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  • I don't think he needs a re-make just some QoL changes would be fine. Traps are not scattered but in lockers. Trapper sack is default, stitched bag is buffed by 1 held trap.
  • New hatch is way better than the old one. Old one was an auto win for survivor even if they didn't find it before the killer because the only way the killer could win is if the survivor was stupid enough to jump. If the killer, swung/downed the survivor it didn't matter they still won, hell even pig traps didn't stop it.
  • You don't tunnel? So you are trying to have us believe is you down and hook a survivor, find another survivor and hook him then find the other survivor and eat a DS, all within 60-80 seconds? The fact you are complaining about it means this happens regularly, either you are tunnelling or the survivors are idiots in which…
  • @lewfairbrother I will do the same, i will message killers asking if they enjoyed being looped and ask if they enjoyed the game. Did you read what i put? Lust is not a factor on loops, loopers know how to break LoS there is no lust. The Disturbed Ward is a great example of this.
  • Pretty sure closing the hatch powers the gates, so they will get another chance to get out, but this should also activate NoED in the process. Bottom line the person that finds the hatch first is likely to win as it always should have been.
  • Yup that is how it should work. Basically no more standoff, you get the hatch first or you lose, in this case you can still get a door to get out so not all is lost. That's how it always should have been.
  • @lewfairbrother "I also disagree with your statement regarding looping. It's completely different. There are so many more factors that can impact looping - the map, perks, skill, pallet position etc. Camping a hook is just that, camping at a hook" Not really no. Every map has one, one build works for all of them, MoM,…
  • @lewfairbrother Because 9/10 times the person is being disingenuous. They exaggerate, act as if every killer they face decides to just facecamp for nothing, been playing for 1 year now and been facecamped MAYBE half a dozen times. Most of the time it's because they hide right next to hooks then loop the killer around it…
  • @Orion "Tunnelling" is the act of a survivor unhooking a person in front of you and then expecting to to respect that survivors "Safe space" and not hitting them again until they have had sufficient time to have a cry and heal up. See also "Camper" this is the act of catching another survivor vulturing the hook similar to…
  • "But Survivors liked being able to vacuum pallets, use infinites, get flashlight saves, but they nerfed all of those things because yes they were stupidly powerful" So we have established reasons as to why they were nerfed, you say it took skill, yet use of it was so widespread they had to nerf it, so did it really take…
  • Because they inconvenienced their team and cost the killer points as well. If it's only the once it shouldn't matter right?
  • The red stain is a good mind game tool for the killer which i love to have fun with BUT this particular problem must be fixed AND the walls on the farm maps should be solid. The amount of "safe" pallets and gyms is too much.
  • *Opens locker* Oh Hi Dwight, what's new with you?
  • Why not both? Current Meta is MoM, Adrenaline, Dead Hard/Balanced Landing with DS/BT Full SWF team all running second chance perks, herein lies the problem. Now YOUR particular SWF might not be set up like this, but alot are and no killer wants to take those games. Except Nurse mains....
  • MODS! get the shovel and bury this necro!
  • "Preventing any chance of rescue" No such killer exists. There is ALWAYS a way to make a rescue. Killer do get a penalty being stood still, they lose the game, if the survivors are not morons anyway.
  • Huntress counters loops? LuL no no no she's one of the easiest to pallet loop in the game. Spirit, Clown, and Nurse yes. Billy doesn't even counter loops he's quite loopable as long as you understand the hitboxes on the chainsaw after playing some games as him. Problem is most killers more specifically lower tier ones have…
  • "Killers need to git gud" - Plays in SWF "Ruin is a no incentive perk" - Probably runs MoM. SWF is imbalanced as all hell, I had guys farming people off hooks yesterday in SWF to abuse BT i couldn't get away from the hooks fast enough to avoid it, then went full flame mode after i killed one of them. This kind of rubbish…
  • I would find it more fun if the button to hit the skill check changed each time. Like the skillchecks would be slower (not too slow) but the button to hit the skillcheck changed each time. So maybe i have to press X instead of Space. So nerves of steel or fail the SC The button pool would be limited so it cannot be ANY key…
  • "MoM now affects ALL hits" "After careful consideration we have decided to revert the change to Decisive Strike"
  • You see that's what BVHR should have detailed. New to Legion, picks both addons because they don't have alot of addons and poof, enjoy the ban.
  • Not necessarily. If what they find is a key for example, which the odd of would be increased since there would be more chests, that could end the trial earlier. Not to mention increasing the number of flashlights in a game is not exactly a good thing. Can you imagine seeing 0 lights on the loading screen only for the game…
  • Easy fix for that @White_Owl make it so the basement chest is a different colour and call it the "Killers lockbox" then change it so only those with plunderers can open the "Killers lockbox"
  • Hag and Spirit are top 5 though, and both have the ability to map pressure due to teleports via traps and phase walking speed all 4 of those killers have movement enhancing abilities. If you take the likes of Trapper, Bubba, Freddy, Pig, Clown, Wraith, Huntress on any map with see-through walls or alot of hatchet…
  • The rank reset wouldn't be a problem if the matchmaking was any good. Sure on the DAY of the reset you might get some recently dropped high-rankers or some people that have been rank 15 for the whole of the previous season but that would iron itself out fairly quickly couple days tops but as it stands currently ranks mean…
  • Ruin Overpowered? behave. Im not kidding when i say this 1 of the 4 survivors WILL spawn within 20 metres of it. Whether they find it or not is a case of gettin gud. Totem spawns are predictable and easy to find, that's if i suspect NoED, if it's Ruin i just work through it. You seen what happens to any killer that isn't…
  • I really wish they would remove all these types of perks. Seriously alot of these Ace/Pharmacy/Plunderers players do is spend the entire game hunting down chests for their free purple medkit/flashlight. Then they get a cheap hatch/escape off the back of other peoples efforts. They normally have 5k+ points less than every…
  • Do you main a killer in particular or play all of them? Also what platform?
  • I used to run a healer build for fun. Dead Hard, Self Care, Botany Knowledge and We will make it, the speed on healing someone else after the unhook is insane. Alot of fun to be had with that.