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I apologize for seeming upset with the state of the game on the forums lately. This latest patch really felt like a punch to the face. 1500 hours playtime, wasted because an update that unfairly added more grinding for things I already unlocked.


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  • talking to you is pointless, as you either didn't read my original message or you draw conclusions that aren't there. I said the huntress was at the top of the basement stairs when the hit occurred, meaning that the unhook happened with the huntress NOT being in the basement, but she was close enough to the killer shack to…
  • You had an entire rant about unhooking right in front of the killer. I said no such thing. Either you're trying to respond to someone else or you just filled in 90% gaps that didn't exist.
  • what are you rambling on about? Running across the entire map from the speed boost after getting hit? And nice wall of text based 100% on assumptions. there's no point in responding when you've already made up scenarios in your head beforehand.
  • What about 2 killers + 3 survivors 😎
  • May I suggest "Identity V"? It's similar to DBD, but with a more cartoonish, almost Tim Burton-ish art style.
  • I was agreeing with you until the final sentence. It's perfectly fine to dislike a mechanic and feel like it's flawed. But then you had to end with "if you don't agree then you're wrong"... Nah mate, you have a subjective view on flashlight mechanics, and hate when you get blinded, and that's perfectly fine. That doesn't…
  • There is no way you could get blinded if you were facing straight towards the wall, you must have picked up the survivor at an angle on accident. that's not a flaw in the mechanic itself, but rather user error. 100% fair to want to bring lightborn to not have to deal with having to perfectly align yourself when you pick up…
  • getting blinded by a flashlight isn't a "game mechanic flaw" tho, it's just something you don't personally enjoy. There's a difference there.. (it's perfectly valid tho, I also run perks to counter things I dont like, but it's different when perks are needed to counter a flaw in how the game functions)
  • The developers need to look at more than winrate. If that's all they look at (which i doubt), then this game is doomed
  • why are you being so hostile? It just tells me further that you get easily offended and cry for no reason. I know from my own experience, that I crouch repeatedly a lot while playing this game, my friends crouch repeatedly a lot in this game, and neither of us rarely mean it as an insult to the killer. 90% of the time when…
  • listen, don't take crouching so personal. Survivors literally spam their crouch button as a way to communicate. • See another survivor at the start of the match? Crouch repeatedly to say hi! • Another survivor gets on your generator? get off the generator and repeatedly crouch! If a survivor repeatedly crouches before…
  • "is this some sort of protest?" No, it's "I've had 5 ######### matches in a row, and this is looking to be yet another ######### match, so i don't wanna waste more time in here". Since there's 4 survivors on the team, you see a lot of throwing because there's 3 individual survivors that could potentially be sick of the…
  • "if it wasn't DH, then what exactly changed?" Literally everything. Go read the patch notes. For example: • Cooldown time after a successful hit has been reduced to 2.7 seconds (was 3 seconds) • Duration of the Survivor speed boost when hit has been reduced to 1.8 seconds (was 2 seconds) The developers are mesesing with…
  • imagine if we said this about other perks during endgame collapse... "NOED is a guaranteed down during endgame..." "Rancor is a free kill during endgame..."
  • i've never relied on crutch perks, i usually run build combos I find fun, even if they're not optimal. Since the update, even bad killers get easy wins unless i bring try-hard perk combos, and even then that only works against bad killers, any killer with an average or above skill level can't lose now
  • uh-huh, and i'm not claiming there aren't people who enjoy it. Does not change the fact that this OP started a topic just about winning matches, and a lot of people care about fun more than just winning. Saying "iron will was meta despite it only helping with stealth" is an over-simplification. By that phrasing, you could…
  • The issue with this topic is that you only care about winning the match, and suggesting to do so by avoiding an entire game mechanic (chasing). At that point, you're playing Gen Mechanic Simulator. If you have fun doing that just to win, then good for you. But the rest of us want to play the entirety of Dead By Daylight…
  • A quick explanation to this phenomenon is that a lot of people can only see things from their own perspective. So some solo queue players will exclaim that "solo queue needs to be buffed! why did they nerf solo queue so hard??" While, the game has gotten boring and miserable for most people playing survivor now. (by the…
  • We don't need specific buffs for solo queues. We need the game to simply not be miserable for survivors.
  • that's way back and at that time the devs didn't disable maps the same way they do now, and they didn't push fixes very fast, let alone complete map reworks which were required for fixes to that. The issues with unbreakable hex and boon totems happened within months of each other, at which time the devs had the means to…
  • well it's no surprise if the devs make the game miserable for survivors while making improvements for killers. I've said this before and I'll say it again, but the developers love coddling and hand holding the killer side. further proof of this: • Much more effort going into buffing/reworking killers. If survivors ever get…
  • Lol what the hell happened to this thread? Her 3D model legit looks glitchy: This is what i mean when I said it looks like they scaled up joints in her 3D rig without adjusting the base mesh
  • Killers: Thanks BHVR! Survivors: Thanks, BHVR....
  • Old self-care was already terrible and a waste of time to use, so there was no reason to nerf it
  • "But what about the enjoyment of xxx..?" Listen, there's a big difference between someone directly causing grief to another person, and someone simply not enjoying a situation. You could not enjoy a situation for a multitude of reasons, and if that reason is simply that you're losing in a game, then there's nobody to…
  • I have to admit that the game mechanic that's meant to stop the timer when you're being chased can be a bit wonky. They could definitely work on fixing it so the timer pauses during those times when you know Piggy is creeping up on you but the game doesn't recognize it as a chase. Like, it's meant to pause in a chase…
  • thanks! That is a pretty weird change
  • I loved reading "it requires 0 skill", while remembering all the times I watched survivors dead hard into walls just before I smacked them :')
  • you're right, I care about the enjoyment of everyone in games I play and not just my own, and you're entitled to disagree with that way of thinking 👌