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  • -bbq has counters already made by them,the idea if time based on rank might fix the new/veteran players,the games will be at least 6-7 minutes in at worst if its base in game (like collapse)if its a hex the survivors can be warned after the gens are blocked then they can search for a hex,they will have time to an search,it…
  • -Same here,ut it can be used on multiple killers: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/775107869053941693/0BE3500DA5A2D841E4161EEAF209D04D829C682B/
  • -T R A P P Y B O I (Nurses,Sloppy Butcher,Overcharge and Pop Goes The Weasel.Place traps besides a 3 gen strat and look as each survivor is hooked three times)
  • -From what you are saying u mean how to adapt to Legion's power,the killer should have a variety of playstyles that fit and come with advantages and disadvantages .The fact that a killer must use 2-3 times of playing, or 2 types of The killers power should be complementary to his basic moves,The Huntress has a powerfull…
  • -The best way to handle survivors is killing 1 early and then keep hooking 1 and going for another,u force them to go save and not do gens,as for the first survivor , stay in 20-30 meters away from the hook in a place that you can see if some1 is going for the save ,as hes unhooked, go for him or the other survivor(if you…
  • -The add-ons are great,but they feel like adding tires to an old car that uses an old road,it feels new, it feels refreshing, but if u still feel going slow and every move feels bumpy. -Even with the shadow dance add-on ,even if u vault in front of him or break a paller, you cant hit him, and even if u uncloak, u will lose…
  • -The most stupid fact is that if u let the survivors get the gens and 4 of them let you hook them(yes this is a semi farm for the event)one if thinks that the killer dosent deserve/is makeing money off of you,the truth is the is the reverse,by escapeing you do a pip besides the safety pip(27-42 bp), and the killer gets…
  • -New Trapper:Devour Hope,Make your choice,Nurses Calling,Overcharge. as add-ons take the iredescent stone and the purple bag.use all your traps at pallets and do a 4 gen strat, as you hook someone leave so u can get both perks working,this scares most of the players because most of pallets /vault windows are bear trapped…
  • Girl, do you have Leader/Vigil?Because i cant stay away from you
  • -I usually say that( if looping its allowed and body blocking, why camping and tunneling isn't, stop crying,if i see you close to the hook, why should i leave?).it not just sounds fair, its more unfair for the killer, in the time that you camp 1 you lose 3 gens.if you tunnel its the same,2 if someone body blocks or…
  • -The SCP stories have some nice ideas for killer and survivors (scp 076-Able) -Connor, the unknown scp,i recomand the animation confindment to know his story(he's kinda cool).
  • -I want a pijamma pig skins, with some variations.that whould be cool!
  • undefined -The only thing i have to complain is about the rage quitters and the tinkerer bug,in rest ,for now i thing they did a PRETTY GOOD JOB.ps: it was asymmetrical game, mb, it dosent allow me to edit that comment
  • -Last night i played with the new trapper in the hag map, and i had placed a trap in front of the stares of the makeshift house(where is a gen upstairs and alot of windows).during the game i got someone in it and i chased him around the house until i hit him, as soon as i hooked him in the upstairs hook a survivor tryed to…
  • -As for the look,i imagine it as the Ocultist from Darkest Dungeon with a backpack showing the spears made and or looking similar to the Entity claws (like those used to kill you in game).
  • -A asylum Myers(like in the original,as those mental asylum patience had those white robes)/or the Rob Zombie prisoner one whould be nice(with those masks used in the movie). -The original suit for Myers,i mean that one who killed his family as a boy(that mask whold scare the jesus out of me) -For leatherface the original…
  • -The bottles can be used in locateing the survivors,finding survivors when they are besides gens,hooks where one is hooked,a loop or gate,i think that how survivors think and how good overall is the player changes the tier hes in,besides that in a inclosed part of the map with big walls bottles can be used as a land…
  • S> @DeathSpark said: Saying that he's faster will get him nerfed ,so when he is in the normal server will become low tier,bottles must be use tactical and should be used in locateing and debuffing wile in chase
  • -The fact that the bottles are slowing down survivors and some of us don't have all perks full(and the new loop and pallet changes) seem to appear as the killer is faster
  • -Maybe the god of hope isn't right,but feeding on hope?That is kinda ok
  • On every Killer=I don't usually see the combination of Hex:Devour Hope and Make your Choice,or for a Hag/Hillbilly/Cannibal/Trapper=Hex:Devour Hope and Make your Choice,Territorial Imperative(witch is kinda strong).Roaming the map and keep a close watch for the hex and destorying generators as survivors try to save the…
  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • -But do they know that they are looped,i mean that they are non stop in trials(the killers are looped in game xD)?(that i don't know,i haven't heard that before,sorry if i'm wrong),but hope there is,in humans always is hope, that's why the entity whould take people to feed from fear,torture and hope.
  • Hillibilly=Nurses Calling+Tinkerer+Make your Choice+Hex:Devour Hope(roam after you hooked some one and come back and hit the exposed survivor,repeat)If you want something more cheesy =Nurses Calling+Agitation+Hex:Devour Hope+Territorial Imperative