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  • It can be worse in SWF but it's a major problem solo queuing too, so. Been going on for months with no peep from the devs.
    in Disconnection Comment by Franku May 2019
  • I've had a few traps catch me that were clearly halfway inside hay bales and barrels and it's the most frustrating thing.
  • I wish it gave a progressive boost to shards and bp or whatever to make things feel less tedious. I was curious about reaching 100 until I realized that it really doesn't have any affect on your gameplay and is more or less just a little number.
  • Yep! Before it was just "Disconnected from Host" and it started real badly after Adiris went live. When Ash went live I started to get a NAT error on occasional lobby joins, and now after the EGC update I've got the additional notification. It's very frustrating because I can have days where I'm fine with no disconnects…
  • Hah, yeah, that happened to me earlier. I went 'wat' when it kicked me out mid match and the not fully loaded notification popped up. :-( At this point I'm pretty sure the only solution is to wait until the dedicated servers go live.
  • In addition to getting told I've disconnected from the host whenever I've been given the boot, it's now adding on the new notification about someone failing to load in and the lobby whatever. :I
  • It can happen against any killer. It's annoying but at least it's not every single match. They want people to upload their logs when they encounter this bug to help work on fixing it.
  • Jules is Julie's nickname. It's in the art and stuff.
  • They also need to fix it so when the killer loads in and then dc's because they don't like the map they're on offerings and items are saved instead of lost. Absolutely infuriating.
  • What's terrifying is when I don't know the killer is nearby. Sneaky radius-less folks make me jump (more than once on a popup Myers) and more wary about what I'm doing whereas when someone loud comes barging along it just gives me more of a chance to get away. I think letting the game get darker would be less of a help…
  • I used it to set my settings for me for the game but since I'm running an older computer with an older graphics card it doesn't look so great. Helped a lot with graphical lag though!
  • I ducked one, singular hit. One press of the left trigger. Which, you know, actually worked and made the killer whiff instead of put me down. Was near the middle of the match after I peeled off a generator to go try and pick someone off the floor after they had been slugged. I'm glad this counts as gate-teabagging to you…
  • I ducked ONCE in order to miss being hit the other day and got called out post match for being a teabagger and the reason why we got tunnel-camped instead of 'fun and enjoyable farming session'd. 🙄 Can't win on either side.
  • Seeing as I disconnect near constantly on live and it makes any attempt at serious playing total garbonzo beans and I actually can last full games on PTB, I'm willing to eat the lag if it means I can actually play.
  • They do ask that if you get it you submit a log > Hey, please if this continue happens, grab your log: 1. Press Windows Key + R to bring up "Run". 2. Type this in the "Run" prompt: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Logs 3. The file called "DeadByDaylight.log" is your log file. and send it to:…
    in Wiggle Bug Comment by Franku April 2019
  • The wiggle meter bug affects the killer in the sense that it can make you much easier to catch, since it can keep you from moving/pausing you randomly. Outside of that it's just a personal nuisance. They do ask that if you get it you submit a log > Hey, please if this continue happens, grab your log: 1. Press Windows Key +…
  • Mmhmm, can't seriously rank up at all because I'm just constantly disconnecting. Real fun, now that people are starting to recognize me and refusing to play with me because "Just gonna dc again :^)?". Dev's obviously don't give a ######### based on how many threads there are about the issue and not one single reply.…
  • I've noticed some really weird spots on several maps that tend to glue you in place until you're beat down and picked up by the killer. It's frustrating. So far - tree's in Crotus Prenn Asylum, trees and occasionally the metal wagon things in Cold Wind Farm, boxes and some of the rocks in Ormond. There's probably more, but…
  • This emblem system is garbage and I get miscellaneous ranks up all the time. I've gone from 15 0 to 13 1 before when I got tunneled and killed early in ONE game - something I would've normally depipped from. I've gone from 15 to 14 or 14 to 13 just by opening up the game after a restart. It'll also tell me I lost a pip or…
  • Still happening. I'm now disconnecting either every other match or several times in a row, single or swf. Infuriating.
  • I'd be up for some Evil Dead maps. They extended on the location in the old game and I'm sure you could even pull a map or two out of the show. Treat it like the MacMillan Estate or Autohaven or the Farm where there's 2-4 different maps.
  • I mean, it's ######### on both ends. When someone disconnects on the Killer, all the survivors can end up losing a rank just because the host had a game error or got salty they weren't winning. I've been knocked down repeatedly because the Killer has had a fit at gen rushing or losing their face-camp target to BT and…
  • Yeah, Ormond's a bit of a butt. Sometimes if I'm not in the right spot I can't even see other survivors when they're downed because of how faint their aura ends up being.
  • Either works, as both are states. I think you get two per survivor if you've picked them up from dying and healed them to full.
  • Yeah, I'm not sure what they changed about the Wraith in recent updates - I've run into this a few times since the Adiris patch. Makes my ears hurt and isn't very consistent.
  • Yes, it's a common issue. Hey, please if this continue happens, grab your log: 1. Press Windows Key + R to bring up "Run". 2. Type this in the "Run" prompt: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Logs 3. The file called "DeadByDaylight.log" is your log file. and send it to: [email protected] If it's too big…
  • Some of us have been posting away in another thread because we've been having the same issue. We've listed what we've tried to do to fix it and come back saying it hasn't worked and have yet to hear anything from BVHR or anybody else about it. I've been disconnecting repeatedly since Adiris and even worse since Ash -…
  • This is how it's been since the ranking change, it's infuriating. Killers get quitter bonuses for all the disconnects they come across that stack per dc but Survivors get knocked down pips/ranks because Killers either dc on accident or they rage dc because they aren't winning the game. Between struggling with disconnects…
  • Hi, I've lost my progress twice before in the last month a day apart. From what I've found, this is a common issue and the only information they've given is an apology and to reinstall/verify cache/make sure the cloud save is working. The way I've avoided it since is paying extra attention to making sure the red save…