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  • They worked on it and you're assuming speed. When did they work on it then? When did they decide? They said david and Dwight shipping helped them choose how to handle david. They also said it's retroactive. So instead of assuming, they said they worked with someone on david. All of this adds up to probably within a year…
  • Retroactive, he wasn't gay, they made him gay recently. They also talk about how they collabed to write it retroactively to make it sound natural, but he was literallt just stamped to be gay. Nothing wrong with him being gay, I just think inclusion can be handled better than "they like this character and have ship art so…
  • Part of the issue with david king, is that in the q and a, they admitted it's done for speed, to make a character lgbtq as fast as possible plus the fan art. For everyone who says, wow, you don't know if they imagined him to be gay. No, they added that literally with the utmost speed to hurry in an lgbtq character onto…
  • tbh people can have wives, girlfriends, kids, and still be lgbtq.
  • Yes because the power role needs to prepare in this game due to balancing. If that wasn't apart of this then you wouldn't be able to see survivors like they can't see killer. Based off of the lobby itself. It's designed for killers to gather knowledge and for survivors to be in the dark. You're supposed to threaten and…
  • Yup, I run mostly altruism. Kindred, botany knowledge, empathetic connection, borrowed time
  • I hear you. When people switch to bring in medkits you can't switch to someone like plague.
  • I'm not saying that they can't drip feed. I don't care what sexuality characters are. I'll still play david king when I reinstall dbd (wasn't Uninstalled due to him). I'm saying they collabed with someone years later, chose someone people had a lot of fanfic of with dwight, and said here you go. They don't have to note…
  • People just want it to be threatened so they can listen, players who played for a while can see that the devs have been kind of not that good with pr for a while. As long as they could make money as a business, they didn't care. Some people just miss the times they took the time to address things and listen. They want dbd…
  • Like fan fiction is fine, but if someone officially made my gay or nonbinary character something other than that, I'd be pissed. Why did they betray Ray or Rose like that? That's just a me thing though as a writer.
  • I think most people are indifferent and just don't like things being slapped on. No matter what, dbd has painted themselves into a corner. This is tokenism no matter what. Hence, if they said they talked to gaymer about it it means they didn't plan on it from the beginning. Her comment means they made it up literally, and…
  • I doubt it was from the beginning. From most game stuff they can barely look ahead. Only thing predictable that they did look ahead to I think was blight. The issue is most writers across industries use the lazy token stamp for lgbtq characters. People will always complain. Yes. But dbd has a track record of being a bit…
  • Either way is lazy, even if one is likes better, just slapping on lgbtq on a character that fans fantasize about is lazy. It's difficult with tokenism because it's always about virtue signalling, even if someone likes it. I have characters that are lgbtq, and the focus isn't on their sexuality. So to see dbd with all their…
  • The issue with me is laziness. As a writer I think it's lazy to just slap LGBTQ on a character because there's lots of fan art. I don't care for sexuality to be noted, but if it needed to be, why didn't the devs make a new character? The anniversary character could've been lgbtq with their own chapter, lots of love. The…
  • The issue is the time lost for the power vs what killers can do to regain. It's simple, out a blessing cap with tokens or increase time of blessing as they rebless. The couple second circle of heal nerf isn't enough. There's gonna be other boons i'm sure that's gonna be strong when stacked, let's hit the mechanic as a…
  • I guess, but in practice it still does a lot. Blocks nurses, blocks bbq, etc. Most people don't use shadow step with quick and quiet. But when theyre used together it is an issue. Also shadow step persists after you leave the range for 4 seconds about, so it's not just the range. Blocking bbq by gens etc means killers have…
  • The stacking is being able to set multiple boons, same effect, infinitely. Or multiple effects on one. Stacking isn't simply on one spot, it's people setting many areas.
  • I agree, bu issue is resource use as when people nerf a perk other boons fill in. Survivors can pick a spot and use a boon infinitely and have multiple sets of the same boons. So I'm getting to the main core issues because even if circle is nerfed and speed is halved for example, it still grants a free medkit and goes off…
  • Quite strong, that typo lol
  • Right, but we still don't have voice...why? Lol I miss precosmetic bhvr
  • He needs some chain buffs but not too much. When nurse uses the blink aim she can get a hit. Not saying it should be a guaranteed but using two tough aiming mechanics shouldn't be more of a hindrrence or heavy coin flip.
  • Survivors can break chains in time for small loops due to being able to break multiple chains and chains can hit environment instead of survivor. Survivors can break multiple chains at once by pressing break and walking through environment. Like demo, som add ons need to be in basekit.
  • Pinhead still making game freeze, so I closed app on ps5. Got a penalty lol.
  • They might wanna be transparent about how swf effect sbmm. Or the potential of it to do so, if swf does better and climbs faster due to being more optimal, having more info, than Higher sbmm killer matches will be against swf
  • Just lik demo, when they added pallet break to shred. Some add ons should just be in the base kit for pinhead and rework the addons
  • Due to mmr, he's new so he'll be at a low mmr till people climb. Pinhead just dropped so pinhead mmr is low.
  • Yup, the point is to reduce ez sweeps
  • Sometimes you need the slow of a chain to catch a survivor but it hits your back and the survivor gets to make it
  • Is swf considered with mmr? Teams do better so I reckon teams and such will push up to higher mmr. So as people climb mmr,will they be more likely to play with teams? Not sure
  • The long lobby time as killers sucks. I was rank 1 killer and survivor, idk how that is in mmr or what mmr I'm in. But weight times for killer is ten plus minutes. Survivor it's much lower.