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  • Native mouse and keyboard support rolled out to Xbox One with the November 2018 update: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/11/14/november-2018-xbox-update-available-now/ "Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One As revealed by Phil Spencer on the September episode of Inside Xbox, the November update brings mouse and keyboard…
  • Been playing the Overwatch winter event atm, the DBD one is next week? Thought they didn't say when it was yet, at least it's something to look forward to next week then :)
  • I just tried this on Xbox as well which just got native mouse and keyboard support (game devs still need to support it in their game) and I was able to use WASD to move as well. I plugged in a mouse but sadly it didn't operate the camera, I also noticed that if you hold enter on the keyboard on the pre-lobby screen the…
  • Just left the dev stream where they said that optimisation is a PASS (not a patch) and that it's... (wait for it) an "ongoing process" so I wouldn't hold your breath for a patch to fix the frame rate in the next 2 weeks of December. I don't want to complain too much because the unreal engine upgrade made the game run…
  • Ask them on today's dev stream, I know I will be doing so too. Hopefully we get some info and/or confirmation it's still comming in December as there's only a couple of weeks left.
  • In the patch notes the new "map scheduler" was added to the game and the general consensus is that the new map has been tuned to appear more often at the moment, which certainly "seems" to be the case.
  • It's sharper, brighter and runs a little bit better due to the unreal engine upgrade that the game runs on which was included in this update along witht he new chapter. The patch to address optimisation later in December should see a big difference.
  • Nowhere near PC performance (as killer) hopefully the upcoming optimisation patch later this month will improve the frame rate substantially, I'd check back then.
  • I play in 720p on the One X and since the update to the new unreal engine the frame rate is better but far from good enough, oh that's playing as the killer BTW. I hope this update did NOT include the "optomisation patch" too because if it did... oh dear. However, if the optomisation patch is still to come then should be…
  • Hillbilly Hang Man's Trick - Iron Grasp - Agitation - Ruin Had enough survivor chops for the hammer in somewhere between 2-3 hours, it was easy. Although I did have a BBQ offering every game on top of the default 2 you start with. 90 Generators seems like the more long winded task to me especially considering the reward…
  • Wonder how long it will be before he comes back "again". When someone REALLY quits a game you don't make a goodbye video/speech or a big long post on forums as to why you're quitting etc. People who do that just want the developers to take note and change the game so they can keep playing because they're addicted and don't…
  • Yes it's fine by me , I don't mind survivors trying to sabo event hooks, I'll just use Hangman's Trick like last time during the Howling Grounds event where it was no problem then too, I enjoyed the challenge of it tbh. Good luck doing event generators and any generator as it's the build I usually use to slow the game down…
  • Yes because it will be hard to get special gens (or ANY gens) done vs that build, that has nothing to do with camping speical generators only.
  • Trying to stop survivors doing generators as the killer particularly the special ones for the event is neither petty or being a bad apple and has nothing to do with trolling. I'll be going for any generator that is being worked on weather it's an event generator or not, regardless of that it will still be difficult to get…
  • Don't want the Kate cosmetic so that's half the work needed. I want that hammer for Billy though so here's what I'll do. When I need the hammer by getting special hooks: Hang Man's Trick - Agitation - Iron Grasp - Ruin When I have earned enough to qualify for the hammer: Overcharge - Pop Goes the Weasel - BBQ n Chilli -…
  • "There wasn't even one good point for killers in this Q&A" That's what I got from it too. I watched a near 30 minute video preview of things comming in Chapter 9 and the good things for killer to look forward to was... 0, zero, nothing.
  • Me too, on X1X though not PC.
  • Probably the store bug. If you so much as even click on the "store" icon then try to play a match you will experience a soft freeze or "hiccup" every few seconds until you restart the game. This bug was introduced when they recently added the new Ace, Dwight and "white hair" Meg skins. Restarting the game fixes it as long…
  • Use the ping indicator shown in the bottom right during the lobby screen. If your connection to the killer is bad then instead of clicking "ready", leave to find a new game.
  • In the video you are INJURED (and have a medkit that has maximum charges) then he downs you and it reveals NOED, how was this clip demonstrating him being carried by NOED?
  • Just be careful what you write or say to people when you message them regardless of what they say to you because if you don't report them their message goes unnoticed but if they report you it could result in a comms ban or worse. You cannot get banned from reports, such as "unsporting" or "quit early" etc no matter how…
  • Indeed, it's one of the best quality of life changes killer has had in a long time. Let's hope they don't give in to the pressure from the minority that's vocal on the forum (people tend to only complain on the forum, happy satisfied peple just continue to play the game) and stand by their decision to implement this step…
  • Feels just right to me, always hated the old pick up speed how slow and clunky it felt. Really glad they made this welcome change looking forward to the hatch and DS changes now, hope they don't take too long.
  • And how do you de-rank from 16-20? rank reset? because you cannot de-rank between 16-20 when the next patch comes. Ranks 20 to 16 will never lose pips even if you leave the match on purpose. If you do mean by rank reset you wont get many games before you have to bench yourself and not play anymore until the rank reset, not…
    in Gen rush Comment by Easylife July 2018
  • He won't be able to do that next patch.
    in Gen rush Comment by Easylife July 2018
  • Just in case anyone couldn't be bothered to read the opening post by the topic creator, he's not talking about camping and tunneling killers, quite the opposite. He is talking about survivors camping a generator by not leaving the area until it's complete, he's also talking about survivors tunneling a generator by staying…