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  • Look, my billy game is already strong enough that I didn't need ruin. I didn't run ruin so I could play a fast mobile killer, I ran it for the exact opposite reason.
  • Getting shocked has almost always interrupted actions. Intentionally so.
  • Wait, its the killers fault that SURVIVORS choose to DC for bringing in an add-on that the DEVS put into the game? Even if I agree with you, your logic is so nonsensical that I cant help but be argumentative. It doesn't get more comical than this.
  • Blood warden should just queue up if the killer hooks someone before the gates are open but while they're powered and then activate after they've been opened.
  • Mindbreaker and Blood Echo. Now that's a perk completely to truly (not) be reckoned with.
  • To answer the last question, assuming you're still playing the game, you would. You would spend your free time on that.
  • Although I highly agree with plague, I have to throw in my personal bid for Oni since I love the Oni. His perks are absolute garbage but his power is fun. Plus he's going to get some camera fixes to actually make demon dash work.
  • NOED isn't a new addition to the game. If you still haven't learned to do bones, you're still the one being coddled.
  • If you're insidious camping you'd be enjoying the game with 0 bloodpoints, because you're playing for kills and not bloodpoints. Enjoy being dead.
  • Honestly I think I'm ready to bury the hatchet. I'm sure a lot of people would stay if there were some solution. But I think it wouldn't make a huge difference for a lot of people. The ruin change isn't a mountain that's crushing killers. For a lot of people, its just the straw that breaks the camals back, or the final…
    in My Hope Comment by Cetren January 2020
  • Doesn't matter. They haven't done anything about the current gen speeds. Ideally a change to the most popular perk for slowing down the game would come with... You know... A less frustrating way to slow down the game. But it didn't. About half of my friends list is putting down dbd for good. We're talking people with…
    in My Hope Comment by Cetren January 2020
  • Right, thats why the killer is the strongest once the exit gates are powered, because there's only TWO things to patrol right? Get real.
  • Assuming you're playing solo I would roll with DS, Kindred, SC, BT.
  • I can be happy with a 2k if it was a fun game for both sides. Unfortunately, that needs to involve a lot of chases, less loops, and more time to actually play and enjoy the game, which just doesn't happen with how the game is set up right now.
  • I run -Brutal Strength - Pop -BBQ -Ruin It's kind of a standard build and if you really want to use your demon fury to chain downs you can swap pop for Infectious Fright. Brutal Strength is an amazing perk on him. Pallets are the mortal enemy of the Oni, both before he has demon fury and after he activates it. You need to…
  • You'll just have to wait and see. If I were you I'd hedge up in Oni because even with a bad camera he's stronger than demo. But if you really wanma wait until its fixed you'll just have to wait for the patch.
  • Did the clown get more than two kills though? Because if thats the case then the clown is overperforming from the 2k ratio and doesn't need buffs.
  • Buddy. Its 8 seconds. 8. Seconds. You can count to 8 in your head. Hell, it probably took you longer than 8 seconds to read through my original comment with thanatophobia slowing down your reading speed too.
  • I don't understand this "his skillfloor is too high" mentality. His power is basic. Its easy to understand, and its easy to use. Its also easy to play against and easy to lose with considering how bad it is. Shred can shut down the shack tile pretty well, but other than a few of the tighter maps, all you'll really be doing…
  • You aren't going to get banned. The ghostface was just salty. Even if he reported you in game, in game reports don't do anything. Just keep playing as normally.
    in Help Comment by Cetren January 2020
  • I 100% agree with Nea. I hate Nea's with a fiery passion borrowed from hell. They're the worst kinds of players, every time, regardless of whether you measure by skill, or toxicity. They're the worst kinds of players. Oh and I dislike Fengs and Claudettes too. Other than that everyone is fine. 😊
  • I actually like this idea. A lot. Everyone could feel so satisfied that they made this player know he was a big bad meanie and they're gonna make sure everyone who sees his disapproval rating knows it. And then it does nothing.
  • I like it on Billy. Being able to have a few extra meters means less time to run to the nearest pallet if I'm zooming towards them. It also means there's less of a chance of BT popping if a quick unhook happens as I'm zooming away.
  • I wouldn't deny a save based on name alone. But I have left some teammates on the hook to rot because the time I spent on a gen was more helpful than them being off the hook could ever be.
  • You lost any hope of even logical argument when you said thanatophobia was OP.
  • During the evening everyone comes home from work and school to play with their friends.
  • Doctor could be anyone with a doctorate degree. I always imagined him as more of a scientist who studied Neurotherapy. I think your definition of doctor is just too tight.
  • Its a pretty good perk. Best use I've found is when running with a squad. 1 of your 16 perk slots guarantees you split the map as efficiently as possible every single game. Its not bad.
  • If I do put it on I usually do it more to annoy people and eventually destroy their items since I can't count on them draining every charge from it. So I let Franklin's drain the last charge for them. I always tend to put it on if there's no items in the lobby because thats when the chest searching builds come out to play.
  • Just run around a rock when he activates his power. Same as LF when he was first released.