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  • (Quote) LOL. Im guessing your very new to the game
  • (Quote) uhm except it wasnt. Maybe for mediocre survivors, but if you got enough distance it can always be a fast vault. Besides, shack wasnt the reason they implemented this change, so idk why you think it should affected. It was an unwanted conseq…
  • Based on this it seems you are not very good at survivor, and dont know all the ways to loop shack. The first way this affects is when trying to get a fast vault while looping from outside the shack, you now need to give yourself way more distance a…
  • (Quote) uhm no its not. Stop using lore as a way to balance the game. The killer shack was added into the game to be a STRONG loop. With the risk that if you got caught, you might be put in the basement. Throwback to when shack had two windows
  • @Mr_Digi yup i agree, I asked mclean about it in his stream, and based on his response, it looks like they wont revert it. :(
  • Oh Gosh. You sound just as bad as the survivors that wanted a refund for ash after they nerfed MoM.
  • I got mine from opening the yellow gift boxes, those always give the offering it seems.
  • right now he's basically a Myers that only needs to stalk for 4 seconds. Its basically impossible to break him out of his ability. I heard people saying its glitched, but if its not, then they definitely went overboard with the changes.
  • (Quote) I had to stop using we'll make it because the killer is always back at the hook within 10 seconds. I agree that we'll make it is god tier, but with how a lot of killers play, BT is basically its alternative.
  • clown isn't weak at all, he's extremely underrated actually. The reason people dont play him isnt because he's weak, its because he's boring. BHVR should focus on fixing weak killers not the boring ones.
  • the nerf was stupid, they didnt fix a bug as some people are saying, the made fast vaults very limited and only work on VERY obvious windows. It used to reward good players for getting fast vaults with tight angles, but now there is no point in tryi…
  • (Quote) which is why i suggested removing the protection hits requirement bud :)
  • (Quote) I dont think you read my post then, 4x MoM wouldnt be possible with my suggestion
  • (Quote) yeah but using lore as a way to balance this game is illogical and shouldn't be a basis of any argument.
  • TLDR: make safe unhooks count, make protection hits not count.
  • they should just make it so that protection hits don't count, and only unhooks count. Since there are only 8 unhooks available each game either way. protection hits on the other hand are unlimited.
  • (Quote) oh look, a bad killer main that doesn't want noed change. A perk that rewards you for failing. Yet you complained about MoM and old DS because they "reward you for being bad". Hypocrisy at its finest.
  • considering survivors have [BAD WORD] point generation compared to killers, this would be a really good improvement.
    in 200% WGLF Comment by FTSA June 2019
  • I never thought I'd see the day when someone complained about flip-flop LOL. It's legitimately useless, an inferior version of unbreakable.
  • (Quote) nah, you're probably the most biased killer main on this forum. All your posts can be summarized into "killer good, survivor bad" or "buff killer, nerf survivor". Seriously, try forming a sentence that doesn't sound like…
  • @peanits Thanks for the reply! So a follow up question to that would be: When dedicated servers come out, will we be able to manually choose the region, or is it automatic?
  • My only worry is that people will now decide to kill themselves on hook once a punishment for DCing gets added.
  • @NuclearBurrito no stunning a killer with enduring DOES give you enough time to escape because they also have to break the pallet too. So the stun + pallet break gives you plenty of time, stun + spirit fury does not, it's an undeserved brain dead ho…
    in MoM Comment by FTSA May 2019
  • (Quote) yeah just lose the killer 4head. Let him screw over your teammates with his BS perk. Also, no, you dont run 2 perks for spirit fury, killers run enduring regardless of spirit fury. Enduring was the meta before spirit fury existed. So using t…
    in MoM Comment by FTSA May 2019
  • (Quote) Thats an extremely poor argument. So after the killer kicks 2 pallets, you prematurely drop EVERY pallet after that so that he doesn't get a BS hit on you? No, thats not called counter play, thats called being braindead and wasting all the p…
    in MoM Comment by FTSA May 2019
  • if we're nerfing MoM shouldn't we nerf spirit fury? Both of these perks give you an undeserved hit. And getting these perks to activate is super easy. Getting hit 3 times vs breaking 2 pallets. So why not nerf spirit fury with it?
    in MoM Comment by FTSA May 2019
  • You guys have made a lot of great changes to the deep wound mechanic lately. However, while in the deep wound state, the wraith can simply follow the survivor around while cloaked until his timer goes down. Is this an intended feature? Or is it some…