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  • Just adding my name to the hat for people that would love Steamdeck support, DBD would definitely be one of the games I would love to play on it.
  • So now those toxic Bubbas will continue their behavior and the rest of us are needlessly punished. This has no effect on the individuals that were doing this. It just removes a cool horror-movie-relevant feature and does nothing to address the actual toxicity. This change, of course, only affects killers and there is no…
  • It's a cool perk idea but with the boon meta, it is rarely useful. If it kept its current status of can only rekindle broken bones once but could rekindle boons infinitely it would make the survivor have to choose to boon or break and give it some viability.
  • Well, there are games that somehow manage to spawn literally hundreds of detailed zombies in open-world environments. I know it's a big ask but perhaps they could clean up the spaghetti code enough to manage more than 8 character models in a controlled area lol
  • I definitely agree this is how it should work. They could spawn them at the exit gates when you kill them instead of all at once at the end, thus not needing to melt your computer. There could also be a max number that could spawn. It would be a much cooler moment for survivors and would still be a weak add-on, just a cool…
  • Came here after a match where I assumed this was how it worked. It would be such a cooler add-on and wouldn't even be strong, obviously just for the laughs. If they felt like it might actually be too strong they could say for every 2 zombies you kill they appear at the exit gates or something. Would be such a cooler moment…
  • The issue is that it removes the pressure Franklin's use to apply. If a survivor knows they aren't going to lose their item, they will just come back for it later. It is so rare that an item makes it very long at all with its charges nowadays that having Franklin's reducing them is only useful for like the first 60 seconds…
  • Also, to add to the convo, I didn't use Franklin's with keys in mind. Having it on helps in those situations but I primarily used it for adding pressure. Survivors can't help but go back for their items, even if they are injured, especially when they know they will disappear; it can be a grey medkit and they still want it.…
  • Soo uhh.. hmm.. what about.. Hex perks?? Survivors can literally take away entire perks but ya call other people delusional lol. This isn't even considering the fact that the killer loses their add-ons EVERY game if they don't use a very rare offering lol
  • It is crazy! They changed it to destroy because of how pointless it is when items have so few charges. I am really surprised to see them giving it any attention at all, let alone a nerf!? The one value it has is that it makes survivors want to go back for their item before it is destroyed. This nerf removes the pressure…
  • This really needs to stay in! Having to kill your mouse doesn't add anything to the immersion of the game or otherwise. DBD is seriously a mouse killer and I was loving this bug/feature.
  • My working theory was that it was visually easier for people with visual impairments but as I now see on the forums, it is the exact opposite. Color issues aside, I think everyone would appreciate the ability to customize the placement of the various elements of the HUD.
  • This is unfortunate as the only thing I could come up with was that it was actually trying to be MORE accessible. If the goal is not to be more accessible I am not sure about the decision to change the icon style then.
  • Ignore this comment.
  • mvp: Each time you are unhooked by a survivor that survivor heals you `x\x\x %` faster for the next 20 seconds with more difficult skill checks. If you are healed during that time you gain MVP status. A survivor with MVP status gains the following aura effect for the next 60 seconds, all effects are applied to the MVP and…
  • I typically play more survivor than killer but I play both enough that they are always in red rank. I also always finish all challenges. I don't really mind the basic approach of motivating players to play and trying to make money in the process, I buy all dlcs with money even though I have enough with shards because I…
  • Your points about not making the rift easier and also allowing more time in between made me think of perhaps a smaller change to the rift system. If we leave the archive and rift as it is now but simply extend the time it is open, this should still be satisfying for people who play more than average and makes the rift more…
  • I think I play a lot for someone who has a job and partner and I know it is due to the archvies/rift. I am not one to really care that much about cosmetics but it is more the sense of progression/completion that pulls me in. I enjoy having a reason to grind again, the fun archive challenges, and the lore additions.…
  • You keep saying that this is somehow balanced for the average DBD player but meanwhile you are also saying there are thousands of threads where players are saying they can't complete it.
  • Right, by the end of the rift it starts to feel like a chore which isn't exactly fun. I like the difficulty of the archive challenges but the slow gain of rift fragments takes away from some of the satisfaction.
  • Starting out something with "For the 100th time" is really a great way to start a 'grown-up' conversation.
  • For the 2nd time: "Inb4 gEht GuD nEwb I diD iT JuSt FinE. --> This convo is for the rest of us. <--"
  • The update is NOT too dark, it just isn't, it looks great. It is the precise level of dark you would expect from a >horror< game. A part of being scared is fumbling around in the dark a little bit(though I don't think it is even fumbling level of dark). The textures are amazing, seriously, as someone who has played since…
  • That is a good point actually. The fact that he is crashing into walls but for some reason not survivors is weird. Perhaps it could apply the mend status on collision, regardless health state.
  • Actually it doesn't mean that, you described one game. I have experienced this consistently since crossplay was enabled, dcs have gone up and the trend seems to be crossplay people. Further, I asked if others had experienced this, meaning I am aware I don't have all the data. Take your passive aggressive stuff elsewhere.
  • I am sad to hear that. I honestly had not noticed (because I don't DC) before the crossplay was enabled, now it is painfully consistent.
  • I really like this idea and I was coming here to post about something BHVR just sent out... this image: I think Killers and Survivors could both use this type of thing. The individual survivors and killers could have offerings or add-ons that are relevant to them. The add-ons/offerings would be similar to this where it is…
  • Have to bump this as well. The anniversary event seems to punish your P3 players instead of reward them for their continued support. The frequency of the items needs to increase as their rarity classification seems to make them show up waayyy less for your loyal survivors. I have dumped over 2 million into the bloodweb and…
  • I have to agree. As a survivor I only choose DS as an anti-tunneling (but honestly more so an anti-bad save perk)... 60 seconds of invincibility is too long though. As killer, being able to do do literally every single killer action (chase, down, hook, kick gen, break pallet) and then down the same survivor and they still…
  • Ok one more thing to add while I still have my tinfoil hat on: Terra Primus is a French book (which many devs speak) and I have only been able to find an excerpt from it, which I Google translated: "Excerpt from the speech of Ardal de Strop guardian of the Sanctuary: 'The dark times have arrived. It is time to start your…