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  • How about no. Especially not with the upcoming survivor roid buffs
  • Bruh, this is a ridiculously significant buff, especially seeing as how you can easily make a chase last for longer than 60 seconds lmao
  • Which translates to nerf. when UR+STBFL stacked, it was nerfed when they removed the synergy, as neither perk became worth running. They're insistent on gutting killers b…
  • Of those three, how many are consistently rank 1, and of those that are rank 1, how many are actually happy about the state of the game? I'll wait
  • Massive X to doubt. Go check the developer discords lmao. Tells quite a different story
  • If you check their QnA it's also incredibly obvious that they're plugging their ears and aren't actually weighing their actions
  • Just git gud -Developers On a serious note, a good portion of the community feels you, the devs have just surrounded themselves with Yes Men
  • If you make it last for more than 10 minutes, it's bannable as "holding the game hostage".
  • You uninstall and stop recommending the game. having been in McClane's discord, the "Feedback" group they surround themselves with are yes men. the only thing that'll get through to them is massive drop offs in player count. With the upcom…
  • Not to mention they consider it a bannable offense if you're good enough at it lmao
  • At rank 18 maybe. If you played consistently in high ranks you wouldn't advocate for half of what you push for
  • A balance team member, at the least, should have the same knowledge of the game as a high rank player. If being on camera shakes you up so badly you can't remember a core…
  • Pardon me for not taking Peanits at his word when he's nothing but the PR spinner for the dev team
  • Insta's haven't existed for quite some time
  • Or, or, now this is a radical thought in these parts. The developers put some thought into making the killer into something other than a punching bag. until then, I'll dodge all I want until I think I see a team that'll make for a fun game.
  • Depends on if I'm being held at gunpoint, if so yes, if not, absolutely not
  • So they're just admitting they're out of touch and don't understand the game then? Back to the uninstall pile it goes
  • But they aren't. Because you the killer have the option to open said gate as well, meaning you can easily just start the EGC yourself. If you didn't have that ability, th…
  • Nah, I can assure you the incompetency claims are less about being rude, and more about hitting things on the nose. There have been glaring issues with core m…
  • Honestly, I think it's the best thing that can happen to BHVR. They clearly didn't learn from their mistakes with Death Garden. Now before the mods go back to being salty that I constantly trash talk the devs. It's earned here. They've repeatedly ma…
  • You are aware that he went against potatoes right? Potatoes that in no way used the number of tools available. Take a map like The Game for example. A single survivor who…
  • I'm going by the dev's definition. For a survivor to hold the game hostage, you'd have to open the exit gates, and just hide or run infintes. You can't do either as the E…
  • Again, not holding the game hostage, stop trying to rewrite a definition. Holding the game hostage would be the hatch standoff, intentionally blocking survivors in the ba…
  • Bias isn't really an issue in this case. It's just literally a straight comparison of the base game. while one person occupies the killer for 40-120 seconds depending on …
  • That's not what holding the game hostage is. Holding the game hostage would be like Bahroo staying behind after the gates were open just to keep running the same infinite…
  • NOED pops on hatch close, considering both are tied to the same trigger code, it procs.
  • Like what, pray tell, is a killer tech
  • Surprising answer, thanks for looking into it.
  • It's really not, it pops even if killer finds hatch, you'd have to be a potato to not be able to get it to proc every game