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  • Oh ya? I've been playing a bit each day for the past long while and LITERALLY EVERY DAMN GAME I HAVE THE RANKED BUG. I have not been able to rank up. Period. I can play a …
    in Hotfix? Comment by Eternal0088 12:25AM
  • I frags noobs all day long because BHVR can't FIX THE RANK BUG. R1 killer stuck at R15 for the last 3 months. Soooo much blood.
  • I love the 5 variations. I agree with whoever said that it keeps people on their toes. Frankly, if the maps could be 100% procedurally generated, therefore basically never the same, I would be completely on board with that. You shouldn't be able to…
  • For hag I find a good build is Nurses, M&A, MyC and Franklins. Frankies is the flex perk. If you want to run Pop or Ruin or whatever it goes here. The others are way to…
  • We already have 1 useless clown... don't need another.
  • But I know a lot of folks who use google DNS instead of the one their ISP uses. Stuff like DNS servers is absolutely something an end-user can look at and play around with for free. :) Also, would just like to say that I never had to do anything li…
  • When is patch scheduled?
  • When is the next update scheduled for?
  • I've also been suffering, dealing with this bug. Stuck @ R20 survivor and R15 Killer. Getting the worst lobbies on the planet. Not being able to see my end game emblems or other people's perks (so I at least know how I can improve!) and generally j…
  • This is still a huge issue for me as well. It's been going on for a while. I've asked the support mod who I was speaking with for compensation in the form of shards and bloodpoints, and I recommend everyone else with this bug do the same. I was norm…