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  • Now its the Killers time to be annoying and Strong for 6 Years now :D
  • Yeah good idea i will edit it into this since i forgot to put it in there. I focused on the Addons and i have to admit i was happy about my idea for the Wanted Poster so much i needed to post it :D
  • Fast and Furious Enitity Edition xD. So some powers could be combined to Strenghtem each other or weaken like Plague and others are just like: i Infect you all suck. but Nemesis and like Demo and Dredge arent affected by infections. Nemmi and Plague Double the Infection with Contamination and its just a China 2020 edition…
  • Yeah zombies Walking into a trap will kill the Zomibe and disarms but Contaminates the Trap. survivors walking into that Trap will get contaminated :D
  • Yeah so why not Infected Blood orbs which are green and only add 33% of the normal Charge rate from Pure Blood Orbs :D
  • Overcharge is really strong yeah but the Ruin and NOED Reworks are just unnesseccary since you can Cleanse the totem and they are gone for the rest of the trial. They could cap regression speed at 400% for overcharge so just tap the Gens and you are good. Too strong? Practice using Technican and there you have it. Yeah…
  • I think most of you dont understand what he meants properly. The EGC timer is there so Survivors leave instead of Dancing around being Toxic as in 90% of all games. The Timer should start at the last generator but slowed like a Hooked or downed survivor. So No way out will cut 1 minute but its slowed so 3 minutes left you…
  • So ive updated it. And the Trickster is an agile killer and professional Dancer in his lore that the Iri Photocard just reflects his personality and abilities.
  • The Easiest Solution is: Endurance causes Deep wound (Regardless of the Perk, Addon or whatever) While in Deep wound or Exhaustion Endurance should not be triggered. problem solved
  • I would say the NOED Change was useless. if survivors cry about NOED just do the Totems, they got what they wanted literally undeserved. They cant Genrush and escape easily like they want, the chance that the killer has NOED is high but srsly instead of genrush and then cry about being 1 hit Through a Perk just do the…
  • Literally just touch the Gen to stop the regression. If you 3 gen yourself then its your Fault and its over for you or gets harder but not impossible. You should make up a strategy not just rush and espect to get an easy game. Killers shouldnt have their Perks now nerfed just because survivors want to rush easy and tbag at…
  • I think the 20% fit way better. Except for increase the penalty by extra 0.5% for each injured survivor. The only addition should be that the Thanataphobia stack stay when the survivor dies. Since it would make even more sense for the Perk Description. I mean if you are the last survivor 15% who cares get hatch. if you are…
  • Hell yeah that locks wont work but then i would reduce the Teleport speed for like 15-25% in Nightfall would be nice My idea to the War Helmet came when i read it like instantly. I mean he is supposed to be a Stealth killer so why does he have 32m Radius and Jumps LOUD out of a locker? Why cant we have an Leave the locker…
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  • If they would be affected by perks that would be nice too
  • You rush through it so he has to slam again or hit directly after that cause he cant turn that fast
  • I forgot Visionary: Who tf uses this (except for Newbies or Achievements) Visionary should be like: -Shows the Killers aura while you repair a gen when he is in 8/16/24m range -Still see Generator Auras in range. -You leave no scratch marks for 3 seconds after repairing a gen for 5 seconds. So it would be more useful and…
  • Because there are some Reasons why i said it for Blood Warden because: If you want to block the gates for hooking someone the last 3 if they are alive will prevent you from hooking maybe even flashlight saving and there is not everywhere a wall you can just look at. Its for Toxic Survivors Teabagging at the exit thinking…
  • You can't keep your Abillity! He is too slow and his animations and lore makes the gameplay ridiculus because: It looks like he is running, but the trapper WALKS faster (even michael moonwalks faster) It looks like he is jumping through a vault location (like the blight) but it takes too long! in my opinion increase his…
  • Look at his animations and his lore. he is an agile killer even this Fat Clown is agile and vaults faster (with perk its his own so its lore) He (even blight) jumps through a window so it would be awesome so that looping the Trickster would be even worse that he has a chance i played at least 8 Games in a row diffrent…
  • What he really NEEDS is a Buff. What they did was just ridiculus... If thats what they call a buff then they dont know what it is like to play him.. I played a few matches and he is still too weak
  • They should increase his base movement speed cuz you cant throw Blades over a wall in a loop like on some spots on coldwind or Gideon etc. Also: Crowd Control should be maximum 24 seconds and NOT a Hex! Edit: he shouldv ault like Legion instantly over windows if you look at his animation thats what he does just too slow.
  • He is way too Weak. I main him for fun not because if he is good or bad. Its fun to play but for his buffs i suggest: -Laceration healing should be like mending (Healing by Themselves not over time) -(4.6m/s Movement Speed) -Keep Main event like Oni's Blood Fury -No Recoil on Main event -Add-On improvements... I mean…
  • Would be nice if his Radius got smaller on Tier 2 and Bigger on Tier 3 that he can be more himself like in the movies. And they should update his Prestige Skin it looks like Tomato insides on his overall or he is just a very bad Car Painter.
  • I Prestige everyone and even the Trickster got P3 lvl 50+ i like to play him its fun but if the Toxicity wouldnt be there it would be the most fun for me
  • Yes it was Nesseccary because they just could do Progress while being invincible for a short time of being hooked. Even slugging was useless because nobody cared or they had unbreakable or other Perks
  • Btw i do but its just so annoying. You want to have fun and as soon as they found an infinite the only thing you see is: No matter who you chase where they all run to the infinite where they can avoid the knives. You cant do anything against it i even tried his Perk Crowd control (Which shouldnt be a Hex) or bamboozle but…
  • I feel like a Trickster Main since he came out i played him 95% of the Time cuz he is fun. he is way too weak but the Devs will hopefully buff him. The Knives are ceramic knives to pierce the Shattered Splinters into their Body so its just fine. The Glass Cards are actually not a bad idea but i stick with the Knives for…