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  • Be happy, Freddy is one of the least fun killers to play against. Always have been, always will be.
  • Just stop playing lol. I've been playing Overwatch the last months, it's fun to finally find games within seconds instead of waiting 10 minutes to get 3 minutes of gameplay due to either a genrush, or bad teammates and get killed quickly or camped a…
  • I stopped playing for multiple weeks, played again today and remembered why i stopped playing. Even the challenges aren't worth playing, just feels like a waste of 10 bucks. I will try again in a couple of months i think.
  • Noed and Ruin, i would like to see killers adapt a playstyle of their own instead of relying on stupid perks like those 2. For survivors anything which will get used in a toxic way like object of obsession now in swf teams and i would like self care…
  • I hate how nobody reads what i'm talking about and think i mean slugging in general, while it clearly says i'm talking about a slug-only killer who slugs untill everyone is down from the start of the game. Next time, read the post before you blabber…
  • (Quote) Lol downing multiple people with a chainsaw is not slugging. Leaving people on the ground to look for other people for no reason is toxic slugging for garbage killers
  • (Quote) Lol i'm not talking about slugging in general. I literally said i get why people slug sometimes. I'm talking about people who slug from the start, and keeps on slugging untill everyone is downed. With perks like knock out, infectious fright …
  • (Quote) When survivors do something = Unbalanced. When killers do something = Tactics, Super Skill, Omg so pro
  • Legion should have been deleted from the game straight after release. Legion needs a complete makeover, not changes in certain perks or changes in movement speed and mend timing and stuff. Just a complete rework, that's the only thing that can fix l…
  • (Quote) Tru3 is a whiny pile of trash. He makes alot of mistakes and blames it on the game afterwards, i don't get how people can watch him complain about everything for hours every stream. Constantly blabbing about the "power role" and st…
  • (Quote) Nurse got nerfed to much, spirit didn't really get nerfed, just got balance changes because some of her builds were just broken. It's just that people like to forget about how incredibly survivor sided this game was, and how it is now. Playi…
  • (Quote) I already came back on my comment to say it's not the same. But it's both cheap & dirty and no fun. So i meant it was like that in the same sentence.
  • (Quote) Lol, everything gets nerfed for survivors. Now instaheals, when people have been calling out to the devs to change mori's since forever. MoM was nerfed so hard that nobody uses it anymore. Don't act like the devs are not killer sided because…
  • I know killers prefer an easy 4k instead of learning how to play without dirty, cheap "tactics". And i expected people to try to explain why it should be in the game ( so far i only hear it's because it's simply in the game so that's reaso…
  • (Quote) I literally said i get why people slug sometimes. Slugging for the 4k is a bit try hard for me, whoever gets the hatch first, wins. Whenever i play killer i only want the 4k very bad when the survivors misbehave in my opinion. But i still ge…
  • (Quote) Yes, picking each other up the whole game untill the bleed out timers go down, what a fantastic gaming experience.
  • (Quote) Except hey there buddy, all the infinites are almost gone, all the windows are getting closes. While killers get slug perks, literally. Also looping, and slugging is completely different.
  • (Quote) You can smack someone, he will run away. Of course you slug when someone is in a pallet or people have flashlights, so you think twice about picking someone up. I'm talking about pure sluggers who slug from the first down, untill the last on…
  • (Quote) Like i said, turning it around to complain about survivors, there's always 1 (or more). You can only get hooked 2 times where you do nothing (you're dead on 3rd hook of course) and that is not a long time. Lying on the ground however takes 4…
  • Slugging is not the same as speedhacking, of course hacking is worse. I'm just saying that it's generally speaking a cheap and dirty way to play.
  • (Quote) With that logic, i have every right to speedhack because of my right to escape.
  • (Quote) 1 bp for every step you take, gotta do some cardio.
  • I love running Tenacity, Unbreakable, Flip Flop and DS or Boil Over. Especially when the killer chases some survivors away or breaks a pallet and completely loses where you are 😁 or he picks you up with confidence and you either wiggle off or DS him.
  • I hope they make doctor fun to play against. I never enjoy playing vs doctor so i want to see a major change to his power.
  • That's what you get when you give killer mains a platform to whine on. :)
  • Killers are more whiny than survivors, change my mind ( which is impossible )
  • (Quote) I know right? Why have 100 killers & survivors when you can't even play them smoothly? Preformance of the gane should be top priority, i'm 100% sure if they skipped a chapter and optimized the game, no one would complain.
  • I've always played without Ruin and always will play without it. When i play survivor it's always the same *sigh* ruin again. It's just annoying. So why would i use something that i find annoying to play against? Besides there are perks which help y…
  • Killer mains forget that this game is quite easy to play when you have more than 3 braincells. It's poor choices which is the cause of them losing, just like i sometimes make poor choices and get caught/killed. But killer mains want the game to be a…
  • Camping is a great strategy for bad killers to secure a kill. Nuff said.