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  • They're complaining about your build in both screenshots so they definitely knew who you were. Also, weasel+surge with chains and paint brush isn't modest at all. That build is specifically used to slow the game down.
  • Most people hate playing against Spirit but I'd argue that Freddy is way worse. He slows down the game way too much from progression to movement speed and it just gets on your nerves after a while. I hate people that dc but I understand why they did it in your games as him.
  • I think it'll be unbalanced since all 4 survivors could be running it and move faster throughout the game. Hope's effect is already pretty decent but the timer needs to be longer or just make it last forever once it activates.
  • Open Handed stacks for all survivors so it can increase aura reading range by 32 meters if everyone runs it.
  • Even then, you still don't know where she's phasing.
  • Well, all the disconnects and forum posts says otherwise. Like you said, I didn't have much of a problem facing her after learning how she's played but I agree that it isn't fun when you're at a window or a pallet loop and she decides to phase. At that point, it's just a gamble and not much skill involved.
  • If Spine Chill doesn't work on tier 1 Myers then it shouldn't work on the other stealth killers since that's what they're going for.
  • The Huntress already has a fast transition from hatchet to melee but the Oak Haft and Bandaged Haft makes it even faster.
  • That's good to hear but I didn't misinterpret what you said so I just wanted to point that out.
  • Saying "I think this comes down to opinion and personal views at this point", implies that nothing will change your views on the matter so I didn't put words in your mouth since you said it yourself. The video the op showed isn't a good example of why gens are unbalanced and Glint gave good reasons as to why it isn't. The…
  • I agree with Glint here. The Huntress played poorly and to top it all off, wasn't running any perks or addons to slow the game down. Also, just because you have an opinion doesn't mean it can't be wrong since it can be refuted.
  • This. If they just focused on getting rid of bugs and balancing over/underpowered perks/items/addons/offerings and killers, then that would make most people happy.
  • Then you should've mentioned that it was working in 90% of your games as a survivor since i assumed you were just a killer main that isn't bothering to play around it, especially when most survivor mains think it's a balanced perk. Plus, you didn't even explain why it works so much for you as a survivor since most of them…
  • If DS is activating in 90% of your games, then that simply means you're tunneling in almost every game and should be punished for it since that is how DS was designed. If camping became meta then Kindred would be meta too since it's designed to punish that playstyle so killers would have to adapt. Just because a killer…
  • I agree with you except for the last part. DS only works in like a fifth of my games since killers always play around it, not because I "played terribly". The only time DS worked in almost every game was when the Stranger Things DLC came out and I'd play Steve.
  • They should change it to this and increase healing speed by 33% until the perk gets activated. Also, make it so that the broken status effect isn't shown to the killer since it encourages tunneling.
  • Goddamnit, I forgot to save up 1 mil bp for the dlc but you reminded me just now. All those perks I could've gotten are now gone :/
  • Even if the survivor is just running from a small distance away from the hook, I just ignore them and work on a gen. I mean, if the killer is no where near us, just stand still and let me heal you otherwise you're just wasting my time and I'm not going to deal with that.
  • Yeah, to the killers. :{}
  • Stop acting pretentious about a character in a video game. Seriously, it isn't that big of a deal for most of us. I'm disrespecting people that look like her? Okay, you're getting way too deep into this. All I said was that she has some cosmetics that look so bad it's almost as if they're making her look as bad as…
  • I meant that most people don't like how she looks, which is why you got the Nea killer meme. Most people will agree that Nea isn't very attractive but that wasn't really my point. Brokedown said, "What is this bizarre obsession with every survivor needing to be physically appealing to everyone?", so I answered by saying…
  • Oh damn, looks like you got me. I guess I can't come back from this one.
  • People do want the characters to be pleasing to the eye, or at least the character shouldn't give the player an eye sore when they look at them. Yeah, I can see that clearly, but most people agree Nea looks like a monster but you can't seem to respect that. And by the way, I said it isn't rocket science because you were…
  • Then wouldn't that mean the m1 killers are unbalanced and not the gens? I mean, if Nurse, Spirit, and Billy are doing just fine when the gen speed is too fast then that would mean the other killers just aren't good enough.
  • :/ Well, that sucks to hear. I always try to boop him or poke his butt when I see him.
  • Everyone wants a character to be pleasing to the eye. It isn't rocket science. They're just complaining that Nea looks terrible without any cosmetics and the new ones she's getting still makes her look like [BAD WORD] for most people. I mean, have you seen her head with the sideburns? It's like they're trying to make her…
  • I think Spirit Fury needs a nerf because it's so easy to activate. Just break 2 pallets out of like what, 30 pallets in a match? Especially when you pair it with Enduring, it's beyond broken. Dropping pallets early is a terrible counter against it since it prevents you from looping the killer again and they just kick it…
  • It's best if the game was balanced around low level and high level play, otherwise you'll have players quitting in the lower ranks due to how unbalanced the game is. Okay, then lets just end the discussion here. No matter what I say, you'll still disagree with me, even though my points are valid. I mean, I don't know what…