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  • For me they seem to be pretry fine I get hit throught pallets and I get hit as survivor through pallets too. But sometimes when I respect pallets I get somehow stunned even im far away from it but it happens very rarely so I don't complain though.
  • No if they don't add it on console as well.
  • Windows of opportunity and sb/dh any exhaustion perk. I use prove thyself usually always too to get bp.
  • Just bored of him and don't find him fun to face at least the infection should be slowed so his tunneling ability is not too good. Killers like oni could use buff for example to start with his power as good teams don't give your hits easily but in most games you get the power very quickly agains't normal survivors. Well…
  • Well it certainly overnerf though few clicks per second is fine. I agree that the macro clicking it like 100 times a second is way way too much. But dredge nightfall and doctor power has caused headaches to sensitive people as well so those should be changed then as well. Bit bigger cooldown for hitting hooked survivor…
  • But is wrong to just take that ability away from survivors. Killers bm:ing should be reduced as well maybe making longer cooldown hitting survivor on hook would make it more punishing too.
  • I think he is decent with right perks and if you know how tocuse his power. Even just facecsmp bubba quarantees 2K agains't effient teams on gens ig you just get one down quickly and with deadlock and noed uou could be getting 3K.
  • Buff other killers and nerf wesker should be solution then.
  • That debends heavely how bad game. Just had game where looped nemesis long and last gens popped and my teammate could saved me but decided to tank hit for someone who was killed at exit gate who was going to get hooked and just left when he had lot of time to save me. Bad teammates are worser than getting bullied by swf…
  • Why Sluzzy hot banned? he/she writes best comments by far and always fun to read.
  • Well only thing I could imagine working fairly is that you only get the bonus as survivor if you are tunneled out and if 3 or more escapes you are the only one getting bonus as killer. Killers would go for hooks and survivors would not gen rush hard. But better option is just to make tunneling and camping unviable tactics…
  • It's my personal experience and many console players agree on it. When I play killer pc survivors can react to just anything sometimes and even baiting out does not work. But when I play agains't console survivors it's easy to bait. When I play survivor and press it before killer hits I go sometimes down.
  • People would use it even if someone was not unsportman so flans could not work like that. Best thing what you can do is to not use them. That way there is no bonus bp for gen rushing survivors or tunneling and camping killers. I sometimes take the risk as killer but then I also bring my strongest add ons like mother…
  • Myers should never run out of stalk if that gets buffed then he is pretty fine.
  • Wesker is so common so yes and he can somewhat force you in situations where he can just grap you and there is no counter play unless he mess up.
  • Dredge antiloop was reason why I dropped him. You look ramdom direction after you teleport to remnant and not the survivor like hag looks. Also good survivors know to hold W and Dredge moves so slowly while holding it.
  • Also some pc players hack and have auto dh.
  • Well it requires good pc but yeah they can use it after swinging animation starts. But on console if you press it before hit there is risk it will not activate. Sometimes it does and sometimes not. And you probably explained why you have bit more delay.
  • Just remove the I-frames from pc players and it will be fine. Pc players can use it after swing which is problematic but on console it does not always even work if you press it before hit. As long as pc players can't abuse it then it's fine. I have seen pc players even use it after they are hit.
  • I feel number 2 should 1 or 2 kills with 9-10 hooks. That is obviously still much more skillful than bubba getting 4K with 4 hooks... don't you think?
  • I think it's good change but they made the gap between clicks way too long. Now you can click flaslight 100 times a second which is unacceptable and cause eye strain and headaches to normal people. But the change will make it that you can only click once per second which is overnerf. They should make the gap as 5-10 clicks…
  • Just no it would ruin the game.
  • Killers would use this to get 3 gens situations and them camp them and well if you did 1 minute chase you over commited at start. Gens are now fine though some killers just needs buffs to have better chase power.
  • Do that to 70 prestigate level nurse with range add ons.
  • It would reduce it at least bit I mostly tunnel because it's earn me most likely more bp.
  • Yeah I had prestigate 70 level nurse with range tunnel me out. Sucks that there were 2 cakes but she just wanted me out so badly that searched whole map to find me in basement. She did hook one while I was on hook and injured others but I was clearly the target once I was unhooked. She definetely was skilled enough to win…
  • I haven't have this problem. But after latest update game throws me out of matches sometimes. Seen this happening to others in matches as well. It shows that killer and I dc:t in endgame screen.
  • Because some teams will help the tunneled one and just throw the game under bus. I had game as wesker where I was tunneling claudette and her team came to all help so I got two slugged and hooked them and got third one soon after then took jeff out who was hooked once before and then just killed the other two. Claudette…
  • I tell you what camping is easiest thing in this game you don't actually have to look around that much either. I have played basement bubba without even playing and getting kills if that is not easy I don't know what it is. I can cook or chat whatever while I camp in basement. Skill check needs you to focus and no-one is…
  • Bad comparision. Survivors can't tunnel gens and what your probably mean is gen rush but that almost always killer fault not applying enough pressure or not using any slow down.