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  • I think grass/corn collision would be a nice Middle ground but anything further than that would be too much in my opinion.
  • Any changes to indicate her using her power will ruin her. If she can be easily countered like that then she becomes a slow movement speed killer with a power on charge that may or may not help in a chase.
  • I feel like the Vault animation and collision changes are enough, If she gave indication of when/where she's phasing she'd be an outright terrible killer. Spirit is slow and has a cooldown on her power, If they changed her so that you can easily counter her phase then she would have nothing going for her. Her power is…
  • It was bound to happen. Spirit's power is designed in a way that if they nerfed her to give direct counterplay she'd be outright a terrible killer but people still want to be able to know when and where she's phasing.
  • Giving survivors notice of when she's phasing would ruin her completely.
  • Because of outcry. The spirit was untouched for a very long time with not much complaints at all until some people and streamers claimed she was unfun after that it snowballed. Don't get me wrong the changes were most definitely warranted, She wasn't OP but simply very unpredictable so I guess she could be considered unfun…
  • A Quick wiki search says the Mask, an Oni is a creature born when a truley wicked person dies and becomes one. My guess is the blood was the Spirit's Dad's and he's become an Oni, Poor Spirit .
  • Have to agree, I wish it wasn't but I had my bar at the same point. Toxicity runs rampant in this game, DBD is far from having a happy supportive community. Even IDV being so similar there's a huge difference in the communities. You can camp someone to death and they'll still give a GG, It's crazy. Could you imagine how…
  • Dead hard is a great perk, Maybe your timing is off but if you know when to dodge a hit with it or use it to get to a loop you otherwise wouldn't be able to it's a life saver. It's why people run it all the time.
  • Keys aside the closer you get to end game the more you're forced to stay near hooks, For example once the gate is open you're best move is to camp, Its just how the games designed. An unhook can lead into a BT, DS, Adrenaline or Bodyblock to the exit, There's too many second chances to warrant leaving the hook at that…
  • You're basing this on Low rank gameplay? Of course Killers will do well against survivors who don't know who to play, Once survivors learn how to play the game becomes much more relaxed. What you should be doing is taking all ranks into consideration. Survivor is quite easy to get the hang of, Killer on the other hand can…
  • Yes, Yes the community is that bad. I wish it didn't but this game has one of the single most toxic and hateful communities I've ever encountered. Playing Killer especially you kind of get numb to the hate or you're forced to remove the chat altogether which is a shame.
  • On the topic of Spirit, Outside of a few changes like Prayer beads and maybe some add ons needing a rework, her needing a vault animation, no collision to survivors when phasing and collision added to objects like grass and corn. I think Spirit is just fine. I'm sorry but as long as SWF is in the game there needs to be…
  • They know the solutions to DCs, they even have posted their plans for it months ago but sadly they're relying on dedicated servers being live to implement it which could be god know how long away. DCing has been a problem for years and it's getting so much worse after the twitch rivals situation, The least they could do is…
  • Goodluck when the new tiers unlock, they're almost impossible by the looks of it. I didn't expect any different tho, The Rift is made to be impossible to get you to keep paying the $10 over and over. It's how these types how battlepasses make so much money.
  • DC reports do nothing, they've said this time and time again. All we can do is wait until the DC changes that they talked about come in, Which I don't see happening anytime soon. Until then we basically can do nothing about it since the whole threshold Idea clearly doesn't and hasn't worked.
  • This is why I've put off buying the Switch version, I probably wont buy unless it goes on sale for a decent price. It just doesn't seem worth it and feels like it's low on the list of the Devs Priorities. That said, the event could have been held up on Nintendo's part rather than BHVR but we'll probably never know.
  • Just as I thought, The Rift is made to be unbeatable. It's a cash grab, That's how these kinds of battle passes make so much money. It was obvious from the fact that you earn the $10 back for completing it that it was a huge gamble but this is nearly impossible to beat.
  • Is it too much to expect a Delayed Patch to be working properly? My complaints weren't about the delay itself. A Buggy patch that bad would've been awful. What did confuse me was the decision for the Event to be tied to the biggest update knowing the Devs past history of dodgey patches, They should've known there would be…
  • She's still strong sure but she has much more counterplay now. Her Model appearing at the destination before she actually does to give survivors time to react is a small but big change. The Recharge is a big change, There was a bug in PTB that made the recharge start quicker than it should when attacking and the add ons…
  • There's multiple reasons. In general Killers have to do much more per game but this aside Killers loose their Add ons every game no matter what. As a Survivor you keep whatever you escape with and earn more points to buy more items and add ons. As a Survivor you never really run short on items and add ons unless your dying…
  • He was talking abut his own Personal Experience in SWF which is completely Valid. Everyone Knows there's a drastic difference between voice com SWF. All it takes is simple statements like "Oh the Killer/Totem/Generator/Good Loop is here" to change the game immensely. If played right a Voice com SWF can tell whats going on…
  • This surprised me too considering Hexy wasn't allowed to participate. Whenever I've been in Pug's streams he just Talks and DCs a tonne. Oh well, It's going to be interesting to see how people will play.
  • I don't think people are upset at the Delay itself, Everyone knows that an Event with major bugs and crashes would be awful. It's More so the fact that they Decided to tie the Event which is arguably the most important event of the year for a Horror game to their Largest Update yet considering their past history of Buggy…
  • This is why the game is the way it is. People refuse to play if they're not having fun which is entirely subjective. Imagine if Killers were to DC everytime they weren't having fun to the same extent that Survivors DC against something they don't like or if the game isn't going their way. Yes both DC but majority of the…
  • 3rd Person Killer Identity V style would be amazing but would probably bring a lot of problems balance wise so doubt we'll ever get that :( If you mean an FOV Slider like shadowborn, The Devs said a long long time ago they were thinking of increasing the FOV but that's as far as that went. It would be nice tho.
  • Yep, It's the norm sadly. If you get a private message you can report them on whatever platform your using or make your profile Private. As for Game chat, You can report and hope it works but You're better off closing it. There's just too many Toxic, Hateful and Racist people playing the game.
  • Well of the top of my head a Good example is Trapper and Wraith. At the very least Trapper's Trapper Bag add on should be basekit allowing him to hold 2 traps and start off with 1 extra. Then there's Wraith's windstorm add ons which in my opinion should also be basekit or just tweak the numbers to give a similar outcome.…
  • To be honest most just need some small tweaks, Changes to numbers or built in add ons. People have been saying It for months if not years. That said though, They are working on killers case by case, I think leatherface or Doc is up next. It's just such a shame it takes so long.