Why anyone thinks it needs a buff is beyond me.
  • Hag needs a buff? Lmao, she is one of the most overpowered characters in the game If you know how to play her. Trapper is fine, just most people also don't know how to play him. 3 gen, trap every loop, and camp the basement. Those are all key with trapper.
  • I have people DC against me in maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of my matches, depending on what killer I am playing. I have already shown you enough proof. I am done wasting my time arguing with you.
  • Yeah, I just linked a rank 1 SWF absolutely raging at my gameplay style because it doesn't make people DC ever. Here you go. For the record, I was the guy who originally tombstoned monto to make him make the "tombstoned" video in the first place. Back before anyone even realized how BS play with your food tombstone really…
  • I am usually just teabagging with ghostface or pig when I get it to work, why even bother hitting them at that point?
  • You can time it to get all 4 people, it's about when 1/4 of the bar is left. But really good players will leave then anyways. It will mainly 4k on SWF who refuse to leave their buddies behind, and is especially good on pig, who can set a head trap at 1 gen left and make it so that they are running around during the EGC.…
  • That was like 2 years ago, and it's not like I record my gameplay. I don't even think the marth88 depip squad exists anymore. I have posted plenty of screenshots on this forum to prove I am rank 1. Most of my clips are just me playing against streamers. I am not reading your wall of text because I know at the end of the…
  • Appleorgasm played lots of nurse last time I saw.
  • Death or not, I was looting that chest. It was a skeleton key too :(
  • You can mindgame the shack, either by double / triple vaulting the window at the right times, or by moonwalking around the corners. If you don't want to deal with things like that, you slap on bamboozle and just vault it and it's an instant pallet drop.
  • I think for stalling, 5 boxes and an extra RBT is better. But I usually go for the head trap kills when I play pig, and run agi+iron grasp to run them away from the boxes to be a douche. To clarify that, even with 6 boxes, they can just get it off on the first attempt anyways. The extra RBT will probably end up wasting a…
  • The best head trap kill build is a 5th box and the tampered timer. I think the crate of gears wastes about as much time as the tampered timer, but fast timer kills them off 30 seconds~ faster whereas a crate of gears makes searching the boxes 30~ seconds longer. So they do about the same, but fast timer the survivor is…
  • There's plenty of skill to survivor. However, the only really skillful part is the chase. If someone is looping you like 7+ times at the shack, it's because they are better than you.
  • You can watch plenty of streamers do ironman challenges at rank 1 and be fine. The games will be sweaty as hell though, because you are typically going to hit 12+ second chance perks each game. You are typically forced to extensively slug, camp, and tunnel. And then the survivors will still complain in the endgame chat.…
  • He basically can, the brown trapper bags are so common you can always have one on. I usually always can run a yellow bag at least. The dark traps let you put traps in some pretty crazy spots and get away with it. Kill traps are just nuts, letting you down people across the map instead of have to camp at your traps all game…
  • And what about on a map like Hawkins? Or Lerys? It can take a while to find a gen on maps like those. On maps like suffocation pit, or azarovs resting place, it practically locks down a 3 gen while you get a chance to trap every single pallet in whatever area you want to defend.
  • With corrupt intervention, all the gens the survivors spawn at will be blocked. They have to spend a minute or two to even find a gen in some cases. Someone like trapper should not really even be chasing, unless the survivor appears to be a potato or you are chasing them into a trapped area. You can spend 90~ seconds…
  • Trapper is more than viable against anything but a 4 man SWF on comms. You just need to be better with his traps. I see way too many chasing trappers out there. I almost always run a trapper bag of some sort. Kill traps are insane, dark traps are insane, fastening tools are like a kill-trap light. Everything else is…
  • Yeah, trapper definitely can. 2 minutes is enough to completely trap whatever side of the map you feel like defending. Find a nice 3 gen next to the basement? Trap it up, you can trap every single pallet and loop in that area. You will only lose maybe 1 gen for it, as opposed to the 2-3 if you had ruin instead. But trapper…
  • Tell me how it even matters on someone like freddy though. You get the notification, you teleport to the gen, and you can't teleport for another 30 seconds or something.
  • If you want to have a wasted spot in your blood webs at all times, maybe.
  • It's also pretty godly on ghostface, letting you get tons of stalk value from your night shrouds. This game-ending stalk was because of discordance.
  • I don't even think it matters. You know they are there, that's good enough. I use it on someone like freddy or billy who can almost instantly respond to it. On the high mobility killers, it's usually best to just drop any chase you are in and go to it immediately.
  • What is the audio bug? I have only ever noticed it on downed survivors, who don't make noise on the ground. So it's mostly irrelevant unless you are trying to find a slug. Other than that, the sounds have been working fine for me.
  • Demo is pretty weak, especially against SWF. I would not play him without bamboozle or you are liable to get run pretty hard, unless you try to play him as a control killer and just protect a 3 gen and never chase strong areas. Against a good SWF, your best bet is usually to hard tunnel someone right off the bat. You won't…
  • I change it up alot, was playing some BRs earlier that day.
  • If you are running BBQ, and consistently winning games as killer, you will have almost unlimited BP. You can get 96,000 for a single match with a pudding, BBQ, and a perfect game. More often than not it's closer to like 70-80,000. But still, that's enough to basically be running mori's all the time if you want.
  • Use other perks. Low mobility killers get corrupt intervention. High mobility killers get discordance. You can find someone in the first 20-30 seconds of the game with good whispers usage. I have been doing fine without ruin for a while now, at rank 1 before you ask.