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  • I feel the need to chime in. I am or should I say was a killer main. I streamed the game and for the longest time this was my go to game to stream. I have played since Myers came out. I have been through the ups and downs the nerfs and the buffs. I have seen numerous things. Over all of it I have seen a very steady shift…
  • This is exactly why. In any business you need to cater to the majority. BHVR does this well. Survivors outnumber killers 4 to 1. Survivor players buy more cosmetics, they bring in their friends to play with them, in turn they buy cosmetics etc.. it's a snowball effect. If the game is too hard for the survivors they will…
  • I feel the need to chime in. I hear the people saying they should not be punished for wanting to play with their friends even on comms. I agree. They should not be punished for that. However, on the opposite side of the coin, should killers be punished for you wanting to play with your friends? Sure some swf are just…
  • I am of the mind they should gut the entire meta perk line, for killers as well as survivors. Take em all away. Nerf them into the ground. Make us play different builds. We rely on the perks that help us win. I get it. I know the entire community would be up in arms about that kind of gutting. However, I feel that…
  • I have said all along. This game favors the survivors. But it makes sense from a business perspective. Survivors outnumber killers 4 to 1. Survivors can bring in their friends to play swf. They buy more cosmetics, they buy more addon packs. You need the game to be easier on them. If they perceive the game as being to hard…
  • As a player of both sides I get sick of the meta on both sides. Killer: dead hard, ds, unbreakable, spine chill, iron will etc.. Survivor Ruin, Pop, noed, corrupt. Undying etc . I would love for them to gut the meta on both sides. Nerf all the meta perks into oblivion.
  • A Robert Englund skin for Freddy Also a Vamperilla outfit for Jane. Take my money now.
  • As a killer main since I started playing this game when Myers came out. I can tell you the most important things you need are: 1. Tracking Perks and 2. Gen Defense. Those will serve you well. On most of my killers I run a basic build. It changes depending on the killer I am using. But a great basic load out is. 1:BBQ and…
  • I am dreading it. I feel with each patch they make survivors stronger and stronger. I understand the need to make it easier for them. It's standard business. Cater to the majority. Survivors outnumber killers. You have swf. They need easier games. The more survivors win they will be more inclined to get their friends to…
  • Didn't they know that the twins were broken and we told them in PTB and they released them in that state anyway? I'm pretty sure they did.
  • It's terrible. I have had numerous games in a row that this happens. It really robs the killer. Also, they have yet to fix grabs. There was a guy unhooking I caught up to him and initiated the grab. It showed the grab animation then he was unharmed and still got the unhook. Of course no survivors are going to complain its…
  • My biggest issue with RNG is the damn totem spawns. Like right next to a gen? Really? How about. If X gen is within Y range of totem it won't spawn there. If Z survivor is within X range of totem they don't spawn there. Don't think that's so hard. But damn these placements.
  • It makes me feel like this sometimes.
  • I am a killer main. I have near to 3000 hours in the game. I main A few killers. I was playing doc who I play alot. I should have very high MMR. I load into the lobby on PC. I check profiles. There was a survivor with no joke. 3 hours. 3 hours. I let him go you could tell he was super new. After the match I asked him if he…
  • Best way to have the most fun. Just don't give a rats booty if you win or lose. You get stomped? Meh. You win Cool. Look at it like buying and playing a scratch off ticket. You buy the ticket, you scratch it off. Your having fun doing it. If you don't win what do you do? Punch the guy who sold it to you? Get salty at him?…
  • My choice. Would love to control the sentinel spheres. Imagine Reggie as the survivor. The mori would be awesome.
  • I played 2 matches. Match crashed both games while playing pinhead. That sucks.
  • If I remember correctly, they added the rush forward animation to show that dead hard was used. Before you would swing and it would go though the survivor. I think they unintentionally buffed if by giving it a dash forward animation. If they wanted to make a visual tell that it got used they should add a lean to the side…
  • In the red ranks it's predominantly used for getting distance. I hardly ever see it used to avoid a hit. It extends loops and they make it to a pallet or window. It takes 80 seconds for a gen to get done solo. 50ish if 2 or more are on it. Killer is on a time crunch. The longer you can extend the chase the more can get…
  • I would change dead hard. Remove the dash forward animation. Keep the I frames. To show visually that it was used the survivor leans to the side, showing the dodge.
  • Robert Englund Freddy skin. Vamperilla cosplay costume for Jane. (Seriously, go look up Vamperilla and picture Jane in that outfit ) I would pay 50. Easy for those cosmetics.
  • But if it was, we could not see him.
  • I hope they will reskin the map. Perhaps change it up. Make it like the asylum in Hellraiser or.something along those lines. Someone even suggested a music studio for shi errr Trickster. It could work. At least it would not go to waste. I hope they do something like that.
  • As a killer main I look at it this way. They play a cornfield offering, rpd etc.. I just deal with it. I hate those maps. The difference is, even tho I dislike those maps I DO like a challenge. So I chose to play it. Imagine not wanting a challenge in a video game. If you don't want a challenge go play hello kitty island…
  • Swf have an advantage if they are on comms which most are. I feel the killer should be at least compensated in some way for it. I don't know how. Nothing overly game changing but at least compensation in some form. For example, if the killer brings the perk Knocknout its mostly negated by the comms. Hey guys I am down at…
  • Imagine this but it's dbd. I don't think fnaf fits in dbd. It's clearly marketed for kids. I get enough salt at the end of matches. Don't need the 10 year old warriors in chat as well. I get the appeal of the story. If Fnaf comes in then it will attract kids as well. Game is not made for kids.
  • Also. Even if they are Injured and infected and the zombie downs them inside the exit gate, by the time you get there they will most likely have crawled out. Best nemesis add-ons in my opinion are the ones that give you more mutation hitting the zombies.
  • Think about how cool it would be to control the sentinel spheres. And we could have Reggie as the survivor.
  • Honestly, if you look at each match as. Well, I lost oh well. Or cool I won oh well. Gg and move on to the next one you will have so much more fun and relaxing games. This game is too random. There are way to many variables that change your game. You can have amazing matches where you dominate either side. Then you get…