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  • (Quote) A skill check come every 3sec, success any 3 skill check guarantee an escape (or 2 skill check in a row). With Green stone, any 5 skill check (or 3 skill check in a row). Skill check is as hard as DS. Skill check zone affected by Unnerving p…
  • I also had a match last night vs Ghost. He had Devour hope & Red mori There was Brown,Purple,Red, Im Green. And perks I used were just about Chest finding, no 2nd chance. Recently mmr is a mix for high & low rank. Why try so hard.
  • New survivor perk: when u fail a skillcheck on Gen, all Gen are blocked for 30sec Is ur idea similar to this?
  • (Quote) Not able to run to hook save is a valid reason though @bjorksnas In game: Killer is 15% faster than Survivor, at Bloodlust 3 will be 30% faster. My idea: Killer is 10% faster than Survivor, at Fatigue status will be 20% faster My idea is S…
  • @SenzuDuck Read it again, Survivors start with 105 speed (10 speed less than killer instead of 15), after 20sec running, Survivor speed dropped too 100 (15 speed less than killer instead of 20 for bloodlust 1) I math-ed before writing this
  • (Quote) Its far from reverse bloodlust. Once hit, killers lose bloodlust. Or they can transfer bloodlust and chase another survivor. This Stamina system, the more u run, if u got into chase, it would be like Killer already have Bloodlust because ur …
  • Just image... Brutal strength has 30sec cool down after each kick Agitation has 120sec cool down after each hook Endurance has 60sec cool down after each stun Bond has 60sec cool down after 5sec team mate reveal Selfcare has 180sec cool down after f…
  • @just_teme I didnt mean hiding the whole game. Only before the switch is turned on "stage" before Gen can be fixing. Its the same as end game stage where Survivors have to rush and escape, as the opposite. @VSchmitt Survivors can not repai…
  • (Quote) As a Trapper main, ur idea is over buffed. Start with all traps => easy 3 Gen setup. And its easy to win the game.
  • (Quote) U will see me around through those images.
  • I was the Shape in Haddon, a Gen done in the basement of a house with small garage. I stood there the whole time and that survivor didnt look up while walk upstair. Im sure that scared him. (Image)
  • (Quote) Unexpected is the key to make scare. While survivors can hear Killer coming at 32m. Killer doesnt know where survivors are. This rule makes the Shape scratched mirror the most fun game for Survivors
  • Bloody coil & Purple coil are already great combo to defend the gates (takes alot of time to disarm + injure them).
  • Many perks are limited by 2 factor: token & cooldown. My idea is: Autodidact starts with 0 token & 120/105/90sec cooldown. Each successful great skill check gain 1 token 1 token: you complete 30% health bar if cooldown is done 2 tokens: you …
  • Because other maps (especially Trapper, Wraith, Billy) have different key construction to each realm. Which is why their map also come with a little name telling the construct (Image) Some maps have less variations (2) like the Hag: Backwater swamp …
  • Bubba: ekkk ekk errk eerke erkrke erkkrerk erkkk errrk the entire chain saw swing. Its ok Billy: ..................urrrrrghhh........................................................................................ Its annoying
  • (Image)
  • Now please make a new thread about How to success at game developing (steps include) Please also tell how much you're willing to pay an employee per hour.
  • Its strange, last week I got pack of survivors tbag clickclick me at the gate before leaving. Just to see post game they're all 4 Red vs me Green as a new Plag. with barely any good perk with Tier1 Then one of them said: sorry I know one of them fee…
  • I even think about giving new players 18000 shards so they able to buy 2 original characters as their choice. In return lock out Huntress & David.
  • Thing is, best 2nd chance perks new players have is Andrenaline & Deadhard, and it requires a ton of time to able to combine both of them in a build. Consider that a survivor take 6 hits to die (on 3 hooks), with 4 2nd chance perks can extend it…
  • Last night I had a few games as Demo, I noted how bad Survivors were (like down in 15sec). So I double hook each and then just down and leave to find another target. Like geez, the game kept going for half an hour and they couldnt finish 2 last Gen.…
  • Talk in simple: you can open Exit gate if EGC doesnt start yet
  • Killer could be a player who was Red rank but didnt play for a long time (requires 5months at best from Red drop to Brown) I was Purple Survivor and didnt play for a year, Rank17 and still have better BP than Green ranks, or even Purple.
  • U guys Red killer and face 4 Brown survivors? I was Green Killer and face 4 Red/Purple survivors now Im Yellow. What kind of luck I have here?
  • @PrincessPoop except steal other's item from Franklin and not willing to give back. I find other isnt a bad thing. Chest, hook, totems, who find first, they have the right to get it. If u already have 2 hook and in chase, its totally ok to get Kille…
  • A: u sounds like rank12 B: me rank 3 though A: meh, rank doesnt matter Ha.
  • I confirm MM that fixed to certain Killer works As rank10 Trapper, I mostly face 4 red rank But I just bought Stranger things, when play as Demo, I only face 4 Purple rank. And now I dropped to rank13
  • Wrong, the only point he will not get is hook section. Other 3 point section, Killer can keep toying with other 3 to gain full points, which is assure a pip.