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  • I always try and use an example of weighing scales for balance. No amount of buffs or nerfs each side receives mean anything, it's the severity of the change that affects it. Let's use two examples: Scenario 1 Brutal strength: Nerfed to 17%, nerfed to 15%, nerfed to 12%, nerfed to 10% (4 nerfs in total) Scenario 2 Brutal…
  • I love this idea, I do play both roles so I don't mind the Rift too much but I'd certainly like to have 40% of the Rift to be my choice of role.
  • Thana does slow down the game but it only adds an additional 16 (?) seconds onto the gen with all 4 injured. Being injured is an advantage as long as the map doesn't have any god loops or structures and it definitely helps out stealth killers. I agree with some of your points and you do make good points but unfortunately…
  • Only played strong killers so my game have been somewhat fine but god knows how my games will go playing low - mid tier killers.
  • Yeah that 100% works when survivors heal but unfortunately some survivors do the "No heal meta" if that's what is is called so they rush gens and just rely on Adrenaline at the end game. If survivors don't heal what else is there to do apart from gens? Totems are a thing but most say it's a waste of time because "It's not…
  • I'm not going to be like others to say you're wrong and whatnot but I generally do want to have a discussion with you. First of all, not using ruin has actually opened my eyes and made me realize I don't need it to win. Although keep in mind that I've only played Doctor, Freddy and Plague without it so I cannot comment on…
  • I did basement bubba only killing people who touched my chest, Dwight touched it but I didn't have it in my heart to kill him :( #DwightLivesMatter I ended up downing him, and putting him at top of the basement. He knew what I was doing so he kept going down and it felt like I was training a dog saying "No touching the…
  • Ghostface lead our conga line into the basement to where we all died :( It was fun though, started of with me t-bagging and Ghostface t-bagging each other and then somehow it formed into a conga line after a few head-on stuns. I love matches like that because we all bad fun. Although 4 of us died we had a great laugh
  • The only time I run OoO is when I'm using head-on doing memes. Last time I used it I formed a conga line against a Ghostface
  • I guess it depends on platform and region but 7 minutes is the longest I've had to wait for a match. Every survivor I've been against have complained about long queue times and I've asked them all a simple question "Have they increased since this patch" and all of them apart from 1 said yes.
  • The domino effect started a while ago... After nurse it turned to spirit after spirit people are now advocating for a Freddy nerf and Ghostface nerf and now for some reason I've been seeing more posts about Hillbilly. To be fair though, NoED has always been a hot topic on here.
  • For the first time I've had to wait 7 minutes for a survivor game today, never before have I had to wait that long meanwhile I got an 11 second queue for killer.
  • How do you pressure 4 people at the same time especially with killers like The Clown? I've asked this to many people who say "just apply pressure" and they've pretty much always dodged the question or said to play a high tier killer which doesn't help low to mid tier killers with no mobility
  • It's bugged at the moment and you can get the achievements randomly
  • With my stopwatch: Survivor queue: 7 minutes (Just watched a show called Can't pay we will take it away or something like that) Survivor game length: 5m 30s Killer queue time: 11 seconds Killer queue length: 8 minutes (I got a 4k)
  • Do you know how many killers got flamed for saying "Just run X"? Before the Spirit changes (which I wont call nerfs because I still do fine with her) killers told survivors to just run Spine chill and they were flamed saying "Running a perk to counter one killer?" Well why would killers need to run a perk to counter a…
  • The only thing I disagree with is the Hag being trash tier. A good Hag can dominate and is one of the only killers who can be in multiple places at once causing damage. By all means this has do be done by a Hag with experience and with good trap placements but she is definitely far from trash tier.
  • It's still a Hex totem and will be easily destroyed in the early game. Even when I've used other totem perks like Devour it was always cleansed so early so to no surprise Ruin wont last either. Don't get me wrong the combo is cool but would only be good for around 30 seconds up until 2 minutes.
  • People will use Calm Spirit just like people used OoO when Ghostface first released but it's understandable to use perks to counter a specific killer if there is a good chance of going against them. Personally I will be using my normal build and if I go against a lot of calm spirit users then I'll just switch to my main…
  • Well if it wasn't your intention to be snappy then I apologize for judging you like that. I think it's great to have different views on the game but I think it's just better to say our opinions are different and it's not a bad thing because we both have different views. I think we've both brought up our points and there is…
  • "Dang, i guess i don't play enough killer. 1500 hours and i don't play enough killer. Darn, guess i don't get an opinion." No need for the snappy response, guess I'm not allowed an opinion right? My opinion being that DS is not an anti-tunnel perk so you go on the defensive. This is a forum people will have varying…
  • I'm sorry but if you haven't been hit with a single DS then you don't play enough killer. I agree we need an anti-tunnel perk but people have posted videos and you even see it on live streams when people get hit with DS and they don't tunnel. It's not uncommon to run into survivors that make stupid plays to just be…
  • Killer: I camped because of gen rush (With 4 gens left, yes this happened because 3 people sat on a gen and completed it but there was still 4 left against a GF) Survivor: You're a tunneler that's how you won (Meanwhile Make your Choice went off every time)
  • 1.7% of players play optimally and gen rush? I'd like to see this data because you can watch streamers on Twitch get hammered by SWFs and people watch their highlights and say they stomp people but if you actually watch them live you see sometimes the steamer getting stomped. If you have a good enough PC I'd like to see…
  • Ah yes apply pressure to 4 people as Clown, care to share your secret? You can only chase 1 survivor at a time, 4 survivors separated on generators, how do you pressure it? "Just drop the chase" doesn't work because you still spend time chasing, which means others survivors working on gens, then you need to find a new…
  • I wouldn't say it's better when it can be destroyed within 30 seconds. The concept is better but it being a Hex perk isn't. I know I know it will be "too strong" if it's not a Hex but at the moment it's not powerful enough to be a Hex in my opinion
  • Yeah 4 slow down perks are boring but what else can you do? If all of the maps were balanced there wouldn't need to be 4 slow down perks and it's a gamble if you need them or not. My build was overkill because I was on Gas Haven which isn't too bad of a map but if I got another map like Wretched shop or something then my…
  • I mean when they specifically say to me that I played like a try hard for running that build it kind of means that they DCed due to that reason. You know it's bad when the other 2 survivors were defending me about that BS that they came out with.
  • My first game without ruin resulted in 2 DCs for using Corrupt Intervention, Thana and Dying light on Plague >.>