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  • Precisely because it isn't using MMR? ie. it's totally random matchmaking lol. This kind of stuff is the exact reason I stated they need to be transparent about how the MMR system ranks players, with clear ratings. Because active or not, as long as there is no MMR rating, but "ranks" exist there is literally 0 way for…
  • I just think that DS should turn off if you start working on a gen or totem. Clearly you aren't being tunneled at that point, so... But I generally agree.
  • I'm well aware. But that doesn't really excuse the lack of QA, the lack of accessibility options, and the general lack of consideration. It took them days to even acknowledge it, and when they did, all they can say is "we're working on it". I suppose that's better than "they're working as intended" but it's not much…
  • Honestly? Yeah... I just keep my chat closed unless I feel like the people I played are going to be courteous. I know it sounds a bit silly, but I can usually determine how people will react in post-game by their behavior in game. This method hasn't failed me yet, so most of my interactions are positive or at the very…
  • Lol they're anything but fine. They seem to be an issue for literally all sides, and they're impossible to play with if you're colorblind. Even if you think "oh these aren't so bad", or "I like the style better now!", have some consideration for the rest of us. Some of us can't even play the game anymore because of these…
  • I mean, I'm fine with everyone boycotting the game, but that's because I'm colorblind, can't see auras now, and BHVR doesn't give a damn. I can't really get behind this "muh unbeatble killaz" stuff, but uhhhh sure, you do you.
  • If they implement survivor bots, it'd only be natural that they do the same for killers. But yeah, losing offerings hurt, but the loss of time is more impactful I think.
  • I'm not trying to pry too much, but can I ask if you're playing on wi-fi? I know it's an odd question, but... well I experienced some similar issues (disconnects and such) on wi-fi, despite other games/programs/etc. functioning normally (which confused me for the longest time).
  • I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but don't you think this should be pinned somewhere, or announced? People are clearly upset about this, and we shouldn't have to dig through threads or pester mods to hear about basic responses like this. It's kind of bewildering tbh.
  • The game is still competitive in nature. That doesn't mean people can't play it casually, but when ranked mode is the base play mode (regardless of whether or not matchmaking is broken), it's pretty clear that the devs intend for competition to take the forefront. Hence why I've advocated for a "quickplay" or "unranked"…
  • As a colorblind player, I literally cannot see the red auras. Usu play killer. Of course I hate it. The game is unplayable now.
  • This has made the game unplayable for colorblind people. I mean, it's so bad that even normal-sighted players are having difficulty seeing auras. This needs to be dealt with ASAP. I can't even imagine how the devs thought this was a good idea. The least they can do is fix it quickly.
    in Aura Hotfix. Comment by Halun July 2020
  • Link? Because I haven't seen them say anything about it yet. Considering the effect it's having on colorblind players (the game is literally unplayable now) I'd really appreciate seeing their response. Thanks.
  • Yeah it's basically impossible for anyone with deuteranopia to see auras now. Hell, I mean even people who aren't colorblind are complaining that it's difficult. So you aren't alone here. It's a genuine problem.
  • It 100% is competitive lol. But still, no. If changes need to be made to balance hatches, so be it. But they don't need to be removed entirely...
  • I was joking, but I think your idea is winning me over.
  • This is scarily accurate ime. But it could be improved by using a quadrant chart ranking skill/toxicity instead lol. That would be perfect.
  • Welp. That's a request I guess. I wonder what's next? "Can the bots automate slurs in the post-game lobby too? For realism!" lol
  • I was under the impression that the patch was Tuesday, and Rift was Wednesday. But I don't know 100%.
  • How is the free mobile version the superior version of this game? Lol I want my money back
  • Never let them go. 4k all day.
  • I mean I can't really argue against your anecdotes, I can only really say that hasn't been my experience. Doesn't mean either of us is wrong, simply means it's variable. I fully admit you might just confuse people enough into getting the drop on them at times. But I have a hard time believing that would become the norm…
  • There's a difference between listening to it, and saying it's an outright stupid reason and that the devs are being shortsighted. You pretend like DBD is the only game in existence, and that there aren't thousands of other games out there balancing around VC despite Europe existing. Just because Europe exists, and you…
  • I don't think you pip if you unhook one person either, right? My entire point is that its kind of a silly argument. Pips are stupid, and there are a lot better reasons to not camp.
  • That's a good point that I hadn't considered. Hmm...
  • I dislike the idea of DS lasting forever, but I wouldn't have an issue with it having a long timer if it had those caveats. I'm also not the biggest fan of the "fully healed" bit. Perhaps change that to "if they begin healing" instead. I mean if not, that seems like it could be gamed pretty hard. I mean am I supposed to…
  • Personally I don't camp (always feel too bad even trying, plus it's beyond boring) but c'mon lol... Killers need sacrifice to pip and rank up too.
  • I refuse to give them the satisfaction.
  • But where does the majority of overpowered information come from? Perks like OoO, etc. Of course there will always be certain balancing issues because of extraneous information supplementing strategy that is gained simply by using VC. But that doesn't mean they should ignore clearly outstanding issues that just make the…