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  • This game bug is a major issue and I would like at least a statement from the devs working on this and acknowledging it this is unnacceptable. fix this NOW please. All these hours wasted.
  • I'm losing any reason to keep playing if every match the game wont update my performance. kinda sucks considering having roughly 3600 hours on the game too. I guess I have to play something else if they ever do fix this major issue instead of working on cosmetics I've been seeing around lately.
  • Roughly 3600 hours later and experiencing this after every game is very unfortunate to deal with. Literally only able to purely play for fun even though like many stated before me that playing with newcomer's isn't very fun. Plus, it just makes it seem like whatever I do at this point doesn't really matter. Especially…
  • You do realize this perk was a regular game mechanic and not an actual perk? Having to waste a slot for a "potential" end game is already putting a killer down a perk that is completely useless unless you manage to actually complete all gens. The perk is a reminder to tell you just because you did all the gens doesn't mean…
  • This is a very interesting idea. Would like to see this in a test of course before people (ahem survivor mains) complain about this being about this being a bad idea, and yes Freddy does need a bit more help.
  • also you said "probably" not helpful
  • you do realize bloodlust takes "time" to build and even then mind gaming doesnt work all the time. Just saying
  • If there's different groups for animation and gameplay then why are people here arguing about it? =C All I was saying that it be pretty neat to see. I don't know how that hurts the gameplay improvement. Gameplay works on the gameplay and animation works on the animation then there. Seems simple and straightforward to me.…
  • Fun ideas but friendly entity seems like it can be easily abused. Keep up with the ideas though.
  • i thought that's what they were already working on gibberish. This is obviously after all that's settled. We all enjoy seeing the gameplay itself be improved first, but small details satisfying to the eye doesn't hurt.
  • kinda why i brought this up because the characters and their backgrounds make them unique
  • Has to be between the saw chapter and nightmare on elm street.
  • Bill is obvious, but between the others I like Tapp not annoying but still helpful and fun to play with and against.
  • I've been thinking that SWF should be the way it is sure, but I know some people DO actually care about their rank and the fact they have to go against people playing together and most likely know each other using comms is a bit of a problem. I just thought it would be simple to segregate a different mode for players to…