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  • Just had a game, where it hapened to me. I was on a solo gen at the start of the match with the 3 other surv nearby, the killer came so i went on another. From that it was always active even with nobody nearby, and just like the video i also had bond+prove thyself equiped, so i don't if there is a synergy bug with the two…
  • @Mandy Can we just close this post? it's turning into a blame game that isn't going anywhere except annoying everyone.
  • Since most of the Artist that i go against is a hard tunneling machine with pain res DMS and BBQ, i'm glad that i don't see them more often. Or maybe i'm just unlucky and i only get those type of killer.
  • If you are playing DBD it mean you have internet, just go on your phone or alt+tab and go do something else for 4 min while they are doing dumb stuff alone. Then move on and forget everything about them, be it in game or IRL you will have a better time if you forget those type of people rather than letting them influence…
  • For those who want to check it more easily in game: Only counting tier 3 perk: 1 level: 1 page, 1 row and 3 perk on the last row 2 level: 2 pages, 2 row 3 level: 3 pages, 2 row and 2 perk on the last row 4 level: 4 pages, 2 row and 4 perk on the last row 5 level: 6 pages 6 level: Every survivor perks, seemingly unreachable…
  • If you are against competent survivor it should be fine, but the real problem will be in a 3-gen scenario or once a survivor died since it will become harder to keep constant pressure on generator.
  • just removing the item efficiency would have been enough since it nerfed strong medkit usage. Survivor used it not because it was strong, but because it was an garanted heal no matter where they are and did not need teammates to be usefull.
  • Prove thyself is only worth on the last 2 gens where you are somewhat forced to group or if you need a specific one done. I can bet that in your game where gens fly, it's most likely the survivor spreading that is the problem.
  • I would also like the same post-game as Evil Dead: the game, where you can see the number of rescue, time on objective, time chased of everyone, i'm always curious how other player that i didn't really see did during the game, were they useless? Were they the hidden gen jockey that secretly carried us? Did one get chased…
  • For 1. i don't really like the idea, since doing generator is the primary objective of the survivor, getting a potential 3 stack is a pretty big penalty since it is nearly half of the required number to instantly kill someone regardless of hook state. I would prefer something like, for each generator completed the survivor…
  • Yeah they say that each locker can only be locked once but when they come in pairs, you just need to lock them one at a time, that way you get to keep the other lock for later.
  • Because if your highest rated killer is well above the softcap, chances are, that your averaged MMR for the new killer may also be above it, thus matching you with basically the same player as your mains.
  • If they were still doing gens why complain? Not everyone want to be chased, as long as they do their share of work those player can stealth all they want. It only becomes a problem when they stay hidden and do nothing but wait for hatch all game. I will 100% chose the hidden gen jockey over the attention seeking flashlight…
  • I'm also having trouble chasing the killer in most of my game, it's usually the other way around.
  • I don't like going against him because every time either my teammate give up or i get face camped. I have nothing against the killer himself, but it's starting to become boring when it happen every time.
  • I felt the same as survivor, since i'm not that good at looping i was often hooked quite fast, but since a few days ago, i get matched against killer that i can run for 3/4 generator, it's to the point where even 4 hook is starting to be a good game for the killer i'm against. Maybe the matchmaking is broken again.
  • It's also very popular because high mobility killer can identify the generator with the most progress and quickly go pop it or chase survivor off.
  • Imagine a freddy running remember me, NOED and no way out with the black box add on lol. I can just see every survivor frantically searching for every totem while one is doing the let me in meme by the exit gate waiting for it to unblock. But yeah like other said, there is a mix of good and broken idea.
  • How often do you let your emotion get the better of you? Seeing how you talk in EG chat, maybe it isn't much of power balance problem but an emotionnal one. If you waste 3/4 gens on a down every game, it may show that you overcommit way too much on chases. How many gens do you lose on average in the first chase? If it is…
  • We know that nearly everyone in the upper MMR run 3 or more slowdown, by your theory, it make the highest MMR a place filled with bad player. With the knowledge that high MMR = bad player, and since it is at the other end of the spectrum, it may be safe to assume that low MMR = good player. With those information, i…
  • Those people will play an asym game in alpha and complain that it is not at a dbd level of gameplay after 10h of gameplay and act like "well, since this game isn't perfect 1 week after launch, it isn't worth playing" and move on. But i agree with you, a lot of player have a toxic relationship with dbd and think something…
  • If you use perk like thana and play with your food, it will quickly become a bad idea to not cleanse against a good plague.
  • It depends. If everyone is at the gate, i will just leave and go into the next game, but if i don't see everyone, i will wait in case a teammate need help with a bodyblock or an unhook. For other i can't say, but most of them probably have no reason other than making themsleves feel good. Because, let's not forget that…
  • The only thing that i would do add to doctor, is a small range increase to his shock, and maybe add one of his delay addon as basekit other than that he just suffer from the same thing as most antiloop killer, predrop, shift W, a lack of mobility and lethality to create pressure.
  • Impossible in its current state because there is to much of a power difference between: -SoloQ and SWF -The strongest and weakest killer -The strongest and weakest map for each killer -The tiles generation on a single map where one can have an impossibly strong window setup and the other basicly empty of usefull tiles…
  • Do everything i can to pick up the fallen soldier, no way i'm watching him die by bleeding. I will get those WGLF stack, even if i need to throw my body between my teammate and the killer.
  • As the game is now, Sloppy 100% deserve a buff, but in the case of my idea i though that buffing it on top of nerfing base healing speed could make it a bit too strong for a passive perk.
  • Do you think that only COH would need a rework? It seemed to me that strong medkit wre also part of the problem but i may be wrong since i don't really have of experience at high MMR. Apart from that, since i was at it i decided to go all out on the idea even if most of them weren't really needed.