Haven't been on in a long time even though said would check back in with community. It feels like i put dbd 100% behind me and feel good about it. Really enjoying deathgarden and its good grind and the forum is fun cause can make polls. Sure wish it had big community but fine with small community cause alot of passionate people in community around game. Met a really good friend that also quit dbd and connected in other games as well. We enjoyed dbd from the start but we didn't like the direction they started taking. Specially glad he quit sooner than me and didn't have to see an incoming battlepass in paid game. I knew if you gave bhvr overpriced cosmetics they would push farther. Wish people would understand the story if you give a mouse a cookie he would want some more. (but guess not all had that book as kid) But i feel like that dbd community gave them overpriced cosmetics then gave allowed being redshell used on us as fine. Even though think privacy should be peoples concern. When saw they were getting battlepass and saw people going well its called something else. Knew people had to endleslly defend a game they love and i was out of touch with that. If anyone knows of a way to play dbd year 1 or year 2 build let me know cause would love that game. Much appreciate great people on dbd community and hopefullly get to enjoy it years to come <3 If come to deathgarden community hope to see you in the gardens ^^ Also behaviour doubt will come by but hope you revive naughty bear ip cause it be enjoyable to play him. Could also port current two naughty bear games in a full game. That would be cool and very fun to enjoy. Don't know how the series sold but on switch might sell well in digital store.


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  • i quit after the legion chapter came out and came back at the end of the twins chapter. the shard grind for actually nice cosmetics was too much for me. felt like it kept pushing me to make dumb purchases. then i heard a battlepass coming and was like nope. the fact dbd has a 10$ battlepass and all these 10-15$ cool…
  • i feel reading that and seeing only a vote up option. Glad to be in deathgarden forums sure its dead forum but we can make polls and have a full range of choices. The other behaviour team is a great team letting us express ourselves all over the place. Really miss vote downs expressing unhappiness in posts and each…
  • im gonna miss killer own community cause were alot of cool people in there connecting with other killer ideas.
  • Why though.... nevermind its why they probally take away forum buttons. Just reasons
  • I can't wait to try it next thursday also. I think its good to stay in contact with wonderful people in this community. Hope people i know come check out this game also. This coming thursday will be amazing. Glad this game has you not looking back with gameplay. Probally gonna feel the same way after play open to everyone…
  • This whale of dbd supporter has to go before they make me poorer then already am. I will probally stay in touch with forums and twitter. Cause no matter what outside says don't think community is toxic on here just full of passionate loving fans. But i don't believe in supporting game no more like i did on day one 3 years…
  • thanks for suggestion ^^ much appreciated will check it out
  • weekly earnable cosmetic Hunter feels strong and that they don't look at them as unimportant. They don't show favouritism to a side maybe hunter from runners side. Runner feels fun with powers specially new runner dash. Its like a meg that has arrows that give people sprint burst. They can hide easily in the bushes so they…
  • Jason is possible learned from lawsuit from larry zelner that could call your killer vorhees and it be legal. Also learned from ghostface that if get licensed mask and alter the outfit can add in any icon. Chucky could work if you put charles lee ray soul behind the doll to do the heavy lifting animations like breaking…
    in Chuckie Comment by FayeZahara June 2019
  • They had ghost face license for a year don't know why they released legion as original killer when they were two chapters later going to release another original cloaked mask killer with a hunting knife. Guess the mask license is more profitable cause of what franchise most horror fans associate it with. Wish they focus on…
  • I think with balance and nerfing maybe a game could buff the stuff around the strongest thing. So you don't hear things like nerfs at all. Know that makes a bigger task but then you please both sides with them feeling added something to there game. Also found ghostface unessential with legion specially since they had this…
  • I want him to kick the survivor into 3 layed traps on ground. But your mori would be cool also.
  • oh your talking about that hint. Damn i thought would be talking about the ghostface tweet he left a year ago. I have been trying to find the tweet where he says gave them his license but have to wait and see what happens with other license. I really want this tweet to expose they have been holding on to funworld side of…
  • I like your addons cause really relates to the character. It be intresting if she also on top of this have a wish for a broken key add-on that made you have to find two halves of a key in jigsaw boxes. As a pig and amanda lover thank you and keep up the good work.
  • Can't do scream cause original character ghost face. Can't you see the space in words there making it solely original.
  • As a fan of slasher thought one of bads would be that he is bootleg of scream brand.They had this license confirmed for close to a year. It annoys me they didn't get 2nd license to make character complete so they shove this dlc out. Why sit on it for so long if releasing it this way and why give us legion.
  • Have to update freddy goes into the ######### FUN tier now. New freddy will make his horror fans moist with his new power. Ghostface goes in not fun at all cause feels like a cop out killer.
  • Ghost face is such a bootleg and it makes me wish he was scary movie one. XD
  • This is what i thought would happen. This is not a scream chapter so they have to do nothing but follow own original character. I know its silly but ghost face is the mask and there using it cause they know people won't understand difference in space. Ghostface is licensed killer but mask is a license and ghost face is the…
  • I prefer none but then again its a licensed mask ghost face not the killer ghostface. So in end got to get over the 2nd legion direction of his mori.
  • it is amazing rework and this makes up for getting inaccurate quentin and not nancy. Guess he does have little boy face but they made him so ugly. Also was sad not original freddy because need to work with robert englund to use his likeness. (Hired for voice work) Now all those little things are nothing cause this is…
  • hopefully if they nerf him they don't remove these cool traps
  • i just want 1 horror icon be ruined right now. Not happy ghostface and new pig are just awful comparisons to there franchises. Freddy is looking better but we should have that much care to brand in all licensed killers. Feel some killers get the treatment of goombas in live action mario movie. "This is tottally faithful to…
  • Its only a killer and not the one from scream but a mask creator. Also they had this mask license 8+ months ago when the licenser talked about it. He said they were working on getting 2nd license. Since its only this licenser guess never got scream and still thought make a nice cash grab. Classic profitable bait and switch…
  • wait til 31st and will know
  • This is what they call the claudette cosmetic. Also they can't remove the mask or they will piss of amanda young fans even more then they have. I think by clipping under mask it reveals its meg under that mask. Hey speaking of stealthy cosmetics why not do a black pig head. This would of been perfect to go with john kramer…
  • i will relay that to jigsaw franchise fans. "Amanda is fine cause plays like how she does in that movie with that stun noise."
  • Get kind of a sombre sadness looking at this. Beautiful art though
  • why sell the character if not faithful to movies. They could just make the killer original instead. If you add a leatherface but not faithful to movies why did you get him. Might as well said forever hillbilly is your chainsaw killer. Ghostface if has nothing to do with movies might as well be legion. Same with pig if she…