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Yes! I posted this in another thread. I'm using Wraith with Sloppy Butcher, Deerstalker, Nurse's Calling, and switching between BBQ & Chilli or Bitter Murmur. 
  • I'm very excited by this. Already trying some new stuff with the Wraith and having a lot of fun. I'm running Deerstalker, Sloppy Butcher, Nurse's Calling, trying BBQ & Chilli or Bitter Murmur. Addons are All Seeing and Swift Hunt. Basically just dropping survivors and leaving them. No hooking until 2 are down. If you get…
  • I'm really floored by some of this. It's as stupid as a survivor saying they'll report you for walking because you caught them. Or reporting you for using a Mori. The killer is able to drop survivors so that they can drop survivors. Like how is this a thing?
  • I wonder how often killers are accused of camping when they're being tailed by survivors or trying to defend the hook when it's immediately rushed.
  • The Alien Invader from the movie It Came Without Warning. Egger's Mother from the movie The Final Terror. Ida Smith from the movie Motel Hell. Tallman from the movie Phantasm. These are all horror characters that are from somewhat obscure, older horror movies. I think 1975-1985 is really the sweet spot of the genre.
Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
  • Fact: Black bears are best 
  • I think I've finally started hitting my stride using the Doctor. I'm running him with Overwhelming Presence, Overcharge, Distressing, and then switching between Ruin and Pop Goes The Weasel. Ruin, which I've finally gotten, it's a mixed one. Either it persists all match and it's amazing or it gets destroyed right away. I…
  • I'll echo the sentiment - the lobby times really, really suck right now. It's taking about 45 minutes just to play 2 games. Pretty lengthy wait for survivors to join, you get three and everyone just waits on the last one to come in until eventually one or two drop out. Keep waiting. Keep waiting. One of the reasons I got…
  • What exactly is supposed to be the incentive for killers that have 4 survivors pop in that are all carrying items that you know are just going to lead to you getting your ass handed to you? If I see 2 of 4 survivors that are going to have me dealing with constant insta-heals why would I bother? Let alone that survivors can…
  • Valuable feedback from all. I'll have to experiment with some of these when I'm able. I've got it in my mind that there's got to be some benefit to a lot of visibility perks. Maybe the upcoming Bitter Murmur with NC with BBQ with Deer Stalker with All Seeing. I'd assume with Wraith's speed he'd be able to keep a lot of…
Think TydeTime mentioned if in a video. I think he said something along the lines of all killers are getting sped up a tiny bit since Tinkerer will no longer function the same. That's how I understood it, could be wrong. Edit* Here's the video, he starts talking about this around 8:30
With the Tinkerer perk rework coming though this could change I'd guess. Aren't all killers getting a baseline buff?
Yes, I absolutely believe he should have the ability to perform an attack while cloaked. Definitely not the ability to down a survivor no matter what. But that first strike, yeah. 
I'm so leery of Hex perks. I've got NOED and I've never gotten to actually use it. 
It's broken, because it can work, but shouldn't work, because it shouldn't even be an option, but the people that made the game disagree, but you're correct, because using an intended strategy is toxic, toxic is also cheating. So basically camping needs to be removed because you realize, knowing better than the…
  • Would Sloppy Butcher and Thanataphobia (so?) compliment each other? Just out of curiosity. My mind is thinking Sloppy Butcher, Nurse's Calling, Bloodhound, and Thanataphobia on Wraith with the add-on.... I can't remember the name, where you can see survivors within a certain distance when cloaked. If they wouldn't…
See, this is what I cannot understand given the premise of the game. Why should I have only gotten 2 kills when survivors will not get out of my face? Why should any of these killers be neutered even further to compensate for a player's stupidity? Why? There is literally no reason for this! This is blue ribbons for…
  • I had rare match today and landed 4/4, which was virtually handed to me. Got the first survivor on the hook and had 2 other survivors on my ass trying to get the one down, and they did, which resulted in the virtual instant death of that first one being hooked 3 times in quick succession. I never left the hook because the…
  • So f*ing weird to me. That's literally like the 4th team member being voluntarily disposable because, why? Don't even need 4 survivors to win? If I see it again I just won't touch them. I'm sure I will see it again though.
  • Communication by voice should just be a standard feature. It is in Friday the 13th, it will be in Last Year.
I know, I don't think there should be a stain at all personally. The survivor has the terror radius, chase music, their own eyeballs. They know when the killer is close, when the killer is on them, they should be required to keep an eye on them. I get the asymmetrical part and no, "they have it so I should" isn't how…
  • They ought to require survivors to complete a complicated skill check to get someone off of a hook. Or rather than the OP's suggestion, why not radically speed up the time it takes to be sacrificed for each additional survivor within a certain distance. Might encourage survivors to get the **** away. How many times have…
Yeah, that's interesting. Not every one seems to find it worth while to compare the 2 big asymmetrical horrors but Friday the 13th has no "red stain" and a good counselor can kite Jason for a considerable amount of time. I can't see that the red stain is necessary. The more I'm learning about Dead by Daylight I can't…
  • I've been working on the Doctor, have him up to level 40 and thought he'd have a good gen suppression effect with Madness, Overcharge? (the gen one), and then Pop Goes The Weasel. So, once I got Overcharge to tier 3 I started running the Clown for PGTW. I'm starting to think using the clown would be better. I really like…
There's a lot of informative suggestions in here but I've gotta say I pretty disagree with most of it. Not to offend but I just don't. But this (above) caught my eye. There's zero reason it should matter to a killer if they're up against SWF or not and it should be of zero consequence to survivor mains how they come…
  • What exactly is the purpose of "the red stain"?
  • I might have to take you up on that advice even though Nurse isn't exactly who I want to use. As far as using Hex: Ruin, being newer, I'm torn between everyone saying it's A. Essential, and B. It frequently gets destroyed immediately. So lame. First game this morning the 4th generator was repaired as I hooked my first…
 This is another issue IMO (and I don't know how relative it is for survivors), the perk options. You have a killer you want to play and other you're not really interested in. We're forced to invest in killers we might not be interested in developing just to get their perks and then hope they show up in the blood web…