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  • My problem is now solved after I completely reinstalled the game. I don't know if that was the solution or the patch today.
  • And that is just stupid of them. If you want to play any killer regulary with decent add-ons you have to level them anyway even without getting perks. And there are a lot of killers. Not to mention there are 2 new characters every 3 months with 6 perks and 18 perk tiers
  • You didn't get my point at all!
  • Of course I'm an absolute extreme example and not the normal player. But the avarage player does invest a fraction of the time I invest in this game. And because of that they have a really hard time trying any new character especially killers. I'm not complaining for me, I prestiged on purpose for completion. I complain…
  • I never said someone has to prestige and I'm also not an example for the average player. I'm a more extreme example anyway. I complained mainly that the grind is too intense for newer players. And that is definitely the case. You have to play hundreds of hours to be able to play different Killers properly. As you can see…
  • Well it has been reduced drastically twice already. Bloodwebs in 2016 were way bigger than now and you would only earn a fraction of the bloodpoints that you get today. Also you could only get one perk per bloodweb. But because the game gets bigger and bigger every 3 months, and the last grind reduction was a long time…
  • It's not the first time I have all characters, First time was after the Resident Evil Chapter.
  • Well I play this game since release so I bought every DLC when it realeased. But no, I don't want to know how much money I spent on the game ...
  • Alone the struggle to get the 3 new perks of one chapter back on every character ist grind enough. Every three months ... And it is 6 perks when you have to do it on both sides.
  • Well I have 5420h and all characters on both sides P3 Level 50 All perks (Except Mikaela). Only took me 737 million BP.
  • When the killer camps, do gens and leave him with his 1K.
  • Nvidia Reflex would be way more important to reduce latency.
  • The problem is right now, that the the flashlight save timing depends on the killer ping. There are also other heavy latency and desync problems, that were completely gone right after 4.5.2 but are back now. So when you didn't get a save but should have it most certainly is because your killer has a high ping. That is not…
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  • NO!
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  • It is just an item and the killer wastes an entire perk slot for it. What are you complaining about. Also I think since the Franklins change I lost one item to actually despawning it.
  • I play since release and there were a lot of things I disagreed with and didn't like but it was always possible to forgive then. I mean I was a billy main and loved him and the devs even said they are happy woth his performance and basekit and only want to tweak him a bit. In the end they destroyed him and took every bit…
  • My hit validation feedback. If you wouldn't have mentioned that it is active, I wouldn't have noticed it. Therefor it doesn't work. High ping killers and also survivors still have a benefit of their bad connection, so vpning is still an easy way to cheat. Also in the past few weeks I noticed that the killer ping now even…
  • ANIMATIONS: First of all the old animations were completely fine. They weren't the most modern or realistic but they looked good and fitted the fast paced gameplay. Therefor changing the animations shouöd result in better looking, more realistic or modern animations. And that is not the case. The new animations look…
  • HUD: The old hud was minimalistic and organized you could see everything without looking around the entire screen. And I loved it. Things I don't like about the new hud: - The new character portraits don't fit in the games artstyle at all and look out of place there are already suggestions here with other portraits. -…
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  • Most players are bad at the game. Because there are tons of maps, killers, killerpowers, perks, add-ons ... to learn. Almost every player lacks of game sense. They don't know what to do best in many different situations. To learn all that you need to play thousands of hours. It goes well when you started to play this game…
  • It wasn't a help for early game. It was a pair of suppot wheels for bad killers. GIving you an immens ammount of time by litteraly doing nothing. Just like old ruin.
  • I optimized the game with Geforce Experience. After that it somehow worked again.
  • Scaling is on 100%. I figured out that it could be my push to talk button for Discord. I use M5 (Sidebutton). But I'm using this PTT button for 4 years so it must be still something they changed in the game.
  • PTB Billy felt just as weird as it does now.
  • You can turn it of by setting sg.AntiAliasingQuality=0 in your GameUserSettings.ini or does this not have any effect?
  • They did it once when the legion came out when they gave him his snow plow hitbox for the chainsaw. That was weird but ok but now it is just unplayable.
  • I'm just wondering how they will detect players skill. They are trying this for 3.5 years with their ranking system and it isn't working. Andif they did find a system to track players skill correctly why wouldn't they put that system into the ranking system. Why even bother to make a new "hidden system"? What is the reason…
  • As far as I know skill checks are completely client sided. So it's your pc that lags.