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  • To prevent stalemates. Camping at endgame is totally fine and to be expected, since the killer has no other objective anymore. So when a bubba camps a hook at end game to secure the kill, he won't leave the hook, no matter how long the timer is extended. About the "accept lose", why should a killer give you a free unhook…
  • It's not so unlikely, imo. All you need is a farming match where one survivor does not want to play along. Suddendly that player is the nemesis of both survivors and killers, and they may grief him for not playing along. I've seen a streamer not playing along with the farming, and being constantly downed by the killer and…
  • I can chery picks underwhelming perks of recent killers as well: Hysteria (Nemesis), Grim Embrace (Artist), Dissolation & Septic Touch (both Dredge) These are also hard to activate or to get any use out of them. With Septic Touch for example, it's hard to even measure if it's doing anything. So it's not just a survivors…
  • Maybe it's better/easier to base the survivor detection on the killer actions: When the killer did not get any scoring events for 2 minutes per alive survivor, the remaining survivors are revealed by killer instinct, until a survivor is found / injured / downed. Does not work with one survivor left (just close the hatch…
  • I had another idea changing the idle crows a few months ago. Currently you get idle crows when standing still, but we all now you can be doing nothing by running in circles etc. So the crows spawn rules could be changed, that they will spawn when a survivor did neither do a channeling action (everything with a progress…
  • Too map dependant for my taste. You can get maps where it's super effective, and maps where it does not help you at all. So I might run it for Huntress and Trickster, which have to interact with a locker, and maybe Dredge bc he can use the info instantly. But not really for other killers. It's not trash, it can be really…
  • It may be a slight disadvantage compared to regular skins, but calling that "pay-to-lose" is a little overdramatic.
  • Esp. when you think about that a sizeable chunk of the "usable" killer perks (usable perks -> the ones not being total trash / meme) could all be described as slowdown perks (not necessarily direct gen slowdown -> Sloppy). It can be hard to find perks worth running when actively avoiding gen defense, I know it is, I tried.
  • Of this 10 games the Jake lost, how many were lost bc someother DC'ed or gave up on the hook? Bc when Jake does that now, he's dooming the other three survivors as well! When you say it is cool for Jake to DC, you also say it is cool for the remaining ones to have a miserable game after that. Games being harder bc killers…
  • Like I said, in my lobbies playing killer, there (currently) is still a wide variaty of perks used. SB sure is used more, but that to be expected when DH was nerfed hard. But I wouldn't say it's more prove than before. And OTR is used sure, but not universally by all survs as well. You could say I'm probl. not high enough…
  • With killers, ruin is pretty much non-existant now, which is a big plus in my book. To often the killers I faced had got tier ruin totem nowhere to be found, when I usually had it cleansed right at the start of the match. Tinkerer as well, I had one bubba so far with it, but thats about it. Pop also pretty rare, so when a…
  • Generally speaking you are right. But with jolt, you have to be in the TR to proc it. So there's a good chance the killer might check nearby gens and shy you away, which will trigger merciless storm blocking the gen. If you stayed at the gen to begin with. So I would say, it's far more unlikely to get into the situation…
  • For me, whenever I try that as wraith the survivors still somehow glitch through *shrug*
  • Sure, but what has that to do with the thana nerf?
  • Guess what? Even if they had left Thana as it was without changing anything, it would have proven problematic with all the other changes from patch 6.1: Gens now taking 90s is a buff to thana and ANY slowdown combos. Stacking with other buffed perks (Gift of pain) without any max threshold. Chases being faster gives you…
  • With "crazy plays", you mean DH for distance? Running towards the killer? DH on the spot? Bc. why should the killer hit you when you are immobile standing before him, thats just ridiculous! /s But you know the most crazy thing? You can STILL do that with new DH (apart form DH for distance, of course), just time it well!
  • What is winning for you? A 4k, getting much BP, feeling powerful, having fun? I played Pinhead yesterday, using the addon to see my box, so i wasted much time just getting it to activate it's effect. Consequently I only got 5 hooks and all survivors escaped. Although having fun with it, I was a little down that I performed…
  • I second both caps. A slowdown of 30% is already pretty punshing, not need to have more. And (solo) heals in min. 8 seconds sounds reasonable as well.
  • But at least I get SOME return with them. Other (common) offerings are even more useless (luck, basement, fog). Sure it would be better to not have to buy them at all. But if I have to buy some of the lesser offerings, I pick BP ^^.
  • Sure, but know after the prestige rework devs have acknowledged it's an issue. So maybe they would go a step further, who knows. I don't want the offerings removed, just bc I'm certain BHVR won't do that. Thats why I thought of another way to get them (aka a shop). If that was already suggested somewhere, I didn't know,…
  • Don't forget about that basement offerings xD. I can see the reason for hatch offerings, but never use them myself. Equipping them together with a key (moste senseful thing to do, since the killer will close it before you like 95% of the time) might just get you camped. I used both for getting a challenge done some months…
  • I like to take BP offerings with me, even the brown ones. But thats more out of habit and bc I have them to spent. Would gladly live without them ^^.
  • Yeah, map offerings could be problematic. Thats why I mentioned them together with a cooldown / purchase limit. Or, we could just have variable offering prices based on demand. The more an offering is bought, the more expensive it gets. So it will limit itself.
  • Maybe they thought you were hacking. SInce mad grit is used so rarely, when first seeing it in action one could assume so if they don't know about the perk. You wouldn't be the first one being reported for using Mad Grit and swinging like a maniac while carrying someone xD.
  • No need to calculate anything. Just comparing the values shows thats its less slowdown in all possible situations ^^. So if you want to know if its worse know than before, its a plain simple "yes".
  • Stridor is more or less a Spirit perk, so *shrug*
  • Why not just reduce the cooldown? For me thats the most hindering aspect of the perk.
  • Forum members complaining day-in, day-out that BHVR does not care and never hears to player feedback. BHVR actually responding to such a feedback in a timely fashion for once -> "Devs are doing kneejerk reactions" ~ DBD Forums in a nutshel
  • Not saying that the new synergy totally compensates for the loss of the 15 seconds. Just that it's an alternative to consider now. And I really don't understand why pop is so rarely used now, esp when other gen kick perks are used as well. When the gens are nearly finished, the time when you need it most, pop is as…