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  • Same. 3m hitboxes, hits over pallet, back to back hits...
  • Why 99%? 1) Killer slug or camping and injured team need more time for heal and sync. 2) Blood warden counterplay. So you want counterplay to counterplay? Hey I have no problem to open 100% and go, but remove cowardly mechanics. There are no reason to switch score from survival strongly dominating match to loss because…
  • Yep, this is exactly what is wrong with killers. Unhook = new opportunity for hit BP = new hook BP. Instead of chasing everyone, killers argue with genrush and camp the hook. Yes, camp the hook, avoid free unhook and don't be surprised that during the camping they complete three generators.
  • Who is forcing killer to loop there? there are another 2 genrushers, go for them.
  • Doctor is no skill killer. You just need to learn pressing CTRL and you will expose all survivor in big (AF) range. I am playing doctor when I need some shity challenge to the RIFT and always you can catch everyone by just pressing CTRL every minute. Another sad thing - abusing power. You should NOT stop doing totem or…
  • No window = no chance for survivor. This is biggest problem.
  • Hehehe, and trunnel whole match, facecamping and sluging 3 times 2 survivors is fun, right? As a killer, you can just go to the corner and look to wall and go for coffee. But survivor, you are on the ground, you cannot leave computer, because there are another players in your team. Especially when there are 2 survivor left…
  • When you compare it with WGLF, WGLF is trash. If you want to balance WGLF, it need some more then just +XX% BP. Like combination with Detective Hunch. Or rework BBQ only for BP.
  • It's been a week since this bug was discovered and still NOT FIXED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MMR was bad, nevertheless instagame with few second lobby time was awesome. Now i have to wait 10 minutes for every single match again. Something stinks on the lobby time with this old system.
  • Locker is joke, right? When he bump into the locker, he is still swinging (jump out is easy way to die) and when stop, he is able to instantly pick you from the locker or hit you on your 3rd step Wasting pallets to create pallet vacuum? For his better swinging? Imagine swamp map, 2 pallets in the middle and only pieces of…
  • His main power, yes. He is not S tier, but avoiding chainsaw without window T-walls is imposible. He should be reworked another way for more fun. Not just stay away for 30meters otherwise you ll be erased.
  • Blame the team for what? There are no way of sharing info with other team mates. There are lot of situations like "3 on gen", HEX RUIN, and all three start searching the totem, because you have no chance to say "dude, I have small game, keep killer busy I ll do my job". And same in case of noed. You did 4 totems in Lery's…
  • If you get 4 DS and 4 times you hit survivor with borrowed time, something is wrong with your gameplay. They genrush while you are patroling the hooked survivor 😂
  • No, its not problem like "its just first day out". Please explain me why it is correct. I am rank 4 survivor and my last 5 games today was like this: Survival ranks: 4 (me), 17, 19, 17 Killer: 1 Everytime when these guys heard Huntress singing, they run into the corner like this Jake and watched me doing gen. There is no…
  • I agree. I also dont like challenges where you are forced to play most useless perk in game and do some stupid things like stay withing 10m radius for 30 seconds... NOT IN CHASE. Or that challenge with QaQ, jump into the locker within first 10s of the chase. All players I know just did it the way of suicide. DEVs want to…
  • What kind of data they want? Like killers on 15+ rank still waiting 10 minutes for lobby and get rank 2 survivors. That me on rank 4 gets rank 1 killers and three rank 17 potatoes? :)
  • Hey but I am on rank 4 for reason. Want to cooperate with someone who know which button on mouse is for reparing and how to drop pallet and not running to the corner in chase. Matchmaking giving me rank 17 potatoes sitting in the corner and watching around meantime I am f* dying on the hook through all phases. And navy…
  • Full SWF kill rate might be 60% for Fredy. Hey but from the other end, trials with randoms will be about 90+% kill rate. Today on rank 3-4 almost every game 4K and the sluging was big problem.
  • His power is still OP in way of no counterplay (no skill required to play Canibal) There are no counterplay on 5m distance. He is able to cut into trees, scrap, tires, barrels. So you have no chance at the moment when he start chainsaw. And chainsaw hits through the window... maaaan...
  • Current insta heals are BS. This is the problem. 7000BP for red one. Heals you one state after 16s and you have to stay at same status for this time? When use it? In chase? LOL. Its useful maybe when you want to repair gen and heal yourself at same time. But guys, for 7000BP and "very rare"? Its the same delay like when…
  • OK GREAT JOB. I lost few purple flashlight because WHITE WARD didn't work. GG BHVR. Fire your DEVs please. ALL ! If you change your survivors in lobby with different items in hand, it starts with mixing UP everything. You can see toolbox in hand of survivor with no item. Key instead of medkid etc. Looks like this trigger…
  • I have same issue sometimes.
  • +1 And sometimes without iron will I am 100% quiet.
  • If anyone thinks, this is OP, ok remove the ability to see survival items in lobby for the killer too. And remove the live survivar status bar in game (who is dying, who is injured, who is sleeping and who is infected) for killer.
  • This game have lot of players which facecamp every game a slug many survivors every game. Sometines you can check the public Steam profile and read list of the -rep. The community will be more healthy if the game loose these players. And also survival will be less toxic and more chill. But they need to stop hiding behind…
  • Do something with server capacity. As a killer, I am waiting 5 minutes for match. As survivor, I am waiting 10 minutes. #########? 50k people playing right now. Its 5PM in the mid EU ! I don't understand to this waiting time. I can switch surv/killer, but it's for BOTH !
  • 1) This game have NO DEDICATED server and never had. Dedicated server means that all data from all sessions are crunched by the server. Not by the killer session and beautiful green ping icon measure some ping to the gateway in the middle between killer and survs. You can see lot of hits over 5 meters distance or hits by…
  • But the point is, you have no chance to keep yourself awake. Survivor always get the hit (hit = falls asleep = no BT). There are 6 traps which slow you down and killer is still within 3m radius. More survivors = they bodyblock themselfs Only full SWF with voice can do this like 3 persons RAID to the hook, full cover…
  • Dead Hard is dead perk on dedicated servers. It works correctly in 30%.