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  • Or to shoot survivors through it. I've been hit through tiny cracks in buildings by deathslinger many times. It also is beneficial for nurse, pyramid head... I don't disagree that the map sucks. It is definitely too big, for sure. But the killer shack has always been a powerful tile. Why shouldn't there be any powerful…
  • Conversely... We could have a karma system. Teabagging in front of the killer? -karma. Hitting someone on the hook without someone trying to unhook? -karma. Eventually, it would move all the negative karma people to their own queues and away from the rest of us.
  • So... Two perks you really don't need to worry about unless you're being a dick. Dead hard as the only controllable perk that helps with chases... And a totem that's basically a hex ruin with the sheer amount of time wasted running to it most of the time and is less efficient than self care unless you have lucky placement…
  • Killer players can and often are just as toxic. It's the game's community in general. It's like the majority of players were born in radioactive waste.
  • Someone the other day had a three wish from the devs thread. My #3 was three crouches in quick succession within the exit gates blocks the gate for said survivor. Called it the Karma Effect. I'd love little punishments for BMing like that. Maybe after hitting a survivor on the hook twice, your weapon drops and gets stuck…
  • I don't disagree, but my post was mostly to troll the killers that rage over each of these perks. It was not a serious, "this is sound, meta gameplay" suggestion. Hell, if I put a boon totem on now, it's just to trigger the killer, cause for the most part, they're unreliable and not worth the time. Though on RPD, the…
  • Well, clearly they do feel it's bad for the game since they're looking to fix it. I'm perfectly okay with making it impossible to spam click or teabag, or making each click use a minimum of one charge so it drains the flashlight bad to do it. I dislike flashlights as a whole.
  • You definitely don't speak for anyone but yourself when you attempt to justify scummy behavior. There are plenty of killers that camp and tunnel because it's easy, effective, and upsetting to the other side. Let's not pretend this community isn't filled with toxic people that get off on making other people miserable.
  • You do realize that what he said basically amounts to "then we can make other changes", right? Once a killer can't force someone out of the game in two minutes, we can make all kinds of changes that would make pounding out all 5 gens in three-four minutes impossible. Sounds like something pretty good for the state of the…
  • Use overcome first chase. Get hooked. Exhaustion is removed by being hooked. Use dead hard when being tunneled and cannot heal.
  • Actually, my queue times are pretty good as long as I leave cross play off and don't have to deal with console players. Overcome is not that big of a deal. Killers on this forum like to scream that any perk more useful than useless is the end of the world and bad for the game. I could make similar claims for several…
  • Absolutely. Looping is much more enjoyable. But since half the killer's now get guaranteed hits when you get locked into an animation at a window or pallet... What's the alternative? This supposed "hold w" meta is a direct result of all the ranged and "anti loop" killers.
  • When you get hooked, exhaustion is removed. Tunneling implies that the second you get off the hook, they're back after you. At that point, dead hard would be useful where overcome would not.
  • No, I did. Just as soon as I heard the crow sound, I ran off to the side. You can see the crows coming. At long range, they aren't hard to dodge.
  • Definitely too bright. Even makes seeing some of the interface difficult.
  • Not necessarily. I just had an Artist with the perk. My gen exploded and I dodged the crows, so she never came over, assuming I had left.
  • I'm more mocking the general sense of these forums. It's rather pathetic. Any perk survivors get that might be worth running gets massive outrage on these forums. I mean... The suggestion that after 20 seconds of running you should basically just drop dead doesn't really lend these forums even the slightest bit of…
  • Now now. They're just to treat the head injury. No tag team matches.unless, of course, you mean they take over while your original killer has to sit out with brain trauma.
  • Better. Run both! That way when they tunnel you for using overcome and don't want you getting to CoH, you can dead hard to make them ragequit.
  • Because it triggers killers. Just run it and a boon totem to make them foam at the mouth.
  • LOL. You guys really won't be happy until every survivor just jumps right onto the hooks for you the moment the game starts. Max twenty second stamina bar. That's beyond hilarious. That'd be comparable to the killer taking two pallet hits, they gain a concussion and can't move for two minutes until they have a chance to…
  • Only if said killer tunnel visions the best survivor. Play like the rest of your brothers and tunnel out the weakest link in less than a minute and enjoy the free win.
  • Get good at doing something like half the killer roster counters now. Brilliant. Before we only had a few killers where you were pretty much guaranteed to get hit when you dropped a pallet, now they're becoming the majority. You say adapt and learn how to deal with new killers. We do that and you cry too. Pretty sure the…
  • Actually, because it's more versatile because you can control it. You don't have to avoid dropping off of any half inch ledge or rock. You don't have to waste it vaulting the wrong window at the wrong time. You don't need to find specific star-aligning conditions for it to be useful or worry about lag. It just works.…
  • And yet, it'll be used more than most exhaustion perks because it's more controllable. Lithe and Balanced either cause you to go out of your way to avoid using them needlessly or you end up wasting them. Sprint burst most of the time requires you to walk... Or waste it. The only other perks that are more in your control…
  • No. But you should expect it. Just like you should expect to be mugged if you flash a wad of cash in a dark alley. Just because people do bad things, doesn't justify taking actions to prevent them. But actually, in this case, when you're a jerk, you should expect people to be one back to you.
  • Then we need the option to hold shift and prevent an unhook just like we can prevent a heal. We can't help what mouthbreathers we get paired with unless you *always* play with 3 friends. And we all know how much you don't want us to always play with three friends.
  • Given they're attempting to change it, I guess it really isn't okay then, is it? Toxic behaviors are what lead to toxic chat post game. If you fix the cause and make it feel like the game felt fair, you'll find better responses. Until then, expect to be virtually spit on in the past game chat for your toxic behavior.
  • This kind of response means you waive all right to complain when you come into contact with a skilled, SWF bully squad that spends the whole game stunning and blinding you. They aren't responsible for your fun. Or... you could perhaps realize that this is a game and everyone is responsible for everyone's fun. Don't be a…
  • I'll bite. 1) A survivor exhaustion perk that creates a smoke screen cloud over ~10m radius that the killer cannot see through only. A defense for all the ranged BS they keep adding to killers. 2) Camping is no longer possible. Hooking a survivor transfers them to a random hook without informing the killer of where,…