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  • I think what they are going for with the new map is a travelling circus type thing. What would be really good is if the circus set up in other maps too.
  • BUMP Come on, folks, get on board!
  • I enjoyed this, thanks!
  • Her hair is too swishy. It's distracting when you're running Bond/Empathy. Also, she doesn't look much like her profile pic. Bit of a catfish situation going on :) Otherwise, she's fine.
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  • Hello! 
For sure, if I could, I'd have it as my text message tone! 
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What's your favourite mind game to use on Survivors? 
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  • I enjoyed the Lunar event, I hope they do something similar. That said, I'd really like some double bloodpoint action too. But if I had to choose, I'd say something similar to the Lunar event. I barely play Huntress but damn, I wanted that doggo mask! 
  • I like Freddy as a killer. That's my unpopular opinion. 
  • +1 This HAS to happen. I stunned the Clown earlier today and was massively disappointed with his little grunt. If the Wraith can sound like an elephant when he gets stunned, and the Doctor can have a hilarious whimper, and the Pig can do a little girly squeal, then surely the clown can honk! 
  • Honestly? I'd be so freaking happy! He seems like he might give a hoot about his patients. Also, I'd have all the questions about the entity! 
  • I will almost definitely buy the DLC once it comes out. I've bought all the previous ones when they've been on sale, apart from the Pig chapter, which I bought straight away. Thing is, I spend a lot of hours in this game - a few hours a night usually! Its worth paying for in my opinion! That said, the only cosmetics I've…
  • They should be that bright, obnoxious pink colour that the killer's aura appears with the perk that lets all survivors see each other and the killer (when they're near the hook) when you'be been hooked. Hard to miss that!
  • I think, genuinely, they have done a great job so far! I wouldn't be posting on their forum, playing a few hours every evening and keeping up to date with what's going on if I didn't think that. They really do listen to their fans and are massively involved in the community. Honestly above and beyond what you'd expect…
  • I don't like pizza. CONTROVERSIAL.
  • Since I started playing DBD I always said that if I were to drop a kid, I would look this up and learn it! Now, I can learn it without bringing a slobbery, noisy thing in to the world! RESULT! (There's part of me that wants to start singing it in the middle of the night whilst wearing a bunny mask, and wake my other half…
  • A hitlist?! Ha, that's awesome! I love salt!
  • I love the stealth aspect! I never understand the survivors that go in guns blazing and goading the killer, it seems to completely take the horror aspect out of it, you know? Oh man, the chill when you hear the Halloween theme tune?! One of my favourite things as a survivor is working on a generator, looking around (as you…
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  • Via Steam? Yes. I use a 360 controller to play and my other half uses a Steam controller. I've always been more of a console gamer, but Steam's controller support has been a real game changer for me! Give it a go!
  • You know, I'm approaching 500+ hours in the game, a lot of which as a survivor, and I'm completely useless with a torch! Its to the point where I just basically ignore their existence! The only time I actually take one from a chest is if I'm against the Hag - to get rid of her traps! I mostly play stealthily though, in…
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  • @JEWberry You should definitely come back! The update in June looks to be really fun, and there's a lot that they've done in terms of balance changes! Don't be fooled by all the negativity you see around, it's still a great game!
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  • It's somewhere in the thousands. It did say in the patch notes when you first go in to the PTB but honestly, I can't remember how much it said. It sounds like a lot, but the shards are getting reworked and the value of them is changing significantly.
  • Welcome to the Fog, new player! The PTB is like its own save file, so it's completely separate to your normal game I'm afraid. Your progress won't be carried over, it will just reset back to how it was before opting in to the PTB. The clown will most likely be available to purchase, but you can earn points within the game…
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  • I'm really looking forward to playing it! It was the same for me when the Pig chapter was released, I didn't get to play the meat plant for AGES until I finally got a jigsaw piece. Maybe I just have the worst luck when the map is randomly selected!
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  • It just makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, I know if that's all you played in the PTB it'd get old very quickly, but to get in to it more often would be much better! It does need testing after all!
  • Isn't the new level something to do with Father Campbell?
  • It sounds awesome. I agree he probably should have his own domain, but if he's part of a travelling circus...I dunno, I like the idea that they set up in existing maps. Freddy would have a field day if the circus came to Springwood. Just saying.
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  • How is it varied? What does it look like? I've seen a small part of it on the clown mori video but that's all :/
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  • So, did they actually definitely say they wouldn't be doing a clown killer? Receipts, please!
  • It's so good! Well done, devs!