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  • The game should be based towards the killers favor. It's a HORROR game. Yet when I play survivor I feel no fear and know that I will most likely get out. And when I play killer I have to "try hard". (unless they're potatoes). You cant get away with killer by playing with bad perks. But as survivor, you can run NO perks and…
  • Nope. No counter. You're #########
  • Idk why you're so insistent on being wrong and making a fool of yourself. Maybe its just your thing to not understand this game and how its played. Maybe you're just trolling me? Who knows. But you STILL havent said if totem spawns are a problem or not. It's almost like you're ignoring the TOPIC of this discussion just so…
  • It's funny how you didnt answer yes or no. Hahaha predictable but whatever. And I also think it's funny you keep going back to my skill level saying I never win I'm a rank 20. You're just a troll kid. But I can look past that. Oh also, you keep saying that im the one who's angry cuz im writing "bibles". Hm....wonder what…
  • Ah there it is. I knew your response would something pathetic again. Well ill say it once more kid, you keep coming back to other people's gameplay as your root to this argument. You've never seen me play, I've never seen you play. I dont care how good or bad you are. That's not the topic. So stop flexing on your "supposed…
  • That sounds like bad gameplay on the killers part. And sorry you have to deal with games like that. But I disagree. If a killer can't see the totem, they have no defense for a perk that can help them win or lose. If a killer is camping a totem, than the strategy is to just leave and do gens. If a killer decides to camp it,…
  • Wow did I hit a nerve on you kid? Jesus calm down. Call me a rank 20 all you want but your little tantrum doesnt change how the game is played. You basically admit to wasting time by following the killer around. Aslo, changing the MAP is not nerfing survivors. Nerfing the survivor would mean that they run slower, or do…
  • You're wrong for a couple of reasons. First, in response to "following the killer around" that is SO much wasted time by a survivor not doing generators. Which is the point. And second, that's only IF the killer has a totem perk. Which the survivor wouldn't know. So scratch that off your bad idea list. Second, totems are…
  • I dont think that taking the time to scout a totem spot will take any more time than Walking around as a trapping killer would to set up your game. It's all about gameplay and strategy this way versus just "hoping" that your totem won't be destroyed within the first few seconds of the game. A good totem spot could…
  • A perk for a perk. Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.