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  • -Blight because I enjoy both his fast movement, flexibility in chases and as an extra, being able to be silly with slams. -Probably around 700-800? Hard to tell but during his PTB/after his release I played him almost exclusively for a few months just because I enjoyed him so much. -At one point I was the player with the…
  • My experiences with MMR were super inconsistent on both sides regarding difficulty. I played 10 rounds of SoloQ and Killer and always checked the hours of survivors. As a Survivor I won my first 7 matches, lost once and won the last two. In my very first match I had a survivor with 3200 hours and one with 4000 hours + a…
  • BBQ is the only information perk that I ever run on my standard builds and even then its only for the Bloodpoints since it's easy enough to tell where most survivors are after hooking (although sometimes it does help when I would have otherwise been wrong).
  • I would really hope that they still require at least some placement matches, otherwise this system is quite questionable. It matched me with a group that had at least 4.5k hours each as a survivor and as a killer against a group that had 500 hours max, and I have more hours as a killer.
  • Honestly on one hand that number is pretty big and with the games current RNG really hard to achieve, on the other hand this is with a full build on a killer that many don't know how to fight (although surely there were also quite a few groups who knew at least the basics). She is also probably one of the best killers (I…
  • Thank you very much, that website is very interesting!
  • I am curious, how/where did you get those stats from if you don't mind me asking?
  • A thing that you can do as a Spirit is to semi look at the ground, you can still see the survivors but they can't blind you and no blinding sound plays. They will try to blind you, see that you can't be blinded/the sound doesn't play and vault into you.
  • If its for speedrunning purposes and the survivors purposefully kill themselves I would say Pyramidhead, since he can both hit all 4 at once with his power and saves a TON of time by just tormenting and caging them instead of carrying everyone to the hook.
  • I didn't count the games, but from the release of Blight till around January I had yet to loose a single game while maining him and playing him daily. Some of them were with meta perks and pre nerf undying, some of them were with only BBQ/Infectious and the games where I did start losing were completely perkless. My…
  • On the killer side Nemesis has 171 and Blight 70 On the survivor side Claudette has only 21 since I was mostly just playing her during the event and used up a ton.
  • Do everything I can to guarantee they die, if it was game throwing tiers of sandbagging/farming then I farm with everyone else after killing them to rub salt in their wound. Karma is sweet.
  • A little tip if you don't know already, you can also press m1 and m2 at the same time, this makes your rush work again without wasting your time swinging your cane around the air like a grumpy old man.
  • That isn't always the case, just because someone feels confident doesn't mean they are good. I had plenty of times where I tried to take aggro from my teammates in Solo Q, only to not last nearly as long as expected. Same on the killer side, can't even count the times people teabagged and/or went clicky clicky to grab my…
  • Tracking seems to be my biggest weakness as a killer, it's not terrible but could be WAY WAY better. As a Blight I should sometimes just m1 when the hit is guaranteed instead of being permanently in a lethal rush as soon as the cooldown is over. As a survivor I should learn to be less greedy on certain loops and learn to…
  • Wiggle progress actually does also regress while slugged, although at a very slow rate. The actual regression speed could be bugged though, if the OP didn't exaggerate the regression.
  • As others have said you don't really have to play nice, it is up to you to decide if you want to do so but if it doesn't hurt your fun/bloodpoints/win chance, why not make it more enjoyable for everyone?. I personally also base my playstyle as a killer on the survivors, if I notice that the survivors are obviously…
  • I did get a farming demo once yesterday, but other than that everything feels the same on the survivor side. As a killer on the other hand I noticed a lot of last second key switches. Maybe its just me being (un)lucky. Other than those groups I usually go afk after playing normal and getting 2 hooks on everyone if 3+ cakes…
  • Probably Blight. While I would say that I am good with all killers and win most of my games (except Trap-Based killers, I suck big time as them and I am kinda meh as a ranged or stealth killer), Blight just clicked with me since the PTB and I have enough confidence with him to even play without perks and win almost all of…
  • Either Speed Limiter + Iridescent Flesh on Bubba for the "Slightly worse Bubba" Build or double rush-speed Add-ons on Blight with BBQ for Sniper Blight. You slam 4 times into a wall next to the hook and rush at Mach 10 towards survivors that you saw via BBQ, jumpscaring the hell out of them.
  • I am one of those blights that go to both extremes, most of the time I play Add-On less with no perks for the challenge, but when I just want some chill games I run Ruin/Undying/Infectious/BBQ with either double speed Add-Ons for fun snipe games or Alchemist Ring+Compound 33 for "I just want to speedrun this Archive…
  • My very first game was a Survivor one with 3 other friends on an Azarovs map vs a Wraith.... my only memory was somehow getting stuck inside a gen with me not being able to leave and the wraith not being able to hit me, so I had to DC (this was around the release of the Doctor chapter, so no EGC). Fun times!
  • Yeah I hook traded in the EGC with the Nemesis being nearby, was fine with dying but still tried to get to the exit gate. Halfway there a Zombie was a little bit off my path and I just went for it, which barely gave me the distance needed to escape. The zombies must have been survivors before they died, still trying to…
  • For me Claudette is the lonely Survivor member of the P3 Club, surrounded by all killers... the club seems very killer biased tbh, truly an unjust world.
  • Yep, I have a hoarding problem. Only ever bought original Chapters, with the exceptions of a Spirit skin that I liked, True Blight (before the discount sadly) + all the other skins after the discount last year.
  • I slug them and leave them, in hopes that they will at least try to participate afterwards, if they get picked up and start wasting resources and/or run back at me again I just kill them.
  • My top 3 were: Nurse with 1000 points Plague with 1000 points Blight with 975 points Quite interesting, Nurse and Blight make perfect sense with me preferring stronger killers to weaker ones (unless those weak killers are just very fun) and killers that have a lot of depth to them and you can always improve, even if it…
  • Its a mixed bag, I have yet to not get a 4k or 3k + hatch with him and could conclude that he is top tier, but since its only the PTB you can't really tell how strong a killer is just from escapes/kills. On one hand you have survivors just messing around trying new stuff, thus not doing gens like in a normal match, but on…
  • Yeah, I always die a little bit on the inside whenever a gen is almost done and somebody runs the killer to me while ruin is up. To be fair, sometimes it just happens if you don't run bond, can't blame them, but I also had people with bond beeline it to me too, which was a lot of fun.
  • That was your problem actually, the open hatch can be blocked by standing on it, but once the hatch is closed the area where you can use keys is not actually on top of it but instead in front of the hatch on the side with the handle. Just imagine a second invisible hatch in front of the actual hatch, so you can block keys…