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  • Yep. Let me just hop in a locker during an active chase when I may or may not have quick and quiet. Awesome advice.
  • Ok tell us the counters.
  • If you say anything bad about killers in here they will swarm you like bees. It's pretty much ran by them and it's sad.
  • Oh stfu, as if killers don't complain and yes he IS op now. No ability to vault, throw down a pallet or use in any kind of perk when your in a chase with someone that can zap your brain away is the definition of op. Let me guess - "jUsT uSe cAl…
  • I didn't ask you one example for anything so obviously you misread what I wrote. I said PROVE the devs favor survivor and you proceeded to "make your point" by going with the most recent update that's being released while I gave you severa…
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 21
  • YOU brought it up to begin with guy. The game is designed to be asymmetrically 1 vs 4 so that does NOT mean the game was designed to be in survivors favor when more than half of them die a lot of games, at the lower rank. Once again, the game is not…
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • *Misworded but ok.
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • So the devs have stated that they favor the survivors? Please prove it because I'm not going to agree with you. You bring up the 4 to 1 ratio while neglecting the fact that not all players play at the same skill level and not every game is a swf gro…
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • It is an opinion and I don't feel like arguing with argumentive people about this because that wasn't the original point of my post. FYI, a 4 to 1 ratio is the only way to get into a game....
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • Because I wanted to and haven't experienced this on PC yet? Either way that's not the topic at hand.
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • That's your opinion but ok. Let bygones be bygones.
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • I'm just saying it gets old and makes me want to leave the game all together. I play with new and repeated killers at red ranks so I get what you're saying. I've played the PC version and had a good experience on there with them, but I really wish t…
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • I could argue that it favors killers but then we'd be going back and forth all day. I'm not blaming killers when the game is made by developers. Let's try to keep it civil 🙂
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • If you're going to answer with a question as if this is personal then why answer at all?
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • Who said I'm blaming killers? Just wanna know why it's considered fair, on killer side, when it happens so often. So it's perfectly ok for survivors to have extremely long que times just because a killer doesn't like a certain item or sees swf?
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • This is before the game starts and the killer sees a swf or a certain item they don't like which, in turn, makes us wait forever to get into a game. Legitimately having one game an hour in some cases. Doesn't seem fair is what I'm saying.
    in Why. Comment by DBDIT January 20
  • Sounds like you just want to be validated. It's always nice to get messages from killer saying they're going to kill your kid because let's be honest, this game brings out the worst in people :)
  • I just don't wanna lose my flashlight after getting a save and surviving. I think that's more than fair.
  • Dead by daylight and "balance" is starting to seem like an oxymoron at this point. One minute survivors are pleased and the next killers are pleased. I honestly don't know what you're expecting at this point, but just assume it isn't going…
  • They could apply some kind of effect like Corrupt Intervention to it for a certain amount of time. Like a mini CI on the Ruin totem.
  • So before the changes they were catering to killers by your logic? Lol
  • True story 💯
  • To be completely honest and you can disagree or not, but I don't think this game will ever truly find a balance that is both fair to survivors and killers and the game's track record proves that. At the end of the day, BHVR needs to put its foot dow…
  • This. Yea the killer mains needed this nerf to their ego's as well, but PopGTW is about to be the new OP perk because I'm willing to bet killers still won't go around kicking gens because it's "too hard" for them.
  • You should play the other side so you can experience toxic killers too. It's not just one side so, in essence, that is the balance.
  • It's just lost its initial luster for me and I've been playing since 2017, but I know a few people who've gotten it post end game (arguably between its best and worst) that have fun with it and more power to them, but I honestly don't see it getting…
  • That's not true. I've recently had several games when I bring an item and for some reason, I no longer have it after the game is over. Didn't deplete it, no FD, just randomly losing items, as if the devs want to punish you.
  • Yea idk what to tell you about that anymore. When it all falls down, the developers are 100% at fault and the game has been having CONSISTENT problems since its release back in 2016.....2016.
  • Maybe reduce it to the two, but double the blood points for each hit so it still feels like they're getting something out of it or else it'll still be slug city.