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  • Honestly, I posted this in a moment of desperation praying that the BHVR gods would smile upon me and grant my wish. I need to hit 60 before the end of this one in order to buy the next one, and I don't think I have time lmao. So y'know... Slide me …
  • That makes sense. Could imagine a lot of people getting upset or offended by jokes about it. But then again, the whole game is almost universally seen as a joke, and theres the fact that people try make this game more competitive than a casual horro…
  • Ghostface is one of my favourite killers, and was my first P3-50 killer, so he's definitely high on the priorities list. I've never been good at demo and I already have inner strength unlocked (highly underrated perk) but i would be willing to give …
  • It'd be pretty nice to be able to transfer my cosmetics (from hallowed blight) over to my new account, so yeah. As for bp, cells, and shards, it'd be nice to recieve random gifts or to send out random gifts
  • I did actually have the stranger things dlc, had a p3-50 nancy but something went wrong with my psn account and sony couldn't do anything about it, so its probably not a bad idea to pick up that one. Not to mention that steve is, well, steve lmao
  • "Wahh, no one's doing gens even though us survivors have been complaining about gens being our only objective since the dawn of time." Honestly. No one in this community can be happy with anything. Look, here's something to do OTHER THAN gens. Ok, I…
  • I feel like you're Ardetha in disguise. No one likes Meg as much as Arde 🤔
  • As much as I hate to admit it, I do think about this from time to time. Ugliest - Nea, Quentin, Claudette, Jake, Jane Decent looking - Ace, Meg, Zarina, Adam, David, Feng, Tapp, Bill (he aged well, ngl) Best Looking - Laurie, Kate, Steve, Ash, Steve…
  • How did they mess up something so... simple? They already had the 3 Year Anniversary cake, why not just copy the code or something and change 103% to 104%? But yeah, save em. Got a fat stack of em on Yui waiting to be burned.
  • Well, Myers is basically an unstoppable force of mass destruction and death, so like, rules don't apply to him? Plus, he's basically unkillable, he could take on the entity in a 1v1 lmao. Pyramidhead, well... His whole kit kinda goes against the ent…
  • It's mainly because she's a skin that almost costs as much as 3 characters. The least they could do is a different voice and lobby name. They haven't done too well for the first "legendary skin" imo, new characters are effectively "legendary skins" …
  • Deathslinger - Nutslinger Pig - Piggles Ghostface - James Trapper - Man With Machete Wraith - Invisibitch Pyramidhead - Triangle Man Legion - The Leg Plague - Vommy Mommy That's about it really, apart from Oni, when I VS him I tend to address him as…
  • Got a noed ghostface yesterday(?) and while he was teabagging me at the gates i picked myself up and took the endurance hit, escaped, and got called a hacker over psn messages. Funny lot of people we've got over there.
  • I don't mind facecamping, but only if theres a reason for it. Being a douche for no reason? Yeah, sure. Farming teammates? I've facecamped for that before, no shame. 3 Gen chase? Sure, thats on the killer, but it's understandable to a degree. TTV in…
  • New map plays like ass, but looks so amazing that I'm legally not allowed to complain. Good job BHVR on (imo) the best dlc so far.
  • @Dr_Loomis You are an evil human being. How dare you insult her in such a way?
  • I like to call this Kool-Aid man wraith (only really works on midwich and the saloon): Brutal Strength BBQ Fire Up Pop Addons: The Serpent - Soot and All Seeing - Blood/Shadow Dance - Any Just break walls if you see someone behind them/know someone …
  • CHERYL! :D
  • Man. People really aren't happy with this DLC... Just... Chill. Let us SH fans enjoy our spotlight.
  • Hell yeah. Kudos to BHVR for a sick dlc. Even though midwich doesn't play too well, it looks so good that I can't complain. Even playing against Pyramid Head is fun, it actually feels like I'm in danger when I'm being chased. Though the thought came…