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  • @Jholla31 there's also a ton of boardgames that handle the scenario you outlined really really well. Evolve did it well before it's death too.
  • That's fair, but when your goal is to win and the game is built to reward gameplay styles that aren't fun for the other side (Look at Twins that excel at slugging) it sends some strongly mixed signals. Heck pretty much every round I win, I'll let the last survivor go and who knows how many pips/bloodpoints that has cost me…
  • That's one of the biggest issues in this game. I've never played another game where I have to go so far out of my way to make sure the other side has an enjoyable game. When playing killer it's just more effective to go for tunneling and slugs if your goal is to win. Then again we still, 4 years after launch, don't know…
  • That sounds like hell for many reasons. Killers already can't swap their character after Q'ed up asking them to redo their build in that minute because two friends want to play together is nuts. Also what about two different groups of 2? IMO you can't balance around some people communicating and some not. There's entire…
  • This! An injured survivor should, by default, repair gens slower. Give motivation to find healing which gives killers map pressure.
  • I'm sure it'll be a perk soon enough since BHVR likes to create a perk instead of Addressing core issues on both sides. It'll probably be like Steve's Camaraderie perk. Killers understand DS just not when they have already hooked another survivor and the first still has ds up.
  • Personally I go by hooks. I could just facecamp and have boring games with easy 2k , I'd rather get a ton of hooks even if all the survivors actually escape. I try not to let survivors fall from first stage to second because it's just so boring. 0-3 Hooks = big defeat 4-8 = Tie 9-12 hooks= win. I'd rather hook everyone…
  • Heather for me!
  • I'll never understand this mentality. I've been playing since launch, why would I not want people to have an easier time than I had? It was fn horrible to grind at launch and it's barely better now with so many perks. Let people have neat things, it doesn't make yours less special.
  • Holy ######### that's an incredible suggestion. It still supports the grind, but on the players terms. Someone higher this person.
  • I could spend hours going over all perks on both sides with small changes I would like from a balance/fun aspect, but instead I'll just share my idea on what a perk should be. It's impossible to not have a META in games that are competitive and you have this many options. In my mind though it would be wonderful if every…
  • My vote goes for playing as AND against Legion as the least fun. It's just really really boring. Plague would be a close second. Though I love playing as her, I don't think she's actually very fun.
  • You could instead pull up your crash logs and make a helpful post in determining what's wrong with the client/ask for trouble shooting steps. Nobody can fix 'My game crashed'. There's a billion reasons that could happen with all kinds of different people to blame for it. Maybe it's them. Maybe you were playing 30 copies of…
  • There's already no sound indicator when someone is removed from the cage. That would be very nuts in my opinion.
  • Great question, that's the kind of thinking I like! Personally I haven't checked. Do you know if it works on Hag traps? I'm not sure what the definition of 'trap' is in the code.
  • There's a brand new Survivor perk that's wonderful for counting pop. Plus if you look at the time doing a chase/hitting a survivor twice/hooking them/moving and kicking to a generator takes, I think it's easily more time than it takes a single survivor with no toolbox to do 25% of a gen. It can also only be used on a gen…
  • Either every single 'Hook' based perks from both Killer and Survivor should work on it, or none of them should. Simply from a programming/description standpoint it's insane to think each individual perk should be reviewed and if it should or shouldn't work with this. You're just asking for more bugs/exploits. Personally…
  • Normally I prefer to play Legion as either Julie or Susie. But Robbie the Rabbit's default is that Pink skin so I have to stick with it. Going to be weird to hear Frank when I play Legion now.
  • I gotcha, thank you both. Thank you, couple follow up questions. If you have increased speed of healing, that doesn't change the charges, correct? If 2 survivors are injured and one has Solidarity has the other has Second Wind, the second Wind user would still need to heal someone else for half a state, since the…
  • I'm glad to see others wanting this change. It's honestly the biggest thing for me in this patch and I'm a huge silent hill fan. I just miss playing survivor because my hands aren't the best and the struggle mechanic is torture. I know a lot of people macro it, but I'm not risking an account ban since I'd have to do a…
  • I think you're right @TAG at least I hope so!
  • I'm 100% with you, it's really hard on my hands.
    in Struggle Comment by Gravnos May 2020
  • Changing Mori to this is great, but there's something we all need to understand about SWF to keep the game alive. Mori: Ebony - Kill all survivors on last hook Green - Kill 2 on last Hook Yellow - Kill 1 on last hook (remove last survivor condition) Now SWF- It's INSANE to think this game would live if you couldn't play…
  • The struggle mechanic. It adds nothing to the game for skill or anything else and due to pain in my hands I'm unable to play survivor anymore because of constantly spamming the same button with such an incredibly small delay or you just die. I SORT of understand the Wiggle mechanic, but Wiggles needs to be changed and…
  • Why are there still critical bugs like basement glitching and sound breaking often still being released? What steps are y'all taking to work on the infrastructure/core of the game and to improve testing?
  • The penalities were just scheduled to go live today. Since they are suspension based it may take longer than just today to see how they effect things.
  • They've commented on this several times. The hit boxes are not considered broken, this comes from lag. For weird hits , When the killer swings they are hitting a spot that the server thinks the Survivor is still standing in. Yes it really sucks for both killer and survior. Yes it needs improved, but the hit boxes…
  • I definitely agree she needs to give feedback that she's vaulting, but the lack of animation looks awesome. How about a unique yell to signal she's vaulting??
  • It'll be like instaheals all over again! I'm super happy with the changes though.
  • SWF is always going to be easier/better than playing solo unless there's in game communication added. Communication is an important and useful tool in damn near everything. We shouldn't want to delete SWF like people can call for. Instead make every game the equivalent to SWF by giving them in game voice chat and then…