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  • #PutTrapperInSpeedo But he needs to be tweaked to be better. ...And no, not that kind of tweaking!
  • People got pissed that the event was delayed due to bugs just a few days ago. Now people are pissed there's bugs but the event launched.
  • Well heck. D:
  • Nono. I wish explosive diarrhea on them while stuck in traffic, and frequent sneezes.
  • Oh, you did not know? Survivors can DC against every Killer if they just feel like it, according to the DCer scrublords on these forums. Oh yeah, and Killers can never DC. Not even against a 4-man SWF running 4 second chance perks each plus 2 purple toolboxes and 2 medkits with insta-heals. Gotta let the Survivors bully…
  • What the hell else can they give you besides BP? Actual money? If PLAYING THE GAME is not incentive enough to play the game and earn BP, then stop playing and go away.
  • Oh good. So you admit that you ruin the game for other people. Congrats on being part of the problem, please grow up or stop playing.
  • Here's where your wrong: Any game says '<Company> reserves the right to remove your access for any reason, at any time.' No one has a 'legal right' to play a game. I laughed at all the script-kiddy scrublords who cried about this in the first Overwatch banwave. What this means: If you're toxic, they can remove you. No, you…
  • Sort of? I think your account rank should be determined by your individual rank with each Killer. This way, when you play a new Killer, you don't go against Rank 5 Survivors running 4 T3 Perks, but you also don't face newbies with 1 perk. Or hell; have Killer Level play into it, so if you only have 2 perk slots unlocked,…
  • Yeah but they just give pips, which then determine your ranking. The pips are a bad idea because they over-simplify the results. It's hard to explain but the current system is basically too simple for what it does, and makes it nearly impossible to enjoy a new Killer/Survivor when one comes out.
  • You can't elimitate lagswitching. It's not possible. The game needs input from every player's computer to know that that player is doing. Lagswitching delays that information for a few moments (not long enough to be disconnected). It's not possible for a game or program to prevent what is, literally, manually induced lag.
  • How dare Killers get points! I mean, they have to depend on finding survivors, chasing Survivors, hitting Survivors, hooking Survivors, and hoping to the Entity those Survivors don't DC or just suicide on first hook. But how dare Killers actually get bloodpoints! This is a Survivor-only game! :P
  • It's called 'Sportsmanship'. Your teammates are counting on you (the 'you being the hypothetical player) to not disconnect, since you logged into the match and all. But considering the sheer number of people on this forum who defend disconnecting, it's clear no one cares about anyone but themselves these days.
  • Survivors: Why are Killers so entitled!? Also Survivors: If I go up against a Nurse/Freddy/Doctor/Mori/I THINK it's a mori/Get hit in the first minute/am about to be hooked/NoED procs; I disconnect. if I'm not having fun, why should I stay? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 And yes; it's not all Survivors. And Killers can be entitled, too. It's…
  • How adorable: DCing Survivors think they're dominant.
  • People DC because they have their heads up their bums & assume only their fun matters, so screw everyone else, they're gonna leave no matter what. Sportsmanship is dead, long live selfish a-holes.
  • So basically 'Sometimes DCing is legit, so allow 90% of the people to abuse the system to screw over players' and 'People will always be jerks, so stop punishing the jerks'? Those are really terrible arguments and if the devs did that, the game would turn into a horrible, rage-filled gameplay loop where 1 DC ruins the…
  • This is why I like this game, and the Devs thereof: They communicate. They also give you a bit of insight into the behind-the-scenes workings so we understand what's going on.
  • ' if you don't complete all gens then this perk (Adren) is useless and you waste a perk slot' If Survivors don't complete all gens then NoED is useless and you waste a perk slot, too. Huh. 🤔 Also; Killers can't prevent NoED from ever coming into play if the endgame is hit. Survivors CAN prevent NoED from ever coming into…
  • 😂 'How dare encouraging people to unhook other players be rewarded with more points! Let me be selfish!'
  • I'd rather wait a little longer & get a full game where people don't cry like babies & DC, instead of load into each gas fast, only have half the team deny me BP by disconnecting every match. So sure; ban the habitual DCers. The game will be healthier with a more mature player base.
  • What's questionable about his lunge? It's the same lunge every Killer has. It only looks different because he has a smaller model & a smaller weapon, but he's hitting the same lunge distance every Killer hits.
  • Dedicated servers will be better than P2P connections. P2P: The host is the server. You're at the host's mercy. Anything he does takes priority, since he's the host and therefor at ground zero of the server. Servers: Everyone has to connect. All data is sent to the server, then sent back to every PC connection. While…
  • It's literally the only good response. It would be like saying 'Just do generators' is an old reply to 'I can't win as Survivor because all I do is run around & then die'; or 'I'm slowly growing weaker IRL because I don't eat' and someone says 'Just eat something'. It's the actual solution to the problem presented. What…
  • Freddy is nowhere near OP. You also make it sound like he can set Snares AND Pallets at the same time; he can only do one or the other.
  • I say 'I'll say it again' because if I don't, I get people who say 'You said that before' right after they reply to what I said while ignoring part of my argument. It was not a sly jab; it was me reiterating what I said because you continued to argue that W.Ward should counter Franklin's in spite of all the problems it…
  • Dude, chill. I did not give you an attitude. I discussed my view on your idea, the downsides of your idea, and backed it up with facts. If someone disagreeing with you gets your hackles up, maybe you should not post your ideas on a public forum? I mean, people have every right to post their views on your idea when you post…
  • So then you drop your item and run away, and a Survivor sees that item. They are now trying to pick up your item. They are not getting a prompt, so they keep moving around & trying to pick it up, and get caught because they thought the game was bugged. This is what White Ward says: '"Burning this Offering grants you…
  • Except, if W.Ward worked on dropped items, what happens if you drop/get Franklen's(d), someone picks it up, and you die while they escape? Do you keep your item AND they keep it? (Could be abused to duplicate items) Does it take it from them? (Unfair for them) Do you lose it because they took it? (Unfair for you) So W.Ward…