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  • These are indeed dark times. Although tbf it was kinda always like this just the mob was mostly on twitter so outta sight mostly but they've seemed to have spread to on here as well.
  • mmmmm....yeah but it's hard and takes a lot of game knowledge and thinking, complaining about it being not easy while suggesting alf and knightlight are the killers in all my survivor games and anyone who says they do escape is probably just getting baby killers seems better than trying to improve.
  • This is not a thing I have ever thought about and probably never would have...but I kinda want it now. So I don't think a straight gorilla works in dbd and the only example I can really think of is king kong who is obviously far too big BUT there are tons of sasquatch and yeti horror movies and that would be pretty close…
  • Plague counters the best perks and items in the game with green purge and can end chases as fast as a nurse or blight while chewing through health states of multiple survivors as well as bubba in unhook situations when they have red purge. The only thing that holds them back is fountain RNG and survivors that know how to…
  • If you don't wanna pay any money? Trapper since Brutal Strength and Agitation are both decent perks. If you want the actual good ######### though? Nemesis for Lethal Pursuer and Eruption or Cannibal for BBQ and Franklin's. The Cannibal suggestion might seem strange but people underestimate how game changing good items are…
  • I'm still escaping fairly regularly. Seems like a skill issue.
  • I disagree with a lot of his dredge takes. First saying Dredge isn't map dependent is just wrong, Dredge is a nightmare on any indoor map but Dredge can feel like the worst killer in the game on a map like Shelter Woods where there's 6 lockers on the whole map and the loops generally don't complement your revenant very…
  • Yeah it was def only survivors that complained about RPD....
  • You can do it but it's not really worth it unless you have the shingle or got the 85% charge warning sound. I think it's 6 c/s and you need 300 charges so it would take you 50 seconds to get nightfall just by sitting in a locker which is like two gens gone if survivors are efficient and brought PT. Shingle only raises it…
  • Actually the most Chad wraith doing psychological warfare to wear the survivors down.
  • Low Profile/Sole Survivor/Wake Up/Clairvoyance is gonna be the "I don't trust a single ######### person in this lobby" build.
  • Literally named one of the most mobile killers lmao. If you're camping with wraith you're missing the entire point of the killer like half your add-ons make you do things faster and the other let's you ambush survivors on gens easily ######### are you doing?
  • Today I learned random bits of code could be considered toxic.
  • I firmly believe Pig should go back to 28m so her stealth is actually usable.
  • I try my best to win but I usually do it in a chill way and I try not tunnel and let peopleget at least some points as I have hundreds of flans on my killers so I always bring one. I see a map offering especially a game forest or farm one any form of mercy is gone and I will tunnel someone out at 5 gens if I can. I simply…
  • Artist is the 4th best killer in the game and I don't think it's debatable. She can get downs from pretty much anywhere on the map. I don't even buy they get countered by holding W, you just have to predict pathing correctly and they go down all the same.
  • I'm weird when it comes to altruism, I usually focus on gens and let my teammates save because two people rushing a hook can be pretty catastrophic if done poorly and generally people want those unhook points so it's not an issue I am however the idiot that will save during EGC when it's unlikely everyone is getting out…
  • No Mither is the worst perk by far, no I don't care you brought resilience to go with it nothing excuses making yourself useless in chase and giving up all the time another health state would have given you. And if you come across Oni your existence threw the game from the start. There are a lot of bad perks but No Mither…
  • Your team failed you big time if you looped the killer the killer for any considerable amount of time and they only did two gens. So either you got really bad teammates or you got megarolled in chase.
  • I actually like soloQ, yes it's frustrating sometimes but if you play for points and not escapes it's extremely doable to finish with 20k+ almost every game. I just wish the matchmaking was better when I get a team where we're all at least 1.2k hours escaping still isn't that hard but when I get teammates with 300 hours I…
  • I agree with the OP people don't understand two people stuck doing an action is so much worse than one person doing the action while the other does a gen. If I want a heal I'll ask for it otherwise let me use my gd medkit I brought it for a reason.
  • We really out here acting like killers can't run discordance and 3 slowdown/regression perks. I especially can't believe we out here acting like PT isn't countered by normal game play. Hook one person chase another now a 3rd has to go for the unhook and no PT speed boost is happening.
  • I really like the new outside area so new RPD for that alone.
  • I'm very new to PH but I always wanted to learn them and been having a blast so far. 1. Been running I'm all ears, Lethal, Deadlock, Merciless Storm to start but look forward to branching out eventually. 2. For a SH2 chapter I'd want Maria and Angela for survivors, The amusement park for the map and for the killer idk as I…
  • I swear some people arn't going to be happy until survivors have no viable perks left. Literally just slap on discordance and break up the PT it's not that hard, nobody was complaining about PT before, they had to nerf 5-6 other perks for us to get to this point.
  • Hag is still very solidly A tier they just have very niche appeal and that's okay. You could argue the fact that because hag has barely ever been touched she's one of the most well designed killers BHVR has ever made.
  • It's pretty disingenuous to suggest anni was the average when that's obviously not true.
  • I feel like people don't understand how absolutely in the gutter killer populations were before this. It was pretty common for the survivor to killer ratio to be around 30:1 at any given time because nobody wanted to deal with how stressful playing killer was which put strains on queue times and on sbmm. I'm not sure if…
  • It's pretty common for me to get the same map a couple times in a row or on the same day, last session I had 3-4 games in a row on Ormond.
  • Some hag games could easily last this long if the hag gets a good 3 gen and this would let people bail instead of sticking it out.