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  • Another common fix for this kind of problem is to uninstall. Try uninstalling EAC. Default Folder: 'C: / Program Files (86x) / Steam / steamapps / common / Dead by Daylight / EasyAntiCheat' Run the exe present in the folder and use it to repair EAC.…
  • Try restarting your computer and report back if it doesnt work.
  • Im not really sure of how the killer supposably performed this potential exploit, reading your post doesnt make it very clear. Did the killer use the hook aura (the yellow one) to somehow see the survivors aura or was it the bubble? Also, when you s…
  • Your proposal is so convoluted and random I dont think it would ever be implemented. I also think the key should do something on its own but I dont think opening the hatch is the right ideia.
  • It might be bugged, this achivements are prone to breaking. Maybe they messed up something after the 'were gonna live forever' rework, maybe the new version is considered a new perk in the games eyes and it doesnt trigger the achivement.
  • By the amount of bloodpoints you received, did the the killer happen to have disconnected? Maybe it doesnt count if he disconnects?
  • I dont think the key should be able to open the hatch, maybe it could have a buff to the aura reading timer since you kind of need to bring at least one timer increase to be able to use it, wasting an add on slot in the process. Although there was a…
  • Hey sorry if you took my comment has stupid criticism, it was mostly out of frustration. I understand your motives for this proposal but you should keep it in mind that this toggle could have a very drastic impact in an already unpredictable queue t…
    in Lobby Toggle Comment by Figas May 2019
  • I also want a toggle to not play with nurses or billys, oh and I also dont want to get moried. —less Dc's —nurse mains may learn to behave themselves a little better or risk shrinking the pool of survivors willing to deal with them
    in Lobby Toggle Comment by Figas May 2019
  • They would stack, maybe making technician actually useful.
  • When looping, you usually have to use windows, if you are at a jungle gym, you either skip the loop in the first window vault or you waste the perk, its condition is a little hindering in my opinion, balanced landing users pathing usually involves u…
  • I would really like to know how the stuns trigger. The hit box is very inconsisntent and it probably relys on the killers hitbox. Its also possible for the killer to grab the survivor before he gets stunned, making it really unsafe to try to stun a …
  • I remember hearing that freeing someone from bear traps also used to give you stacks, I cant verify it for myself but It made sense at least, probably doesnt work either now.
  • The sound of the wraith cloaking/uncloaking is supposed to be map wide, kind of like the hillbillys chainsaw and the nurses blinks, the bone clapper just makes it so you cant tell if the wraith is close to you or not.
  • This problem is supposably being fixed in the next mid-chapter 2.7.0, its in the patch notes at least.
  • The pig is already a weakish killer soon to be nerfed, removing her only advantage, the time waster, would just remove any viability that she had in the first place. The traps arent built to kill you, they are made just to waste your time.
  • It wasnt a bug, its just that whenever a survivor equips decisive strike any of the survivors can be chosen at random to be the obsession. This happens so that the killer isnt able to figure out who has the decisive strike until it is used. Also wou…
  • No, thank you for your time and dedication.
  • The perk can find very rare add ons, it has a base chance of 10% for the 1° add on to be very rare I believe, it just cant find ultra rare ones.
  • There are a bunch of confirmed outfits that havent been released yet, probably around 10. This dress for claudette is one of those, I am not sure when it will come out tho.
  • What about an offering that would allow for an extra perk slot for a trial? Probably wouldnt be survivor exclusive tho.