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  • Ive noticed this too but its only bugged while in the menus/lobby, they look normal when in a trial. I'm playing on medium.
  • Your issue seems really similar to mine and I just found a solution online in some random forum, I'm just gonna quote it here, maybe it will help you :) "Look's like we've found the problem of 30FPS Lock. My PC is connected to 1x Display Port Monitor & also connected to 1x HDMI 1080p TV. In Windows 10, when going in…
  • I'm having this issue too, but it isnt since the update was live, its since a couple hours ago. I also noticed that the game uncaps the 30 fps when I take off fullscreen. Hopefully this is fixed soon :(
  • This also happens to me and is mildly infuriating. I'm on PC and I havent bought the Rift pass yet.
  • The issue seems to have solved itself... I played yesterday and every single lobby was fine (70 - 100), maybe in the other session there werent enough servers in my zone so we had to fill american servers, I have no clue what was different between sessions. Has far has I know none of my friends use VPN's but I'll be sure…
  • I noticed this too has I was playing Spirit with Stridor, none of them had Iron will and I couldnt hear them at random. Also, I'm on PC.
  • Noed activates when the last generator is repaired, closing the hatch automatically repairs all of the remaining generators and has a result, noed activates. This is not a bug and has been around since closing the hatch became a thing.
  • She never died on hook, she disconnected while on hook, therefore infinite Kindred, its not normal.
  • If whispers didnt pick up the hooked survivor it would be way too strong of a tool for camping.
    in Whispers Comment by Figas December 2019
  • Resilience makes you vault 9% faster while injured, plus you do everything else faster, and plus, it stacks with spinechill. Consider running those if you want some really fast vaults.
  • Why is this post under bug reports, shouldnt it be on feedback or something? Also, I dont think the couple seconds they removed from the mending timer was winning you games, and now you can vault pallets faster. I dont think its that big of a deal...
  • Insidious will be changed in patch 3.4 to also have the undetectable status, you wont be able to see their aura, but you can probably use the above mentioned (brain) to figure out whats going on.
  • Theres only so many places they can spawn totems, theres 7 generators, 4 survivors and 5 different totems they need to place around the map, if you dont spawn totems around points of interest where else can they do it. Has the title says, its high risk high reward, if you want a powerful buff then you are putting your perk…
  • Its possble to spend 100 auric cells to bypass each Rift Tier. Completly overpriced obviously, but you never know how many will be dumb enought to purchase it.
  • You are totally right, these challenges look absolutely insane, I'm not sure how they expect someone to save 3 guys while endgame collapse is happening. Completly insane.
  • The only time I know of that they gave rewards for testing was on the 'Vanilla DBD' tests, which were not PTBs, they were private tests with pre selected volunteers. Expect rewards on those kinds of Test Builds (:
  • No, it wont, its a different branch of the game, nothing will affect the base game, it will just be wiped.
  • I'm not sure what is broken with the humming but it definitely is, just her humming makes my head hurt. It might be that one of the sound outputs is exiting directional and the other isnt, its very strange and painful to hear :(
  • @Freudentrauma What you described I would not consider as stealth, that is mind games and smart movement. Obviously I do my best to do this and lose the nurse and, if the map is favorable and the nurse cant track for crap, I usually get away. Keep in mind that I tend to run Iron Will and Lightweight because this is my…
  • I consider an actual killer to be any killer besides nurse. Billy isnt op at all, he has counter play and you can still try to juke him even in the open. I dont like the argument of "we need her because of swf" since when I play survivor I really enjoy playing solo survivor but I still get matched with nurse after nurse.…
  • @Aven_Fallen It works this way so that the killer cant predict who has decisive strike until it is used.
  • It actually means something, they have a contract with the licensers, they cant just give a cut of a free currency to the licensers, thats not how it works.
  • I played nurse once to get the adept and guess what, first try, at red ranks too. I dont get this "shes hard to master" argument.
  • Well this obviously just a concept and I dont see them introducing new add-ons in the near future. This is mostly something I wish they remembered to add from the get go, even before technician.
  • Just ignore him, she cant stay like this for too long. One day we shall get a rework and this kind of player will have to learn how to play an actual killer for a change.
  • The boxs have sabotage add ons, and there's saboteur perk, one thing doesnt negate the other.
  • I dont think the licenced DLCs revenue is just for behaviour, I'm pretty sure the lincense holders also get a cut. Also, dont forget about steams cut.
  • I saw this happen while watching a friend of mines stream, he was using a rainbow map and white ward. The killer disconnected and post match he had one less map then he had started with.
  • So you are able to launch the game and play as normal, yes?