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  • Gen rush is when gens get done fast. Simple. Most killer mains like to blame the survivors. I play killer and it's not their fault, for doing the only thing they're supposed to. It's just when by the time you've gotten like 1 hook.. multiple gens are already done. I play legion and hag, and it sucks by the time I get…
  • This post is filled with so much can tell he made this post after survivors escaped his and t-bagged at the exit lol. This is the kind of ignorant, head in your ass attitude that makes this game terrible
  • Would you look at that survivors are also toxic to other survivors. That's a terrible idea for a perk.
  • I don't think gens are a problem. I believe the gates are a problem. If you've ever played White Noise 2. After all the tapes are found there's a final stand between the killer and survivors where survivors have to cleanse totems to win the game. I think if you double or even triple the gate times, with a secondary…
  • I'm a survivor main, with maybe like 50 level combined between all my killers 40 of them being on legion. I RAGE at other survivors when I play solo, rescuing me as soon as I get hooked and the killer is nearby..or running past me knowing I'm there while being chased. I want to start playing killer more, but I get hate…
  • I didn't fall for anything. I was already on the forums discussing DbD. Someone gave a ######### idea and I said what I wanted. Simple
  • Play evolve...not an insult or anything..but imo Evolve is the best 4v1 game out there. Not many players right now, but it's alot more fun than doing gens lol
  • This is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard. Playing survivor is the easiest thing ever. Brain dead loops ..infinites..flashlight. it's easy. I main survivor. My highest level killer is a lvl 30 legion and a level 13 hag. Changing the lunge would make the game MUCH easier. Dodging a Billy chainsaw is comical and fun to…