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  • Solve the real issue here. Reward Killers for the chase, the kill should offer way few points. If you give the reward and win conditions to hooks and chase over "Kills" the killer will not care to get the 4 k in order to secure that pip over a neutral at Red rank. The truth for most killers are the way the emblem system…
  • Agree though, whoever designed the codes, did not understand it is about 8 additional movements to get a code in on a controller. Hopefully BHVR will learn from this and change the way it works in the future.
  • Legacy Gamers be like: I feel bad for you...... Old spawn points....
  • So I played Killer for the first time since Crossplay came out. I play both sides and at Rank 1. Here is what I noticed. 1) I was not ready for the flashlight skill. On console survivors are trash with them and I can look up and face walls etc. However the first game with flashlights was a macro click fest. I took 3-4…
  • Oh Tofu ----- Wholesome.... Tell that to any Blendettes he faces HAHA
  • Looks like you were punished for the playstyle, looks like you slugged given the scores of the cake using survivors and the fact you are iri on gen D, Killing 4 people is 25% of the score. So if you want pips you need to chase, defend, hook and kill. So doing 25% wont get you a pip!
  • I think they maybe waiting for a new line up of spring trench coat colours to pop up in fashion week to decide on how best to keep Adam boring for the next year.... You have said it right, no one wants to wear his default coat when they start out, because everyone's friend will tell new friends to start off as a Claudette…
  • The issue with the emblem system for killers is that over the past year or so several point mechanics have made it easier to score on the survivor side but for killer it has not been tweeked (chase gives bonus if others complete tasks, cleansing etc) For Killer if we suggest that the Balance is 2 kills and a win is 3 or 4.…
  • He is a pretty good killer since his rework. I would put him in A grade myself. BHVR did a good job on making a joke killer into someone with a lot of map pressure and add ons that can grind the game without ruin.
  • Do to the point system for killers, they are forced to try and 4k if they want to pip. The game has made it super easy for survivor to rank up but killers may get more BP but are punished hard on the current point system for so many things that the fear of neutral forces the last kill.
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  • Only In Green Ranks through 20. After that Survivors rule with the game giving survivors strength as if it was 1 v 1 and not 1 v 4. Add coms and this can be punishing for all but a few killers(Nurse, Spirit etc)
  • Not enough Red Rank killers it seems, lobbies on PS4 in Red rank are about a 5-10 minute wait now.
  • Report them on Ps4 and Playstation takes it serious. You will stop them from doing it to others
  • I lost so many as well. Even impacts the red rank pips because sometimes you need that escape to put you over the black pip or into black..... Between this issue and the lobby system not loading everyone in SWF or the timer freezing in the killer lobby. This patch needs a hotfix stat!
  • To say he is not good at the game shows how you are just not a fan. The guy has got to rank 1 every way possible as both killer and survivor, using every killer (not just one). He has got to Rank 1 with no perks/add ons, with only no mither, with peoples choice builds. you name it, this guy has done it. The nurse game…
  • Use Moldy Electrode for faster shocks. This will allow you to Pallet stop the dropping when being looped. (ONLY MUST Add on), After that Range extenders are good or any effect ones you have. Tips with doctor, have Ruin, Don't run around aimlessly in attack mode, Use treatment mode (slower but builds the fear). In a chase…
  • Another Idea @Peanits would to allow Perks to come from the bloodweb Mystery Boxes. (based on rarity higher %). This would also lower the grind by allowing for 2 Perks to appear and taken on 1 Bloodweb.
  • I love P3 Claudette, it gives me a reason to bring a Mori ;)
  • My favorite is the swing and it directs you via autoaim at the wall beside you. (Face palm) Tip for console: PS4 crank sensitivity to max and don't play on wifi, make sure survivors are under 150 ping to you or dodge the lobby.
  • People seem to think this is a one off random action or people with name tags that are obvious. This is not the complaint. The issue is some of the larger Streamers and promoters of the game have been under constant attack for a few weeks now. Players are specifically loading up map offerings, counters, toolboxes to break…
  • Changes I would make 1)I feel Ivory Mori should be on death stage ( 2 hook or 1 if they go past struggle) for use. 2) Ivory Mori Ivory should mark one survivor (obsession) and they would get bonus BP for the length of time they survive the trial(100%). (nothing sucks more then getting camp tunneled so that a killer can…
  • I think Legion is okay now, you just have to change your play from his original form. I use his power as a tracking method/slow down. I can get 3-4k on red ranks pretty much 75% of the time. I would play with your build and also look at how you play. He still suffers from the same issue as other M1 killers which is looping…
  • First 4 minutes of the game, power through the first 3 gens ( Freddy will be stuck in Trapper mode, trying to plan a few of his traps out.) Even with shorten teleport times, he will have to chase someone, odds are that with a hit, the chase will last 30-40 seconds at the fastest time. in the meantime power through the…
  • Gen teleport shows he is coming, just move away to a safe pallet.
  • Freddy Meta will be like: stay asleep- gen rush, if you get in a chase drop pallet and run to the next (if you get hit by a trap take hit and sprint to another pallet), while everyone else does gens... but will see
  • As Killer it is better to learn the type of loops and to learn to mind game by hiding your red glow. As Survivor look for you next 2 moves when near a gen (escape route), look behind you, learn the spacing before just throwing a pallet, so you can start to learn how to loop the killer to burn more time.
  • There may be content for future work being added that is not active or in use yet, Freddy rework, map design or even dedicated server code. Not everything is actually in the patch notes.
  • The issue I see with balancing the game around rank 10 (bulk of survivor/killers). It assumes that no one improves. This leads to a greater imbalance in time. So the game should balance to promote improvement and skill gain. (Red 4) How many less complaints would we have on both sides if we forced overall game skill…
  • I wonder if the Ghost face cost is because it is a cosmetic for a licensed Killer. I agree with whoever said that colour changes on skins should be cheap, with unique items more.
  • assuming the killer has a 3k and more then one Gen, I am not sure why they care about the fourth kill so bad, if you get him then great but at what cost? 20 mins, he could have double piped with 100k BP in another match, for that time. As a Killer, I give the last survivor the hatch or gate typically (mainly didnt want red…