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  • I actually think it's balanced this way, unless the huntress is god tier, you can easily juke a hatchet and that's it, it's a 110% killer (or a 115% with that other iri addon). Still, your idea about the iri button might be even stronger than how it is now, depending on the distance. it's not hard or uncommon for a good…
  • I main Doc, and this is why I never use the Iri king or queen. I just find them so sweaty and in general I see them on bad Doctors that don't know how to counter the loops. If you're good with a killer, you don't need the iri addons to sweat, you don't even need addons in general, but just not to handicap yourself you just…
  • I mean, the fact that I play the killer a lot is clearly better than "I'll admit, I don't play spirit". Just leave the thread mate, you're just embarrassing yourself with your proud ignorance.
  • I find it funny that you both don't play spirit, and you seem to be right somehow. Spirit is the 5th killer I play the most, and I stopped using that addon because people were DCing and I was even called a hacker once. It's disgusting. And for me it was just so easy it was boring, I had to farm or let the last survivors go…
  • I'm glad someone with a Spirit profile pic can agree that the MDS+DCB is insanely strong. You just hit a survivor, phase and it's almost guarranteed to be found, and even if they make it to a pallet, you can use MDR to quickly go around and find them.
  • I'll edit that for you, just copy/pasted incorrectly, it wasn't my intention. Still, it's not that scratch marks disappear, it's that NEW scratch marks are no longer visible, you still see residual scratchmarks which give you a rough idea of where they're going, and paired with mother-daughter ring you don't need them…
  • Are you actually suggesting to add a third addon just for spirit and just to fit your argument??? So Spirit will be the only one in the game with 3 iri addons because you said so? Man, that's a stretch. The addon should be reworked, period. The devs have already reworked strong addons without the need to change the…
  • Hmmm... yes? Why? you didn't know that? The amount for each rarity is fixed for all killers, there can only be two iri addons and 4 very rare (and I don't remember the amount of the rest of the rarities) I don't think you're thinking this through before just spamming answers from the top of your head. Just give it a…
  • There can only be two iri.
  • Well, there are a couple of flaws in your argument. First, it's not Iridescent, it's very rare. Second of all, 4 mt is A LOT, it's an 8 mt circle around the Spirit, but she doesn't have only that, she also has scratchmarks and footsteps and moaning sounds. So she roughly follows where you are, and for the last mts she can…
  • I understand the Iron will argument, but that's another discussion, you can't justify this addon because Iron Will exists, since this addon works even if you're healthy, and with non Iron Will users. We could argue that the addon could be reworked to increase moaning sounds a bit (like 20%), that way it could counter Iron…
  • A crumbling, dried cherry flower. Once the symbol of mortality. Killer Instinct is triggered whenever Survivors come within 4 metres of The Spirit during a Phase-Walk. Scratch Marks are no longer visible during a Phase-Walk. Basically, if you're 4 meters from a survivor while phasing, the game will tell you "Here they are!"
  • Thanks for your input. Useless, because you never actually made an argument for the addon, but thanks anyway, have a great day.
  • The good thing is that you're actually proving my point. You agree the addon is powerful, and you think the only reason it should not be removed/reworked is because "survivors complain". Your argument is more like a strawman fallacy, instead of talking about the balance of the addon you divert the discussion towards…
  • Don't make this an "us vs them" post, it's not about that, I play 50/50 (based on your name only you feel like a killer main so probably your opinion is bias). It's not that it's strong, it's straight unbalanced and it removes all her counterplay. It's like having an addon for nurse that will help you blink exactly where…
  • In fact, you only have to search IN THIS FORUMS "Dried Cherry Blossom", you'll find a lot of people saying Mother Daughter Ring and Dried Cherry Blossom are an insane/great/broken combo. And it's true, it's too strong, you can't hide, you can't juke, you can do nothing about it. It's not only the fact that it's definitely…
  • Guys, the challenge is not bugged anymore, thanks to @ajsTV for letting me know. I just completed it with scratched mirror myers on lery's and beast of prey (+ruin + undying + sloppy butcher).
  • Thanks!!! I completed the challenge with scratched mirror myers.
  • That's literally the abuse. To soak a hit. It's like the old Mettle of Man.
  • Fun. https://www.reddit.com/r/deadbydaylight/comments/rcsmd6/getting_into_a_snowman_and_getting_hit_removes/
  • For survivors to mess around with. Yes.
  • So you're now telling me how should I play the game too? First you tell us what's fun and what isn't and they you tell us we should play the game in a non serious manner because it's holidays (which probably mean a lot to you but I couldn't give a f)? Man, you're entitled AF. I celebrate holidays with my family and…
  • It's so sad to read how confidently you're wrong. If it was "funny" for you, good for you mate, but read the comments, it's not fun for everyone. And I've seen nobody justifying it, they just say "omg, why you complain", "omg, it's fun", "omg, if you don't like it play something else". Nobody is justifying why "they nailed…
  • Fun for who???? double U T F???? I just had a game as hag and they were entering snowmen left and right, I think I got a guy entering 2 times in the same chase. It was not FUN, it was FRUSTRATING, all this while gens kept flying by. Have you even played killer in this event? it feels like you're some sort of entitled…
  • "fun event" for survivors I guess. Amazing...
  • Well, that's what I mean, If I'm chasing a guy that's like 8 mt from me they jump in and I can't do anything about it. It's like a free BT without the need to mend.
  • Ah shoot... I was playing legion and I was still stuck at 62/100. Thanks for posting this, I didn't know if I was doing something wrong.
  • I guess we learnt the lesson, always do challenges when the rift opens. Once it leaves the general public's attention is no longer priority.
  • Nah, it's still bugged. But the ticket is in status "Acknowledged" so I guess they'll be fixing this in next patches.
  • Nope, I tried yesterday with a scratched mirror myers, it's still bugged.